BBBS – Big Brother Big Sister

I received the below email (just screen captured for easier posting) and I was struck because most of their projects are in the Cordillera region (where its one province, particularly Benguet, happens to be my hometown). I’m not sure if it’s legit but searching further, I came across the group’s website. Read on (and hope you’ll be inspired and touched :)).

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  • Hi,

    I’m in my third year of helping and joining the BBBS Outreach in the Philippines.

    If you want to volunteer or sponsor, just go the website you mentioned.

    It’s better for you since you’re a local there. Some of my officemates from the North are joining, too. They haven’t even heard of places like Kibungan and Kapangan. 😉



  • Hi I’m Angie from the BBBS project. I would just like to thank you for posting the project in your blog site. Hopefully, we can raise enough funds to hit our target of 700 kids this year.


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