It’s good to know…

  • That it was not only me who had lots of questions with one of the processes at work :). At first I felt guilty and frustrated that I had so many questions but when it was my colleague’s turn, he also had his own questions, others similar to mine. So ok, I’m not the only one lost here. :p
  • That a big question mark has been confirmed just recently :p. In my entire life, I’ll never forget this confirmation hehehe. And until my golden years, I’m sure this will still make me smile and shake my head (in disbelief) at the same time. 🙂
  • That a colleague/friend is somewhat impatient on my lovelife hahaha. The way he asked me one time on when the hell am I gonna have one sounded like he was even more frustrated than I was wahahaha. Perhaps he’s just excited to here my stories on the love department. Well, we’ll see my friend. And while we’re waiting for mine, why don’t you share yours?
  • That there are still people who are passionate about farming. It always reminds me of my other life and it gives me inspiration and excitement to go home and do some planting.
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