News Flash!

In the middle of all the troubleshooting of issues last Friday, we received this email from a colleague.

The Siamese twin Astec E1 and Ridgid E1 is finally separated!

Astec and Ridgid had been physically together since their creation, but as the years past, it was inevitable that they are to be separated. The procedure was done by an undisclosed Chinese practitioner, using secret methods passed down by legendary teacher, here only known as Master A.
When interviewed, Astec said excitedly “Finally I can customize my own things!” Astec is currently undergoing physical therapy at http://phmnl5dev002:1111/E1Astec_new/default.aspx in order to prepare her for the living world. She will be staying at IS Newton Unit/$E1-Astec.


What a creative way to announce something that is so technical! Aliw 🙂
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  • Yeah, i remember this. I was gonna reply with this message:

    The undisclosed Chinese practitioner was at the time of love and care that’s why the procedure went on successfully.

    Undoubtedly, love can move us in mysterious ways say technical and all.. Love is ‘Magic’.

    Kaso, I just couldn’t make up another sweet story for them because they’ve gone in the public na. Ay may ganun!! whaahah

  • It was really an amazing, shocking news. Not only because of the news itself but because of that Chinese practitioner who created that news. I am not expecting that he has his other side of making comedy things. I am really amazed!

    FYI: He is a silent type of person with no reaction at all. hahaha.

    Hope to have more news flash from IS DAILY!

  • @emierald: He might be a silent type one but we all know, he’s screaming out loud in your heart. It would also be an amazing thing, if the Chinese practitioner and his leading lady be in IS News Flash.. Hahahah!

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