A Very Special Love

We were able to watch it last night. Kilig to the highest level! Hihihi. John Lloyd and Sarah have chemistry. Ang pogi ni JL hayz. Kwela naman si Sarah. For someone who’s more into music than acting, her performance was great. I cried so much during the father-son scene. (I always do for parent-child scenes. huwell.) There were bloopers at the end. Nakakatawa talaga. People actually clapped after the movie. Feel good movie kasi talaga. I want to watch it again wahaha.

After the movie, I texted some friends just to let them know na kinilig ako sobra ahaha. Pat imga teammates ko hanep din sa kakiligan hihi.

Some lines from the movie:

“I didn’t ask you to love me. Kung ako sa ‘yo, maawa ka naman sa sarili mo. Itigil mo na. Ikaw lang ang mapapagod.” (Miggy)

“Hindi ko naramdaman na nakakapagod kang mahalin…ngayon lang.” (Laida)

“If I can only undo things, kaso hindi na pwede. Pero I would still have you as my son…Let me make it up to you son.” (Miggy’s dad)

“Pati ba naman pangalan ko kailangan kong pagtrabahuhan?” (Miggy)

“Kaya don’t tell me that it will be okay because it has never been ok for the past 25 years. ” (Miggy)

“So ano pa hinihintay mo? Yakapin mo na ako Miggy Montenegro. Sarap…tagal kong hinintay to eh.” (Laida)

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