Conquering Mt. Pinatubo

The group met at Vicory Cubao at 8 AM and left Manila at 8:45 AM, reached Capas Junction at around 11 AM. After a quick brunch, we went to the wet market for more food supplies. We rented a jeep that brought us to where the 4x4s are. After a briefing given by the security, we started the 1 hour ride that brought us to the jump off. At around 3 PM, we started our trek. We passed by lahar mountains, and along the riverside. It took us 3 tiring hours to reach the campsite. Our itinerary says it’s just a 45-minute trek but unfortunately, the skyway (which is i guess the shorter route) was closed and so we had to take the long way.
But it was all worth it when we reached the area. The site took my breath away. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard to believe that almost 17 year ago, this same place caused havoc and so much destruction in the nearby provinces. But now, it has become one of the attractions of the province. I am at a loss for words so I’ll just let the below pictures describe our trip to that amazing place.
The gang, ready and excited.

On the way to the jump off. You’ll pass through the river and the lahar mountains.

The magnificent Mt. Pinatubo crater!

Ayaw ko na! Ayaw ko nang mabuhay! Puro na lang problema! Paalam Pilipinas kong mahal!
Drama lang hehe.

Yan ang playground nila.

Nang dahil sa stress!

I had to undergo a minor surgery yesterday. I won’t go into details anymore but as per my research, one of the causes of the infection was STRESS! Huhuhu. Langya. Thinking back, stressful nga naman kasi for the past weeks. At ang nakakainis pa, yung iba, undue stress naman. Huwell! Anyway, I hope the wound will heal fast without any other complications. And right now, I have to psyche myself that I won’t be doing any water activities in Davao. Huhuhu! But I better be safe than regret it later.

Mt. Pinatubo Itinerary

Travel Date: April 26-27, 2008

DAY 1 (April 26,2008)
09:00 Assembly
10:00 ETD Manila
13:00 ETA Capas, Tarlac. Lunch
14:00 ETA Brgy. Sta. Juliana; finalize prior arrangements
15:00 Board 4×4 vehicles; adventure begins!
16:00 ETA end-of-the-road; start trek
17:00 ETA crater of Mt. Pinatubo. Explore the crater
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Socials
21:30 Lights off

DAY 2 (April 27,2008)
07:00 Wake Up Call, Breakfast
07:30 Explore the Place
10:00 Break Camp
10:30 Start Trek
11:00 Ride 4×4
12:00 ETA Sta Juliana, Lunch
13:00 ETD going to Capas
14:00 ETA Capas, ETD Manila
17:00 ETA Manila

Estimated Expenses:
Manila – Capas = P280 (P140 x 2)
4×4 Ride = P600 (P3000 / 5 Persons)
1 Guide = P200 (P1000 / 5 Persons) required
Security = P600 (P3000 / 5 Persons) required for overnight stay {air force personnel]
Conservation fee = P50
Total is P1,730.00


Wala ding life for the past days! Anubayun. Puro challenge sa brain cells for the past 4 days. Challenge na rin ang paggising ng maaga (biruin mo naman 8 AM ang meeting wahuhuhu) at challenge pa rin ang pagkain sa lunch wahahaha. Hirap pag walang kanin. 3 PM pa lang kumakalam na uli sikmura ko hahaha (take note: pa- 1 PM na ang lunch namin sa lagay na yan ha). Challenge din ang pag-intindi sa diction ng presenter haha. Di naman sa hindi sya maintindihan. Kakaiba lang yung way ng pananalita nya kaya minsan madidistract ka rin talaga hehe.

Basta eventful ‘tong week na to. Marami akong nawitness, may nalaman ako na tinawanan ko na lang, may mga bagay na ikinasama ng loob ko at nanggalaiti pa ako sa galit pero syempre di pwedeng magwala di ba? Haha.

Kaninang bandang lunch naman, nawindang ako sa ginawa nung isa. Tuwang-tuwa pa ako kasi nakuha ko lahat ng gusto ko kahit kinailangan kong pumasok ng maaga. Akalain mong pagdating ng lunch, nagka-issue wahahaha. Hayuf talaga. Pero di naman ako galit sa tao. Naloka lang ako sa situation. After ko ngang magkwento, tinanong ako ng boss kung ano daw ba ang worries ko. Sabi ko wala. Nagvevent out lang ako wahahaha. Kaloka talaga!

Syempre may mga nakakatuwa rin naman. Good job kami sa code review namin last Wednesday. Mga big boss (from main office) ang nandon. Dami nila tanong pero nasagot naman namin lahat. Na-good job na kami right after ng presentation, na-good job pa kami nung dinner at sinabihan din ang aming big boss na good job daw kami. Akalain mo yun. They can’t get over it? Ahihi. Eh paano ba naman kasing hindi magiging ok eh the night before nagpractice na kami wahahaha. Alam na ng mga reviewees kung anong itatanong namin sa kanila. May script na kami hihihi. O sikwet lang yan ha! :p

Ayun lang. Sa weekend, kakaririn ko naman paghahanap ng bagong lungga. Sana may mahanap na ako!

News Flash!

In the middle of all the troubleshooting of issues last Friday, we received this email from a colleague.

The Siamese twin Astec E1 and Ridgid E1 is finally separated!

Astec and Ridgid had been physically together since their creation, but as the years past, it was inevitable that they are to be separated. The procedure was done by an undisclosed Chinese practitioner, using secret methods passed down by legendary teacher, here only known as Master A.
When interviewed, Astec said excitedly “Finally I can customize my own things!” Astec is currently undergoing physical therapy at http://phmnl5dev002:1111/E1Astec_new/default.aspx in order to prepare her for the living world. She will be staying at IS Newton Unit/$E1-Astec.


What a creative way to announce something that is so technical! Aliw 🙂
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