We had a concall with our colleagues in Costa Rica and El Salvador last night because we are presenting to them the Careers website we’ve created for the Philippine office. At 5 minutes to 11 PM, my teammate already dialed to join the conference. Apparently, one of the attendees in Costa Rica/El Salvador was having a hard time setting up his PC to connect to the network so our contact asked us to give them a few minutes to settle that. While they were doing their stuff, they did not press the phone’s mute button so we had the freedom to listen to their conversations in Spanish! I did not understand most of it except for the few English words they said hehe. It was very entertaining to hear them speak in their language without really caring who else were listening.

Because of this, I suddenly remembered that one of my goals was to study one foreign language, either French or Spanish. Weh! Whatever happened to that goal? Huhu. I should do some serious thinking about it again! I guess it would be cool to learn how to speak and write at least one other language! 😀

Deadma queen

Tinawag nya akong deadma queen! Akalain mo yun! Wahahaha. So naramdaman nya bwahaha. E kasi matagal ko na syang di kinikibo sa chat hehe. Malay ko bang gusto pa akong makausap hehe. The last time kasing nagmeet kami, parang nagbago na eh. Di na gaya ng dati. Sa iba ko na nga lang nalaman na pauwi pala sya eh. So ayun, di ko muna sya kinibo. At kaninang chinat ako, tinawag akong deadma queen! Tinawag ko nga rin syang deadma king! Totoo naman eh so quits na kami hihi. Hay…hay lang ^_____^ (Kris pahiram hehe).


Out of curiosity as to how my ethnic group is described in the web, I Googled the word Igorot and here’s what I got in Wikipedia:

Igorot (pronounced [iga’rot]) is the general name for the people of the Cordillera region, in the Philippines island of Luzon. The Igorot form two subgroups: the larger group lives in the south, central and western areas, and is very adept at rice-terrace farming; the smaller group lives in the east and north. Igorot groups formerly practiced headhunting.

Cordillerano, or Cordilleran, is an unofficial and relatively recent term for the people of the hill tribes of Luzon, Philippines, who are residing in the
Cordillera and Caraballo mountains. This term is an attempt at political correctness, since a current term, Igorot, has caused controversy due to its perceived negative stigma, which is incorrectly connected to backwardness and inferiority. Among the people in the Cordilleras, not all Kalinga and Ifugao accept the designation of Igorot.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they got it correctly. When I was younger, I heard all sorts of stories of misconceptions about us, Igorots hehe. But despite that, I grew up to be proud of being one. Though we were described in the History books as one of the minority groups in the Philippines, we have a rich culture that even other people in all parts of the world became interested and took time to really learn it.
When I was in elementary, almost all of the students in our school were Igorots. We learned and practiced our different traditions and cultures. I had fun learning and performing our different dances and rituals. Each ethnic group has its own dance and rituals, different from the other groups. When we have visitors, we would usually perform for them. And it warms the heart that they really appreciate it and they were really amazed by it.
Hay, there’s so much to write about being an Igorot. One of my goals is to document the traditions and practices that my parents know. I did this before in High School but unfortunately, I cannot find my report. Sigh. I’ll just do it again.


…kasi double shift ako kahapon, so ffice ako from 10 AM kahapon to past 4 AM kaninang umaga. Di pwedeng mag-offset kaagad ngayon or bukas kasi may meetings and deployment. Ang issue lang naman ay yung dati ring issue 2 paylink generations ago. Mahirap talagang mawalan ng DBA at nakakatakot pag on the spot kailangan mong maging DBA. Good thing di kami inabot ng more than 2 shifts ngayon. Tinandaan na lang naming yung ginawa nung DBA last time at buong tapan na inexecute wahahaha. Kakatakot kaya talaga. Live data yun eh huhu. Buti na lang ok ang outcome at natapos din…pero pagkatapos ng mahabang oras. Hay!
At dahil lutang na lutang ako ngayon, hirap magtrabaho. Kung pwede lang hilain ang oras para matapos na ang shift ko, ginawa ko na kanina pa. So ang mga nagawa ko lang ay magmeeting (at magdemand sa isang meeting na simulan na hehe), magreply sa mga email, magbigay ng overview ng QA sa ibang kateam, tulungan ng konti ang isa pang kateam na magdebug, at ito hihi. Ang main task ko ay ipinagpaliban ko muna para bukas para at least nakapagpahinga na ng konti at mas mabilis na magprocess ang utak ko.

Sykes Gives Back

Those who attended the Sykes Cares activity last May were invited for a Sykes Gives Back event last Friday, September 14, 2007 held at Fully Booked, Bonifacio Hjgh Street, Global City. The event was an opportunity to meet our beneficiaries and our partners in the Sykes Cares activities. It was attended by the children of Tondo, big bosses of Sykes, representatives of the foundation, the UK ambassador and his wife, some of Sykes Cares volunteers and was hosted by the beautiful Mickey Ferriols. There were messages from Mike H and our partner foundation and we were serenaded by the Ateneo glee club. There were story telling, face painting, and gift giving for the kids. There was also a video presentation about the activities of Sykes Cares. There were those of the Sykes volunteers at work, the library, the computer lab, and the kids in their classes.

The video made me a little emotional for a while because I can relate with them. My schooling has always been a struggle especially in terms of financial resources. There has always been a problem of budget for tuition fees. While other children have new things at the start of the school year, my siblings and I had to make do with recycled school supplies and we just buy those that are missing. I still remember that from Grade Two to Grade Six, I only used 1 ruler. It was a wooden ruler so it doesn’t easily break unless you do it by force. Through the years, that ruler acquired stains, ink marks and water marks whenever it gets wet during the rainy seasons.

But seeing that video and the children last Friday, I realized for the nth time that I was still more privileged during my schooling than other kids. My siblings had sponsors in their elementary years, which was a big help. I was able to acquire a scholarship in high school, which handled half of my tuition. In college, I passed the DOST scholarship program and that took care of my tuition and part of my allowance.

Now, having volunteered for the Sykes Cares last May gave me the opportunity to also give back those blessings I received during my years in school. Attending the event last Friday made me thankful for all those people who really share their life in order to help others. Seeing the children with joy, hope and intelligence in their faces, I offered a little prayer and wish that these little children, being the future leaders of the world, may treasure their blessings and use it to make something out of their lives so that someday, they may also give it back to others.

This was written while passing through the towns of Tarlac and Pampanga on the way back to Manila.
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