Anxious and lost

Waaa dyak ammo ti aramidek. Actually, ammok met ti kayat ko. Ngem hanko ammo nu kayak. Awan manen bilib ko ti bagik huhuhu. Ngem basta ited ko na lang ti best ko. Diyos ko, tulungandak. Mabutengak talaga. Ngem kayat ko padasen. Sana ikkan dak ti chance. Uray two years lang huhu. Sika ti mangbantay kanyak. Iturung dak ti usto nga dalan a para kanyak. Please!

Counsel for a friend

Here’s what I advised a friend who was newly promoted and in doubt of herself and her abilities to lead that she wanted to back out and go back to her old position. Such lines of thought happen at random and more often than not, I cannot replicate it in the same exact flow if I wanted to so I requested my friend to keep the message until I write it down hehe. (Message modified so as not to use text lingo)

“It’s really either you’ll hate it or love it. Think of it as a blessing so it won’t be a burden to you. Think of it as a challenge so you may find ways to deal with it at the same time improving yourself and discovering other wonderful things about you as a person. Or think of it as your greatest fear that it’s a must for you to conquer. Kaya yan! Believe in yourself, in your judgment, in your instinct. When in doubt, ask Him, ask other reliable people. You have good bosses who are willing to help. Enjoy the climb to the top. 🙂 “

To Anne: Kaya mo yan! Don’t give up. God bless!

Sino’y amagek?

Into ngata’y iyat ko? Adak lan naragsak sinan pan-ub-ublaak. Din udom ay gait ko, enggay kinmaan da la. Sak-en et enggay di nabay-an sin dati ay grupo. Baken met lawa nan opisina ngem enggay kaman sigaak la sina. Maanusak din bayad ngem adik layden ay pasya din iyat di udom ay ipugaw. Enggay masmasadotak ay man-ubla. Adak lan layden nan am-amagek. Ammok ay baken usto na ay am-amagek ngem adak talaga mapilit di awak ko.

Padasek ay man-inap si udom. Sapay koma ta wada’y mayat ay pan-alisan. Asi sapay koma ta makaanapak ay dagos. Sigaak ay kumaan sina ay enggay lawlawa di iyat ko ay man-obla.

Kanak nu adak mapadasan nan kaman nina. Way patinggan baw di amin ay banag.

Senatorial and local elections

I just came from the voting precinct to cast my votes for the senatorial and local positions. I hope I made the right choices. I am also optimistic that whoever wins, they will truly stand by their vows and promises to serve the country with wholehearted dedication, supported by good moral values. Go Pinoys! Kaya natin to!

Be responsible. Cast your votes!

Yet again, I was a victim of maling akala. I am going home to Baguio today for the elections tomorrow. Since it’s already Sunday, and it’s election, only a few will be going up to Baguio, so I didn’t see the need for a ticket reservation. I arrived at the terminal at around 12:45AM, aiming for the 1 AM trip. But boy! What a surprise. That trip is full and the next available trip is at 3 AM. A little pissed off but not wanting to be a chance passenger, I just purchased my ticket and prepared myself to wait for 2 hours.

The observant I noticed that some people going up are local tourists. It’s election on Monday and yet some people use the long breaks to go on vacation instead of doing their responsibility and exercising their right to vote. Sad but true.

We always complain that the Philippines is getting worse, that corrupt officials are all over the place but when the right venue is already there for us to make a stand that could change our country, we don’t even care. Voting takes only a small fraction of our time. We don’t need the whole day to write our candidates in the ballot, accomplish some forms and fingerprint and drop our ballot in the ballot box. It may take some effort and careful thinking and judgment for us to decide who to vote but in the end, that will pay off if we made the right decisions.

No one else will help the Philippines soar high but we Filipinos, just a no one else will help ourselves achieve our dreams but us. We cannot rely on other’s donations and financial support. Wake up Pinoys! These so called supports from foreign countries usually have something at stake, something that will also be beneficial to tem. This is not a generalization though. It’s not only my own opinion as well. It’s what analysts say, as seen in some local TV shows and documentaries.

But then again, it’s not yet late. If we start now, Philippines will go a long way. I am very optimistic on that. I hope you are too.

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