Cafe by the Ruins

I met with Eden and her hubby for gimik tonight before igoing back to Manila. Their choice of place is at Cafe by the Ruins. I said yes right away since I haven’t been to that place although I read that it’s a must see in Baguio.

Based on my readings, part of the place is a wall of one of the governor’s mansion. Itwas converted into a cafe where artists can meet and showcase their artworks. Some are for sale, others are just for display.

Though it is located just beside a main street where vehicles frequently pass by, once you enter the place, it’s as if you’re transported to a different world. The place is made up of bamboo, sticks (yes, those that we use in the garden as support for the beans and the sweet peas hehe) and the roof is made of cogon grass. Their tables and chairs are made of pinewood and bamboo as well. The ambiance is artistic and laidback. People there were just as quiet, simply enjoying the tranquility of the place. I think we were the only ones who were a bit noisy hehe.

We did not enjoy our orders though hehehe. But then again, we were there for coffee and desert only. Eden’s hubby ordered the civet cat coffee but to him, it tasted like Nescafe (3-in-1 or 5-in-1? Hehehe). Eden had the dark chocolate something but I don’t understand how it should be consumed. It’s listed together with the other drinks so I’ assuming it is for drinking but it has a thick consistency so I’m not sure hehe. Onei had the sorbet something in strawberry. I think he liked it. He said it’s made of pure strawberries. I had fruit tassi (mango) and I like it. I did not taste the yogurt though. According to the menu, it’s yogurt but it’ just like a smoothie. I also had the foca cheese samdwich. I didn’t like it that much because it was too oily for my taste and the only thing I can recognize of the filling is the egg. I don’t know the other ingridients, if there are any. So there. But I think their main dishes are worth trying. We keep on looking at the dishes served in other tables and they look yummy enough. So I’m not closing my doors. I still want to go back to try their other dishes.

Address is 23 Chuntug St. Baguio City. The place is just below the city hall, and it’s also near the La Trinidad jeepney terminal (just a few steps). The entrance is along the street as well. When you see an area fenced by sticks, that’s already part of it. There’s a signage, though it’ quite small. They have a small parking which I think can only accomodate around 6 cars. It’s near Rizal Park though so that’s another option on where to park.

Exploring Baguio

I admit that though I am Baguio born, I haven’t really gotten around to exploring the city like tourists do hehe. I don’t know. Maybe because since it’s my hometown, it’s weird going around it. But then I realized that as a native, I should at least be familiar with what the city can offer to its visitors. It is for this reason that 2 weeks ago, I decided to visit the usual tourist destinations in town. It is educational to my nieces and nephews as it is to me hehe. And yes, during the ‘field trip’, it doesn’t feel weird after all to be tourists in your own place hehe. At least now, I can say that I’ve been to the places where most of my friends and acquaintances go whenever they are in Baguio hehe. Now, whenever I’m home, I’ll make it a point to visit at least 1 place hehe.

It also helps when friends come to visit because when they request for meet ups and gimik, they would surely be interested in the places to see and restos to dine and they already have a list of what to check out. It’s hitting 2 birds with one stone. You get to accompany them and also you are able to try out the place yourself. 🙂

Maybe the only thing I won’t be of help at all would be on accomodations. I don’t know anyone who has that business. I didn’t have any need in the past to stay in a transient room or a hotel either. Though our home is far from the city and transportation especially at night can be a problem, I have other options like going home to my relative’s homes hehe. Besides, trying out those hotels or transient rooms can be expensive. And of course, why torture myself staying in such places when I can be in the comforts of our shabby mansion. 😀


Nakita ko sina Kuya Mike at Jun at Ate Chin at Mico sa SM Baguio kahapon! Grabe! Unexpected. Si Kuya Mike at Jun ay mga kapatid ni Paz, friend ko since high school pero nameet ko na lang sila nung college na kami. Dito kasi kami naging mas close ni Paz at madalas akong pumunta sa kanila tuwing breaks sa school o don ako nakikitulog kung ginagabi kami sa school dahil sa projects. Kulang na lang ampunin nila ako hehehe. Sila ang naging second family ko noon. Si Ate Chin ang asawa ni Kuya Mike and si Mico ang kanilang unico hijo.

Last kong nakita si Jun nung tinatapos ata namin yung thesis namin. Basta, nung nagwork na ako, hindi ko na sya nakita. Si Kuya Mike naman, nung 2005 nung sinama ako ni Paz sa company outing nila.

Kumustahan syempre pero ito yung part ng conversation na nakakatawa talaga hahaha. Not the exact lines pero close to it.

Me: Kuya Mike!
Kuya Mike: Uy kumusta kan? Ada ka gayam ditoy. (Uy kumusta ka na? Dito ka pala.)
Me: Wen, nagbakasyon lang biit. (Oo, nagbakasyon lang saglit.)
Jun: Sino kadwam? (Sino kasama mo?)
Me: Diay friend ko. (Yung friend ko.)
Jun: Blooming ka ah. Blooming isuna inya. (Blooming ka ah. Blooming sya ano. – – nakatingin sa kuya nya for affirmation.)
Me: Duh! Hahaha! (As in napatawa ako ng malakas kasi pucha haggardness kaya ako nung time na yun kakasukat ng mga damit hahaha. Di ko alam kung sarcastic sya non o wala lang masabi hahaha.)
Kuya Mike: Ket kumusta ngay? Nakiasawa kan? Ni Paz adan iday America. (So kumusta ka na? Nag-asawa ka na ba? Si Paz nasa America na.)
Me: Haan pay. Wen, nagchat kami idi New Year. Idiay ko met lang naamuan nga nakiasawa isunan. (Hindi pa. Oo nga eh. Nakachat ko sya nung New Year. Don ko nalaman na nag-asawa na sya.)
Kuya Mike: Haan pay? Agpapabaknang sa laeng met ti ar-aramidem. Kitam ketdi ta makiasawa kan. (Hindi pa? Nagpapayaman lang ata ginagawa mo eh. Mag-asawa ka na.)
Me: Aguray pay ta ada project ko. (Teka lang muna. May project pa ako.)
Jun: Haan ka pay nakiasawa? Syak haan pay met. Malay mo ngay gayam…hehehe (Di ka pa nag-aasawa? Ako rin hindi pa. Malay mo pala…hehehe – – Sabay tingin kay Kuya Mike na nakangiti)
Kuya Mike: Wen ngarud. Malay mo ngay nga agpayso. (Oo nga. Malay mo nga talaga – – at nakatingin din sa kapatid hahaha.)
* Basta ang iniimply nila, malay daw namin baka kami daw pala ni Jun. Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha! (Eto lang ang tanging reaction ko sabay nakipag-apir na lang kay Jun wahahaha.)
Kuya Mike: Nu makiasawa ka, alaen dak nga Ninong. Galante ak nga ninong. (Kung mag-aasawa ka, kunin mo akong Ninong. Galante akong ninong.)
Me: Sige ba! Promise yan ha?
Kuya Mike: Wen. Basta alaen dak. (Oo. Basta kunin mo ako.)
Jun: Wen, ok isuna. Ok lang met kenka nu bayaw mo ti Ninong mo di ba? (Oo, ok sya. Ok lang naman sa ‘yo kung brother-in-law mo ang Ninong mo di ba?)
Me: Hahaha!

Panalo ka talaga Jun! Hahaha. Naku, pasalamat ka mahina akong makiride on sa mga jokes mo. Kung hindi, baka natali ka ng wala sa oras hahaha. At syempre kahit kailan, di talaga ako marunong magreact sa mga ganyan. So manang. Amp!

Kanina sa wedding ng friend ko, bigla kong narealize na kung sakaling ako ang ikakasal, wala akong maisip na pwedeng makuhang Ninong at Ninang. Nung nagvolunteer si Kuya Mike, naalala kong nasabi ko pala sa sarili ko noon na pag ako ang ikakasal, kukunin ko sina Momsie and Popsie (parents nina Kuya Mike) as godparents hehehe.

At ngayon ko rin lang naalala. Teacher ng ate ko si Popsie nung high school sya. Small world grabe.

Chilling in Baguio

After the wedding, Jen and I went to town for some shopping. Hihihi. We wanted to check out the Ukays. Unfortunately, it was brownout for the whole of Baguio so we only got to visit those that have generators huhu. And there were only 3 freakin’ shops we were able to check. Amp! Frustrated, we decided to just have dinner then proceed to SM where we’re sure there’s generator. It was a good thing that SM was on sale so they were closing late last night. SM…where an interesting thing happened as well but it’s in the post next to this hehehe.

At around 10 PM, we met with Jen’s sisters and proceeded to Music Magic for some nightlife. MM is a bar where bands usually play country music. Yes, it’s most of Baguio folks’ favorite kind of music. We were surprised to see some Koreans though. At talaga naman. They were the center of attention simply because, well they made themselves the center of attention hehehe.

Jen and I were so busy checking out the cute singers that’s why we were surprised when a guy came to our table and asked Jen for a dance wahahaha! I didn’t even notice him checking out our table wehehe. Prior to that, I was also kidding Jen about that same guy because he looks like her ex hihihi. That’s why when he came to our table and asked Jen to dance, I could barely contain my laughter wahahaha! Since Jen was a little tipsy already (courtesy of Red Horse weh!), she declined and was actually pushing me to just go with the guy. Sorry, I just wanted to listen to music and not dance so I stood my ground hehehe. But unfortunately, the guy was persistent even though we already promised him that Jen will dance with him later. He told us that if it’s still later, the music (which happens to be his favorite daw hahaha) would be ending soon. And all he wanted was to dance with my friend but because we kept on refusing, he felt that he was being put to shame. Alarmed, we tried to convince Jen to just go with him and for her sister to accompany her. Well, the music ended and good thing the singer started singing an upbeat song when they went to the dance floor hehehe.

We left the place a little before 1 AM. Surprisingly, there were still a lot of people along Session Road. Well, as they say, Baguio is already become little Manila. I think I don’t like it. Sniff.

Since this weekend was for friends, I slept over at Jen’s place hehehe. I just got home at around 7 PM tonight wahaha.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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