MTM Program: Summer Workshop

“Congratulations! You are accepted in the MTM (Master in Technology Management) program. In preparation for that, you are required to attend the 6-day workshop which will start this weekend until June 2.” This was the surprise call I got last May 17 from UP. What a news. I was so stressed for the first 2 hours after receiving that call early in the morning. First, the house blessing was scheduled for May 19, second, it’s my friend’s wedding on the 2nd of June. BOOM! More on these 2 later.

Anyway, the workshops aim to prepare us, students, for the program hence, it is a prerequisite. The 6 days cover several topics as follows:

  • Day 1: General Management
  • Day 2: General Marketing & Orientation
  • Days 3-4: Managerial Accounting
  • Day 5: Business Communication and Technical Writing
  • Day 6: Production and Operation Management

Payment is Php 7,200.00 for 6 days (Php 1,200.00/day). If you have attended similar programs in the past or if you took up the subjects in your undergraduate studies, you can also submit documentations and you won’t be required to take the workshop anymore.

So many jargons, but I hope and believe that these will somehow help me survive at least the first few meetings of the program. PUSH.

I learned after Day 1 that you can submit a formal letter of excuse if you won’t be able to attend one of the sessions. You can attend the workshops the following year. This is what I did for June 2. Never mind that I already paid in Day 1. The admin said to just keep my receipt and will just show it next year. As for the house blessing, everything was rescheduled to May 20, after much debate with myself, after consultation with my aunt and mother, and before learning that I can request to be excused for the May 19 session :p. Should I just say, that was one hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride before coming up with a close to acceptable decision :).


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  • Hi Thanks for blogging about your experience with MTM program. I also plan to apply however I am not sure with their class schedule; I am currently working and lives in Paranaque. Can you share with me how is their class schedule like? Thanks

  • Hi Erwin! Thanks for dropping by. They both have weekdays and weekends. Some professors are not available on weekends so they teach on weekdays. Schedule right now is from 6PM-9PM for weekdays and on Saturdays from 9AM to 7PM, 3 hours for each class.

    I have a classmate who works and lives in Laguna 🙂 so she takes Saturday classes for now. We are now on our 3rd sem and so far, she hasn't taken any weekday classes yet. But it's inevitable that she would need to take weekday classes soon. Other classmates live as far as Cavite and they have weekday classes so basing from that, I think it's manageable :).

    Hope this helps. Just ping if you have other questions :).

  • Thank you for your response. I hope I can manage with the schedule. I would probably start with weekends.

    Thanks again and wishing you luck o your studies.

  • Hi Mylene, I saw your blog while browsing for details of the MTM Program. Since UP started the first semester this August, how does that affect the schedule of application for the MTM Program? I already e-mailed the program's e-mail add but I would just like to know insider's info from you. 🙂 I am wondering if I can still join the January intake (if there is admission for that sem) or not. Hoe you can help me.
    Aside from this, may I ask on the total matriculation plus tuition fee per sem for the MTM?

  • Hi Mylene,
    It's been a while. Please accept my apologies for the late response. Your reply helped me a lot. I am now attending the MTM Workshops. Hope to see you around TMC. 🙂 It seems they will still be applying the same rates this year. I was surprised to know thay do not allow partial payment… We had that policy in college but UP rates that time was only 225/unit. I thought graduate studies would be more flexible in terms of payment. Nevertheless, I am excite to start my MTM journey. Hope you can provide tips. 🙂

  • Wow, congratulations! No worries about that. I'm glad that helped. Yes, full payment for graduate school so it's best to save early for the next semester. They do offer scholarships though. I'm not sure lang of the requirements. Good luck with MTM. Tips? I'll try to post some na lang hehe.

    I've been out for more than a year now because life happened. I'm trying now if I can be back this August. Hopefully. Most of my batchmates already graduated I guess.

    Someone also emailed me about MTM and I think I saw his name on the list. I'm not so sure though if he's the same person hehe.

    Checked your profile. Your field of work looks interesting. And you're currently in Tagaytay? That's my home away from home. Nakiki-home sa home ng hipag ko hehe.

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