Gardening: How I Planted Pechay

Actual pechay seeds

Actual pechay seeds

This year, I’ll try growing some vegetables in the apartment. I only have a “balcony” outside the window to put my pots. Also, given the weather in Manila, I’m not sure if my plants will survive but I still want to try it anyway.

It will also be my first time to grow vegetables in pots and plastic seedbed (this is used to grow seeds to young plants before they are transferred to a garden or field).

For my first try, I planted pechay. Again, this is just my first try so I don’t know yet if I’ll be successful or not. But I hope I will be :).

What you need:

  • Pechay seeds – I used the flowering variety and bought it from a farm supply in Baguio because it’s cheaper there. Got it for Php 25.00. I think in supermarkets here, the prices start at Php 50.00.
  • Soil – brought it from Baguio in the past. Too expensive in Ace Hardware :p. I cannot really convince myself to spend that much on soil so I just brought down some every time I went home. But wait, talo ako ng friend ko…maleta ang dala nya para sa lupa hehehe….
  • Plastic seedbed – I saw this lying in the backyard, used by my late father. I just got it to see if I can use this. You can use any other container like water bottles or plastic as long as it can hold soil.
  • Water


  1. Put soil in the seedbed. Don’t push it down too hard so that the soil does not become compact, thus roots will have a hard time to spread/grow. If there are clumped soil, break it into almost fine particles.
  2. Water it. (I had the mistake of planting the seeds first before watering and the soil sank a little and I worried that the seeds may have been buried deeper than they should be hehe)
  3. Plant seeds. Just dip your middle finger in the soil until it sinks to about 1/4 inches deep, drop one seed, then cover with soil.


  • If you are using bigger pots, distance of seeds from each other should be about 4 inches.
  • Be careful to just take out enough seeds from its container as bringing out all but not using it might contaminate the rest of the seeds.
  • Be sure to seal the pack if there are still seeds in it. Better yet, keep it in a tightly sealed container (like bottle, just how I remember my parents store leftover seeds back in the day) and away from direct sunlight.
  • For those in Makati—a friend who lives there (at least in the San Antonio area) told me that their barangay is giving soil for free for those who are interested in growing their own vegetables.

That’s it. I did not put any fertilizers. I don’t plan to use pesticides either since this is just for home consumption.

Pack of pechay

Pack of pechay

Information at the back of the pack

Information at the back of the pack

The plastic seedbed after putting soil in it. No plants yet

The plastic seedbed after putting soil in it. No plants yet

For its maintenance, I just ensure that the soil is moist so that’s watering it every other day.

Two days after planting, there were signs of growing plants already. As of this writing, they are around 4 inches tall, but still so…thin hehe.

Looking forward to my first harvest after 40 days.

P.S. I’m struggling with some of the correct terminologies in gardening. Note to self: wag kalimutan ang pinanggalingan. Aralin ang English terms ng mga nakasanayang gardening terms sa sariling wika.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Agriculture graduate. I am also not an expert in gardening. I just happen to be a gardener’s daughter so what I know is limited to what we were asked to work on in our small garden. As I mentioned here, most of our work as children were in the preparation of the plots, watering the plants, weeding out, and harvesting. Not really so much on planting. If I relate that to office work, most of our tasks back then were just the boring, routinary admin stuff hehe.

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  • City gardening? Why not? Push mo yan, Mylene! Gardening is one of my interests. Pero hindi masyado ang pagka- green thumb ko unlike my parents. Haha. Sila kasi, nung bakanteng lote pa yung tabi ng house namin sa Naic, nagtanim sila ng mga gulay doon (kalabasa, sitaw, talong, okra, atbp.) at nakinabang pati mga kapitbahay dahil sa dami ng bunga. 🙂

  • Sinusubukan lang. Thriving pa naman sila pero parang hirap ata sa sobrang init hahaha.

    Masaya talaga if nakakapagtanim kahit konti lang. Bawas gastos pa sa pagbili ng mahal na gulay hehe.

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