30 Day Blog Challenge

I searched for some 30 day blogging challenge in Pinterest and got the first that interested me…something that’s not too complicated or controversial hehehe. I also did not really review each topic per day because I’d want it to be a surprise for when the day comes that I’ll write about it. I just checked Days 1-5 to see if topics are simple, especially for my brain. I’m not sure if this is still common nowadays but common or not, I just want to do it for September.

My reason for doing it? I just want to maximize having a paid blogging platform. It’s also a test for me and my patience and my brain cells whether I can sustain it or not.

Here’s what I will be doing. Good luck to me.


Note: Since I’m not sure if I have the time to write everyday, I may be writing some topics in advance. Is this allowed for these types of challenges? But regardless, my blog, my rules for now.

2016 Week 34 Recap: Rant and Whatever Comes to Mind

August 22-28, 2016

Rant post. Proceed with caution. Or skip.

I have never been pissed with overtime work in my entire career life until today, or last week. I don’t mind rendering overtime at work kahit pa unpaid na yan because of my job grade. But I lost it last Friday when we were asked to work on Saturday. Bakit? Long weekend di ba? Naka-plan na akong umuwi ng Baguio kasi. Dala ko na nga mga gamit ko sa office eh para diretsong terminal na. Kaso ayun nga, we need to work on Saturday. So, fine. Pwede pa rin naman akong umuwi ng Sunday ng madaling araw if natapos kami ng Saturday.

Eto na ang Saturday. First round of testing pa lang, error ang system. Ni hindi man lang ma-generate ang file na kailangan naming icheck. And then the error is dependent on someone who is from another part of the world. So mambulabog pa. At sabi na-check. Eh bakit may error?!!! Hay talaga. So ayun, while the rest of them went on with their lives, I was stuck at home at wala rin namang dulot ang sakripisyo kong wag na lang munang umuwi kasi hindi naman kami natapos ng Saturday. Basta ang dami nilang kailangan ayusin before we can continue testing. And then, touchpoint meeting on a Sunday night na dapat 30 minutes lang pero napunta sa more than 3 hours. And ako talaga ang gumagawa ng mga dapat kayo ang nagpoprovide sa akin? Buti na lang natauhan ako bigla at pinagpilitan kong kayo na lang magbigay. And resume testing today. So kung umuwi ako, pointless di ba? Dahil bukod sa mang-iistorbo ako sa tito ko dahil sa Internet nila, di ko rin magagawa yung mga dapat lakad ko doon.

And today? May error pa rin. Nagcheck pala ha. Nagcheck pala!!! And you have the guts to ask me about requirements? We were all in that meeting. I made sure simple requirements na lang so that you don’t have to code complicated logic. Inisa-isa ko kayong tinanong in that meeting if you had further clarifications with the client. No one asked me further questions during the time you were doing the code change. So meaning to say, you understood what needs to be done, right? And then what is the requirement, you say? Why? Just why?

Hay. Yesterday’s gospel was about humility pa naman. But I can’t help but rant still. Hindi ito makatarungan. Basta hindi. Everyone should ensure correctness and completeness of their deliverable before passing it on to the next group. And don’t be defensive. Nagtatanong rin lang naman ako. And don’t tell me that another person did that. As part of the project team, dapat alam nyo kung paano tumatakbo yan from end to end. Wag yung puro kayo hindi ko alam kasi si ganito ang gumawa. May code trace naman. Mag-effort naman kayong magcode trace. Susko, mas alam pa ng sumalo lang nyan dahil nagresign ang original team member.

Anyway, I need to stop na. This negativity is consuming me for several days already. Baka ikamatay ko pa. I need to move on…and wait some more (putik talaga). But note to self: don’t get involved with technical stuff unless asked.

On the other hand, Sunday was at least ok naman. I went out para maiba man lang. Mass then mall. But I went home right away kasi pupunta yung friend ko para ma-copy ko ang Descendants of the Sun. Eto na nga sana yung pinapanood ko ngayon eh. Pero ayun, olats. Plus, massage. Ang sakit sakit na kasi ng katawan ko kakaubo. Little to no phlegm. Ang kati-kati lang ng lalamunan ko na nakakatrigger ng ubo. Di ko rin alam ang cause. Yun sana ang isang gusto kong ipacheckup over the weekend eh. I resorted to semi-salabat muna (semi kasi binababad ko lang few slices of ginger sa hot water. Di ko keri yung kasama syang iboil eh hehehe). Medyo ok na pero meron pa rin.

Plus, I was able to sort out and declutter some things. And tried cleaning the silver rings that I bought way back. Gusto ko na uli suutin eh hehe. Pero nangitim na sa tagal nakatago. How? Landry detergent + hot water + foil sabi sa net. May explanation sa net anong kinalaman ng foil. Ok naman, but I also tried it with vinegar + foil. Sabi kasi use vinegar to bring back shine and luster. Nakababad pa ngayon. Pero actually, di ko na rin kasi matandaan ano bang shades nila nung una kong binili hehehe. Baka naman yun na yun after babad sa laundry detergent. But since may suka naman, ni-try ko na rin. Malaman.

Eto last na talaga. It’s hard being an adult sometimes. Hay, masilip na nga ang budget file while waiting. Sumahod na raw kami last Friday pala. Akala ko, a day than usual dahil sa transition period. Yey for that.

Overheard: Ayaw Ma-busted

Overheard when I passed by another team’s area.

Person 1: Ayaw ko nang manligaw, pre.

Person 2: Bakit naman?

Person 1: Pucaha, ang sakit kaya ma-busted.

Hehehe. Oo nga naman. Pero sa isip-isip ko, paano mo malalamang mababasted ka kung hindi mo subukan? O sya, good luck na lang, kapatid. At salamat sa linya mo, napangiti mo ako sa isang araw na namang tadtad kami ng issues hehehe.

P.S. I don’t know the guys. No offense meant.

My Very First Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

It finally happened. I just bought my first Longchamp Le Pliage in navy blue, large, long handle. I have been dreaming of this bag for 2 years now, or maybe more. But I had to save up for it kasi want lang talaga sya eh so not a priority. But want na want ko rin talaga hahaha! I promised to buy it this year since I already have at least ¾ of the budget around April. BUT it was not available in Rustan’s since March or April. The sales lady said that they change stocks based on seasons. Pag summer daw, those colorful ones, ganon. Ahh ok. Since then, I would still check every time I get the chance. And finally, the other Sunday, I saw that it’s again available in Rustan’s! It’s a sign! Hehehe. I bought one before they change stocks again. I know it’s the right time because now, I have completed the budget for it, where 1/6 is courtesy of the cash rebate I got from one of my credit cards. As I told my friend, nagswak ang availability (of the bag) and budget kaya di ko na pinalagpas pa hehehe.

There are 2 Longchamp bags in my “Wants” list. I also want the red one. But it would have to wait until I have saved up enough budget for it again. Let’s see how this one goes.


Hi, I’m Navy! 🙂 😀 😆

2016 Week 33 Recap: Issues, Movies, Food Trips

August 15-21, 2016


Ay yay yay! Let me just say that this is taking most of my time right now, including holidays and weekends. For instance, I had to work on Friday, which was a holiday in Quezon City, and ended on Saturday morning and just slept the whole day of Saturday.

But, of course this too, shall pass. Everything will settle down as the users become familiar with the new systems and all bugs are addressed. Tuloy lang.


This is more interesting haha.

Since our office is in Quezon City and August 19 was Quezon Day, our weekend technically started earlier. I took the opportunity to visit a dentist on Friday. I found my dentist and I liked her service so far. Now, no need to go to the mall and have whoever is available. I had oral prophylaxis and tooth filling. She mentioned that there’s a maximum service per visit as required by our HMO provider (I think 5, and I didn’t know this) but she said no need for additional fees. She said it can all be covered by our provider. Cool! Thank you, employer.

Incidentally, I mentioned about it to my boss and she said she was her dentist when our health card was Medicard and she was happy to know that she (dentist) is also affiliated with Intellicare. Knowing my boss’ standards, I now know I’m in good hands. The dentist is Dr. Nenette Dolatre and their clinic (Dolatre-Abellon) is at Broadway Centrum, Quezon City. They are a family of dentists, based on the certificates I saw posted in their clinic.

After my dental appointment, I dropped by Shang for lunch. I tried L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. I’m not really impressed with the BBQ pork I ordered but maybe it was because my teeth was still painful while I was eating. But more than that, I did not like how the staff took my order. I was at the cashier looking for someone to talk to and the guy inside the kitchen asked me what my order was and just pointing at the menu. At nakapangalumbaba lang. Ano naman yun? Then there was just one customer other than me to think that it was peak hours at around 12:30 PM.

I slept all through Saturday because I was up all night until Saturday morning resolving an issue. But I was able to watch Always Woodstock when I woke up by early evening. It’s comedy, music and romance. It’s relatable (at least to me) because there’s always my hometown to go home to for good, anytime I wish to.

Sunday was day with friends. But first, mass of course. We went to Uptown mall for food trip and movie. Yes, food trip talaga.


Looks like Uptown Mall has “wood” as one of their themes

We had lunch at Fely J’s. Hay, everything’s so yummy. I liked all the food we ordered. I think the price is right for the serving which is usually good for 2-3 pax.

Our orders: sisig rice, Gule Magalang (was not able to taste this because it has alamang which always upsets my stomach), Lola Ising’s adobo (winner ‘to!), Utan Ilonggo soup (just vegetables, shrimp, and clams but still so good!).


Across Fely J’s was Paper Moon. I always wanted to try this and good thing my friend wanted it too so we went there for dessert. Each of us ordered different flavors of crepe cake so that we can taste more than one hehehe. Masarap naman and good with coffee as per my friends who also ordered coffee. Medyo namahalan lang ako. Php 225.00 per slice. Mahal ‘no?


Mango, Matcha and classic crepe

We watched The Shallows after lunch. I was hesitant to watch this at first because I really don’t like horror and movies that catch me by surprise. Nakakapraning kasi hahaha. But my friends said mild lang naman daw so go lang. And it was ok. The lead girl’s surfing skills was awesome.

We dropped by La Lola after the movie to try the churros. Sagad na. We ordered the ultimate mixed which has the classic, dark chocolate, matcha, white chocolate, and butterscotch flavors. I loved the white chocolate and butterscotch! And yes, food trip talaga ito. We tasted each flavor and kept the rest for later. Pwede na pang-breakfast bukas hehehe.


Hello there :p

Since it was still early, we went to McKinley Hill to check out Venice Grand Canal. Picture picture. There were a lot of people! It was hard to get a decent shot. We just walked around the canal. There were also gondola rides. But it was Php 500 per head!!! Why that expensive? Ok, I’ll just reserve that gondola ride for Venice, Italy :).


At one end of the canal. There’s the gondola. The guides are singing daw but I can’t hear them hehe.


Art in one of the restaurants


At the other end. They just turned on the lights at the lamp post. I think this will also be a spectacular view at dusk.

We called it a day after. Thanks, Uber, for the Php 100 off for our ride today. Appreciate it!

And here I am now, blogging about this week and turning in for the night earlier than usual hehehe.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.

P.S. 1: Dear issues at work, please cooperate and let us all be chill so that everybody happy. Medyo naha-hype na kasi kayo eh. Abot hanggang kataas-taasan kasi naman kung maka-react mga tao, parang end of the world na. Naiintindihan ko naman where they are coming from, but please, no need to panic. Birth pains lang to, plus change is good too. 🙂

P.S. 2: Dear universe, I really really really want the Adiddas Superstar white with gold stripes. San ba may available non? All stores I checked out said out of stock daw. Promise, I’ll use extra money to buy it. No utang :).

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