Things to do…

As of current date.
  • Create a checklist of things to bring for Mt. Pulag
  • Buy things for Mt. Pulag especially fleece jacket/sweater. Mahirap na tirahin ng lamig don kahit pa sabihing taga-Baguio ako. For sure, iba pa rin lamig sa Pulag hehehe.
  • File a leave for Mt. Pulag (crossing my fingers that it would be approved! Sige na boss! :p)
  • Email Mt. Pulag teammates for final group planning
  • Print Mt. Pulag IT. Ako ang naataasang group scribe 🙁
  • Read information about Mt. Pulag
  • Charge ipod and camera, empty cam’s memory stick
  • Start planning on Anawangin. (read: Ardee simulan na natin ‘to :p)
  • Answer emails
  • Plot schedule
  • Review documents
  • Clean the house! Wahaha. Kakalakwatsa ko, di ko na ‘to nagagawa. Hayif!
Yan na muna. Di naman masyadong focused sa Mt. Pulag no? Hehe. Di ko rin akalaing this weekend na ‘to eh. Sana maging ok lahat :). Lord, sige na please hihi.
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