Anything Under the Sun

Anything goes. Just randomly listing.
  • PMP time. We were given the option whether to use the tool or the Excel template. I opted to use the tool. So far, I did not have any problems on latency. Maybe because only a few are using it and majority is using the Excel template hehehe. I’m done with 2, 7 more to go.
  • My own PMP is long overdue. Sayang ang January increase huhu.
  • First time to do goal setting for the team. What’s a goal setting template?! This is so alien to me.
  • TAMS Upgrade Phase 1 deployment. Bakit ba napakailap mo sa amin? Hanggang deployment, pinapahirapan mo kami. Sana naman sa generation, hindi na.
  • Have been working since Jan. 1. Up to this day, only 2 work-free days so far.
  • My brother is leaving again on the 29th. Paano na ang project? Hmmm.
  • I need IDs (e.g. TIN, SSS, NBI). What’s the easiest to get?
  • So sleepy. Already headbanging. I’ll be very careful not to hit my laptop hehe.
  • Call time later – 1 PM…but we’re still here.
  • Lie low muna sa Outdoor. Schedule conflict.
  • New term. Che che – meaning kain. Not sure where it originated. I just learned that from Outdoor friends hehe.
  • Pack up, go home, hit the bed. Be back later.
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