Wish list

“People making list buying special gifts
Taking time to be kind to one and all…”
When I opened the radio this morning, the station was playing a Christmas song. Immediately, it dawned on me that there are only less than a hundred days before Christmas! This is a time of making wish lists because this is the season where people are so generous for gift-giving :). Since it’s free to wish for anything we want, I am also free to list down big wishes hihi. And so, here goes my list.
  • 4-bedroom house on top of a hill, with a front and backyard, with a bathtub, a walk-in closet and a reading corner in the master’s bedroom, a library where I can fill it up with books to my heart’s content, a prayer room for those quiet moments, and a big enough living room fit for big gatherings. Oh yeah, I want my own house! Haha.
  • A light blue or tangerine Isuzu Crosswind, or bluish silver Honda Civic 2007 or a pink Honda jazz hekhekhek.
  • A personal laptop with a developer specification. No idea on what brand yet.
  • Climb Mt. Pulag. Shame on me. That’s in my province but I haven’t even thought of visiting it when I was still in Baguio. When I came to Manila, I met people who really want and who really have plans of climbing the mountain.
  • Travel, travel, travel and more travel. I’m already old and have been working for a while but until now, I haven’t even ridden an airplane. That’s so pathetic. 🙁 But still, I wanna go around the world.
  • Learn a new language. Spanish it is! Hehe. Hola! For starters, I want those CDs they sell which you can listen to and learn!
  • Books, books and more books! I want my own library remember?
  • Finish my cross stitch projects and unread books.
  • Start a business at home to be managed not by me but the income must go to me hihihi.
  • Learn to ride the bike hehe. Yeah, when I was a kid, I did not have any bike. Budget was tight so our parents can’t afford to spend for wants.
  • Be the best in my field and in my role as SSE. Hay, this is quite hard. But no pain, no gain hehe.
  • Bond with old friends, meet new friends.
  • And…WORLD PEACE. No kidding.

Well, that’s about it. But that’s just the first part hehe. It’s a pretty long list whew! Some are hard to have because it involves lots n lots of moolah but what the heck, it’s just but a wish list wehehe. (A list that maybe the start of a reality :))

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  • wow! malapit na nga ang pasko… hehe… grabe parehas tayo sa ibang wishes… sana nga matuto rin ako mag bike. and gusto ko rin magkaroon ng library eh. waaa! dami ko rin gusto… sana matupad ko lahat iyon..

    Advance Merry Christmas! 🙂

  • todo ang wishlist ni ate mye! wuhooo! 😛

  • emie, habang bata ka pa, gawa ka na ng ways para maachieve yung wish mo hehe. pag medyo tumatanda ka na kasi minsan manghihinayang ka…parang ako…kinokontra ko na lang ng saying na “it’s never too late” wahaha!

    tinodo ko na talaga! may nakalimutan pa nga ako…sabi ko idadagdag ko pero di ko na uli maalala ngayon haha.

  • me, too! pero i don’t like honda civic..toyota vios pa siguro w/ that color!

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