SkyCable: How to Deactivate Subscription

I’m not using my cable anymore since I bought the TV Plus from a colleague for 50% off the market price last December. Once I was able to set that up, I sent an email to SkyCable for my request…and the reason why I resorted to email was because no one was answering their hotline EVERY TIME I CALL THEM. Unfortunately, even my EMAILS did not get noticed.

What worked? Twitter! I sent them a tweet yesterday (not thru DM) telling them that I want my subscription deactivated. Diretsahan na, wala nang paligoy-ligoy. Aba, reply agad and asked me to send them a DM. They requested for my account details, reason for deactivation and if there is no one where I can transfer the service instead of disconnection. Sorry, none hehe. Just this morning, someone replied that my request has been facilitated and that the earliest schedule for pull out of the Digibox will be on March 12. Yehey! The digibox will also be deactivated prior pull out, and that the service fee is Php 356.00. Pfftt! Ok, fine!

I also inquired if they can prorate my bill since the latest covers up to March 16 but they did not address that. Anyway, fine, as long as they pull it out ASAP and stop charging me.

P.S. Nothing against SkyCable (well maybe, except for their customer service hehehe). I just seldom watch TV these days so I’m ok to let that go.

Metrobank: How to Reactivate a Dormant Account

I did not do any transactions with my Metrobank account for more than 2 years, so it became dormant. Let’s just say that the account’s purpose was de-prioritized, hence the lack of transactions.

But this year, I’m using it again so I went to the bank last Thursday to deposit. Of course, the system did not accept my transaction and the teller advised me to go to the teller in charge of new accounts and have my account deactivated. Off I went, and she let me do the following:

  1. Filled out a form for reactivation and signature cards
  2. Requested for an ID. That time, I only brought my company ID. She was looking for a government ID but I told her I did not bring any. She checked with the manager if the company ID was ok. I’m glad they accepted it.
  3. Asked me if I still know my PIN. Of course I forgot hehe. So she gave me two options: a) change card with a charge of Php 150.00 but I can get the card on the same day or b) change PIN but wait for 3 days. I chose the later since I can wait and I don’t want to pay for Php 150.00
  4. Deposit any amount. This is required according to the teller.

Unfortunately, it looks like my online account was also deactivated. I already sent an email to their customer care but haven’t received any replies yet. Will just check with my branch again once I claim my PIN.

Goals for March 2016

While I did not do well with my goals for the past 2 months, I’m still not giving up.

For March 2016:

  1. 10,000 steps a day or a total of 310,000 steps for the month
  2. Kick off C25K training
  3. Cut-off cable subscription by making daily follow ups with Sky Cable
  4. Complete The Project Management: The Basics for Success course at and pass the weekly exams
  5. Change blog theme
  6. Visit Pinto Art Museum
  7. Finalize insurance update details
  8. Fix UP AWOL status

Will update by end of the month.

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