The Tables Have Turned

Aka I am old LOL.

Seventeen years ago, I braved the streets of Manila to look for a job. During job hunting (which did not take long, thank God), up to my first month of working, I was commuting daily to my brother’s family’s home in Tagaytay. It was far and my commute usually lasts for 3 hours. The moment I received my first salary, I looked for a bed space to rent. Luckily, I was able to find one that’s walking distance to the office. And since then, I just visit them when I get the chance.

My brother has two kids, one in college and the other in high school. The college kid is now having his OJT here in Manila. He’s staying with me now, hence the title hehehe. He will be done around 2nd week of July. Their school required them to apply in BPO so they had to look outside of Tagaytay. Lucky for him as his office is near the apartment. I pray that this experience will prepare him better for the real world.

In relation to this, he was supposed to be with a friend. I already told him that it’s ok for his friend to stay at home but only a maximum of 2 as my studio apartment is not big. However, his friend can’t make it because of lack of funds for tuition and allowances. Their group of friends even raised funds up to half of his tuition but then there are other expenses to consider so he did not push through with his enrollment. It breaks my heart. I wish I can help but I am on a limited budget for my own needs too, plus of course there’s my nephew to help. But I hope the kid doesn’t give up given this little hiccup. 

To all the students who are nearing the finish line to college, I wish you well. Enjoy the ride, learn all that you can in school and just make it a habit to do your best. And best of luck when you venture out into the after-school life. 

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  • I also lived with my relatives during college. First at my uncle’s rented house in Bacoor (the reason why the place is dear to me and now where our residence is) and later on at my aunt’s house in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. My experience living with them was both pleasant as they really took care of me and helped in my finances big time. Now my family is paying it forward by allowing relatives from the province to live at my siblings’ place here in Manila whenever necessary. Like in the case of our two seafarer cousins at present who are both waiting for deployment in the sea.

    I hope yung classmate ng nephew mo na huminto ay makabalik sa school soon. Idasal natin yan. 🙂

    • Generally, I am ok with friends and relatives staying at my place but I have declined some too because I’m not comfortable with the idea and with them hahahaha! Di kaya kami close hehe.

      The longest who stayed with me was also a seafarer. Naloka ako sa tagal ng training nya that time, almost a year! But I’m happy for him and his family because they are more stable now and they try to invest in properties while he’s receiving good income. At least may napupuntahan ang pinagpapaguran and time away with family.

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