2017 Week 52: Happy Holidays!

December 25-31, 2017

Gosh, few hours left, 2 hours and 16 minutes to be exact, before we bid goodbye to 2017! I’m completing my last post for 2017 before sweeping the house and going up to my sister’s place to join them and the kids for bonfire, bbq, and roasted marshmallows while we watch the fireworks of faraway neighbors hehehe.

And so here goes.

December 25

Stayed home and prepped the house for my guest hahahaha. Went out in the afternoon to fetch my friend. She joined a Banaue-Sagada tour last weekend and they arrived in Baguio early evening of 25. She’s spending the evening at our home, hence the delayed Christmas dinner and gift giving hehehe.


↑Fiesta dinner. Wala pa dyan ang fruits and cake. Pero minsan lang yan. Hehe.






↑Kids and their gifts. Minsan din lang ito hahahaha.

December 26

Dropped by the church where BF works to introduce my friend to him hehehe. Went straight to the terminal for her afternoon trip back to Manila.




From the terminal, I went to SM to buy some gifts for the siblings.


↑Played a prank on my sister, hence her looks on the smaller pictures hihihi. I replaced the contents of the box with her daughter’s cellphone. But I gave the real contents to her after a few minutes. On second thought, I should have given it to her the next day hahahaha! Ganyan lang talaga ako. Brutal kung magmahal hahahaha!

December 27

Date night with the BF. We visited Christmas Village at the Baguio Country Club and then dinner after at Gerry’s Grill.


↑Man-made snow aka kula ng sabon hehehe.


↑Picture with the Nativity cast. Pinagtyagaan namin ang pila dyan. Mahaba. Then naabutan pa kami ng break time hehehe.


↑Dinner is served.

Stayed home the rest of the days.

December 31

Went to mass and then treated the kids later to an early lunch at Jollibee. My 2 nieces and I went around for a while but went home early afternoon because for sure, transportation will be harder in the evening. Plus, I was so sleepy I needed a nap before the bonfire session haha. And so I slept for almost 3 hours and when I woke up, wrote this post.


↑Off to mass. Mga di itsurang yagit for now hahaha!


↑Jollibee after mass. The nephew and his dad joined us.

Ok, my time’s up. The kids came here again and it’s time for a late dinner.

But before lamon, I’m off to sweep the floor first. It’s a habit that my mom has been doing through the years. It’s symbolic of “sweeping away” all the bad vibes and welcoming all the good vibes of the new year.

Happy new year! Cheers to 2018!

2017 Week 51: Is It The Holidays Yet?

December 18-24, 2017

To be honest, I am not yet feeling the Christmas spirit this week. Work is still stressing me out (project and a specific person). I’m trying to control the negative feelings but I just can’t help but feel bad sometimes, especially that it’s affecting everyone else. I am successful in just feeling positive most of the time. I force myself so as to focus on the other stuff that needs to be done as there are a lot of things being affected by the issue with this one project. And other projects had to be taken cared of as well. At least I was successful this week. But still too tired. And sad that I can’t attend the dawn masses because I am still in the office at that hour. Kaluoy much. But this too, shall pass. We met with the project sponsor and at least he is not expecting us to work during the holidays so that was a relief.

And because of all the issues at work, I forgot to reserve a ticket in advance. The earliest that I got the moment I remembered it last week was already December 24 at 8:30 AM waaaaah!!! But it was a blessing in disguise because in any case, I cannot leave work early on my Friday shift. And my apartment needs some tender loving care before the holidays so at least I had all of Saturday to do it. Plus of course, the high school BFF and I still didn’t have any official Christmas dinner although it’s us who eat out most of the time hehehehe.

And so we had dinner last night at Brotzeit German Bar and Restaurant. We tried their sausages, crispy pata, salad, beer and a dessert.





Sunday was spent going home to Baguio. No traffic northbound so yey! It worried me a bit when I was seeing all posts on Saturday about longer travel times and all those accidents in NLEX and SCTEX.

I arrived in the afternoon and decided to put up the Christmas tree I bought in Divisoria last October. And I found out that the ornaments I bought were not enough. Amp. But this will do for now hahahaha.


↑No ornaments at the back of the tree hehe.

My 2 nieces and I attended the Christmas eve mass because I have not attended mass yet that Sunday.


↑Christmas eve 2017 edition. Antok na antok na.

The end.

2017 Week 50: Eating is Life, More Eating is Lifer

December 11-17, 2017

*Ignore the grammar hehe.

The eating did not end during the parties last week. On December 11, our IT Sr. Director treated us to a buffet dinner at Circles Makati Shangri-la. This time, I also won a Rustan’s GC worth Php 1,500. May pambili na ako ng Mac lipstick or hmmm….secret hahaha.

On December 15, our boss treated us to dinner. We ate at Elias. The food was ok but I think the servings do not justify the price. But still good food so yay. We also had dessert at Paper Moon to sample some of their cakes and crepes.

↑We tried the original, chocolate and mango mille crepe and the red velvet mousse cake. My most favorite are the original mille crepe and the red velvet mousse cake.

On December 16, I had dinner with my office BFFs at Cyma. It was my first time there and I also love the food. Well, I generally love food hehe. But their salad is so good. I want to recreate it. It seems easy but I think it’s their dressing that makes it taste unique.

↑Roka salata. I want to do this at home. Where to get the dressing though?

↑My order. Moussaka, which is Greece’s national dish, according to the menu. It was heavy so I was only able to eat half and had the other half wrapped for another meal. Php 450.00.

↑Ripe mango yogurt shake. Php 195.00

On December 17, I went to the mall to just de-stress, because even with all these eating, we’ve been extending hours in the office for the past weeks! There was an ongoing Converse shoes and bags sale and I was able to find a bag for my teenager niece. I had no choice but to let her choose to make sure that she wants what she’ll get. No element of surprise but at least I know she’ll love it because it’s her choice hehe. I sent her several pictures of the bags which I think she’ll like until a winner was selected. My original plan was to just let her buy something in Baguio but the sale happened so it was a good opportunity. But I told her later that I’ll just be donating the bag instead. She sent me a sad smiley hehehe. I’ll just try to wrap it in a way that it doesn’t look like a bag and see if she’ll still be surprised haha.

I had late lunch/early dinner at Racks and feasted on one of their rib dishes. Eating is life for real.

I’m not really stressed out with shopping for gifts because I have already completed almost everything last November and I am only gifting kids this time. Plus, it’s not really a norm in our family. However, I remember my mom wrapping something for us on some years when we were kids so I decided to also wrap some things for the kids this year.

↑Lunch of ribs and bread mac and cheese.

The end.

2017 Week 49: Parties

December 4 – December 10, 2017

We had our team party last December 8. The theme was throwback high school so we had to wear our high school uniforms. Venue was at Annix’s House of Kare-kare in Quezon City. Their kare-kare and crispy pata are good! Even our foreigner boss liked it.

It was a night of raffles, presentations and of course, recognition of the employees of the year. I did not win the grand price, but I won a Php 200 Sodexo GC nyahaha. Panggrocery na rin.


↑My raffle winning and my improvised high school uniform hehe.

I needed to shop for a dress on December 9 for the party on December 10 and so I forced myself to go to Megamall early night. My friend volunteered to go with me. And forced because what I really wanted to do this day was to sleep and sleep more! I always had a hard time looking for something to wear at year end parties, that’s why sometimes in the past, I opted not going because finding something to wear stresses me out hahahaha. And so it’s the same case for this year. I won’t go if I don’t find something on Saturday night hehe. But surprise! I was able to find one.

After shopping, my friend and I went to Din Tai Fung for dinner. It was quite late so there were no more long lines. This restaurant is famous for its xia long bao. I always wanted to try it but the long lines every time I pass by the restaurant discouraged me. Good thing the universe conspired with us this day. Look at what we had! Hehehehe.

↑Taiwanese Kao Fu (Stewed spongy gluten) – this is really good! Php 245.00

↑Xiaolongbao! Php 355.00 for 10 pieces.

↑Dandan noodles with spicy sesame and peanut sauce. My least favorite among our orders. It’s too spicy for my taste. Php 175.00 per bowl.

↑Sweet and sour pork. Php 485.00 for sharing (Php 255.00 solo)

↑Golden lava salted egg yolk bun. This is so good! Php 85 or 90.00 for 2 pieces.

We had the company’s year-end party on December 10 at SMX. I attended this as well in the hopes of winning a raffle. Plus Bamboo and Ely Buendia were the main guests. I did not win anything (as always), I had shoe malfunction (the downside of not using shoes frequently), but I enjoyed Bamboo and Ely’s performances. It was good to sing along because most of the songs they sang were familiar to me hehe.


↑Bamboo on screen! Can’t get too close to the stage as there were a lot of people already.


↑Ely Buendia. We are closer to the stage when it was his time to perform.

The end for this week.

2017 Week 48: Funerals and Work Issues

November 27-December 3, 2017

I have a lot of backlogs again. But let me just itemize what I recall from this week.

  • We attended a PMI tech session last November 28. There were a lot of learnings, plus of course the yummy dinner.
  • There were deaths in both sides of the family. I know both so I wanted to visit both. The uncle from our mother side’s burial was Saturday so my going home was a timing and I was able to attend it. The other uncle on our father’s side was supposed to be buried on Sunday but the family rescheduled it to Monday. At least we were able to go there on Sunday and stay for a few hours. If there is one thing I learned from losing both parents, it is this: the presence of relatives and friends really do help in comforting the bereaved family. It’s because the people who usually come are those who have been touched by a departed loved one and it’s good to hear stories about them during the wake. So I really make an effort to visit relatives and friends in times like this.
  • Work was extremely frustrating. I almost made a drastic move on Saturday because it was so stressful. I’ve had my share of stressful days but this is the worst in recent years. I was supposed to be on leave on December 4, however, starting Saturday night, we were in a call discussing an issue. We were done at 3AM on Sunday, just enough for me to get ready since the van we rented was going to pick us at 4AM as the other funeral was 3 hours away from home. I was composing emails on the way while there was still signal. In the afternoon, I was back in the call with them and stayed in the call as long as signal allowed when we were already travelling back to Baguio. I just dropped out of the call when I went to mass. I was a little guilty because this was supposed to be family time but I was too tired and sleepy to go around with my siblings. I remember I was just sleeping at my uncle’s sala the whole morning. Good thing that there were still a few people visiting in the morning haha.
  • The day’s saving grace was a very quick date night with the BF. Quick because I had to travel back to Manila because of the issues. We just went out for dinner. I was able to unwind a bit and not think about work even just for a short while.

↑Some relatives from Mama’s side.

↑Clingy much.

↑Dinner is served.

The end for this week.

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