2018 Week 25: Strategic Planning Again | Graduation Season

June 18-24, 2018

We had 2 more strategic planning sessions the past week. It was tiring but I was happy because we were able to finalize the resources for the rest of 2018. Everyone can now move on and focus on the projects at hand.

My friend and kumare messaged me for an invite for a simple dinner at their home last June 22. It was to celebrate her daughter’s graduation and son’s birthday. My gulay! I was shocked to learn that my godchild has already graduated. I know she took up Architecture which is a 5-year course. But now, she has graduated. Graduated. Another reminder of my age. Crap! Hahaha! But happy for her and her family! Congratulations, kiddo! Just keep on working hard for your life plans, ok?! I was not able to attend though as it was a workday.

My nephew’s graduation ceremony was also last Tuesday. Yay! Graduate na talaga sya! We had a verrrryyyy long chat that night. And I am happy to know that he already has a long list of his plans. And I kept on reminding him to also save for his retirement and for his own future. But he also has to help her sister finish school so that she has a better chance at life later on. But he has to also save for himself. And that he gets married at least in his 30s hahahahaha!

He said he has adopted some of my ways he saw when he stayed with me during his OJT. Medyo kinabahan ako. Puro katamaran lang kaya ako! Susmio itong batang ito. Sana naman piliin ng konti yung gustong i-adopt na nakita sa akin. Wag naman yung ikakapariwara nya hahahaha! But nah, I know he’ll be ok. He will struggle at some point but that is fine, as long as he’ll stand up again. That’s part of life. I pray for his success however he defines it.

And the weekend was spent in some domestic chores, a very quick grocery shopping and more FarmVille games. FarmVille. Why oh why?! Well, malapit-lapit na kitang pag-sawaan. Nakikini-kinita ko na ang cool-off soon hahahaha. Sana soon na talaga! Wala na akong ibang nagagawa. Anong petsa na. Bad, cannot be. Tama na ang 2 weeks of being a bum. Oras na para kumilos para sa, alam mo na, #12282018. Yiheee! Hahahaha!

And gosh talagang nagawa ko itong post na ito before truly ending my weekend. In fairness to me! Hahahaha! Hoefully, next week’s post will be accompanied by pictures again. Because it means that I did something else other than be a bum hehehehe.

The end. Have a great week ahead.

2018 Week 24: Strategic Planning Part 1 | Super Bum

June 11-17, 2018

We had our part 1 strategic planning last Thursday. The whole team participated. While it was brain draining, it was good to listen and digest the kids’ inputs. It was also an opportunity to let some of them take the stage by letting them be the presenters and just be in the sidelines as backup. They were hesitant but I know it’s good for them so I insisted still hehe.

Part 2 will be for a smaller group and the output of that session will be the concrete steps we need to take especially in the area of digital transformation.

I was so happy for the 2 holidays this week. I was just a bit sad that I was not able to maximize it. But I’m still happy that what I did, even though not much, made me happy hahahaha.

On Tuesday, I did the laundry and grocery shopping. I am now loving Unimart in Capitol Commons. It’s generally cheaper, the place is clean and hopefully it remains that way. The wet section especially is clean and organized.

On Friday, I cooked all the meat I purchased last Tuesday hehehehe.

On Saturday, I just played FarmVille all day.

On Sunday, I had to go out because I need new office shoes. I don’t want to buy but my office shoes that I abused in the last 1.5 years gave up on me mid last week. I did not even notice that it was starting to deteriorate hahaha. Well, the shoe shopping was unsuccessful. I’ll try again next weekend. In the meantime, hello sandals.

What else? Oh, the nephew who stayed with me during his OJT is now graduating! Woohoooo! He can’t anymore ask for allowance from me. He has to start earning ASAP hahaha! He is inviting me but it’s a workday and I can’t take a leave that day so congratulations na lang and I’m so happy he’s finally graduating nyahahaha!

And that’s it. Have a great week ahead.

2018 Week 23: Nutrition Farming Seminar

June 4-10, 2018

I registered my auntie and I to a Nutrition Farming seminar offered by Agribusiness. I saw their advert in FB. The seminar was last June 9, 2018.

Initially, the seminar is inclusive of a farm tour in Cabanatuan. However, days prior June 9, I was informed that there will no longer be a farm tour because the plants have already been harvested and there was nothing to see. I hesitated at first but still checked with my aunt if she’s still interested even if without the farm tour. I just wanted to make sure because she’ll be travelling to Manila from Atok Benguet just for that.

It was a good decision to still attend because we learned a lot! Sulit ang Php 1,500.00. The funniest was that the speakers frequently go to Atok Benguet for talks. The venue is just 4 kilometers away from my auntie’s home hahahaha! But she said she never heard about them. Also, one of the speakers’ host is my auntie’s batchmate hehehe.

The main speaker is Ka Maning who is known to be the father of nutrition farming. With him is his son JR and , another consultant.

There were only a few of us. I had the chance to talk to a farmer from Dumaguete. He travelled to Manila just for that.

Another young participant is a haciendero from Sariyaya Quezon. They have a vast property there (as in by the hectares). They don’t have farm tours at this point but they’re planning to have one in the future. In fairness, cutie si haciendero hahahahahaha.

One other girl participant was from Bulacan. They have a rice field which they want to convert into a farm and she wants to learn some techniques on how to go about it.

The other girl is from Batanes! She wants to have a farm there because vegetables are so expensive in their place because of transport.

There were I think 15-20 participants all eager to learn. We finished at around 4 PM.

Thanks to that seminar, we were able to get a shop’s name in Cubao that sells seedlings. I’ll check it out one of these days to compare prices.

My auntie and I went to Quezon City Memorial Circle to check out the plants. Unfortunately, the area we went to last year was already closed due to the MRT construction. The shops have been dispersed in several parts of the area. And there are fewer shops now and since it was raining, most shops were closed.

On to dinner! We were supposed to eat at Romantic Baboy in Tomas Morato. However, the line was long so we just went to Megamall to feast at Vikings hehe. That’s my belated Mother’s Day and advance birthday treat for my auntie. Sabay na para tipid hahahaha.

The rain that night was crazy strong! But happy tummy so it offsets the inconvenience of walking through the strong rain just to get home hehe.


↑Lafang to sawa. At anong petsa na wala pa rin sa vocabulary ko ang diet hahahaha! Hay Mylene!

The end.

2018 Week 22: Hello, Bonglo

May 28 – June 3, 2018

My cousin graduated from Senior High School last June 2, 2018 so I decided to attend. They live in Bonglo, Atok Benguet. So from the office, I traveled straight to Baguio on Friday night. I took the 10 PM trip, which was a wrong choice because I arrived in Baguio around 2 AM and the first trip going to Atok via van was at 4 AM! I decided to just drop by KFC to kill some time before I proceed to the van terminal in KM 5, La Trinidad.

My arrival at the van terminal was perfect timing this time because the first trip was just waiting for 2 more passengers and we can be on the road earlier than 4 AM.

I reached my auntie’s place around 5:30 AM. It was not raining that weekend thank God, so I waited for the sunrise to take some snaps hehehe.

The graduation ceremonies started at 9 AM (but call time was 8 AM) and ended at 2 PM! We had a late lunch at Loyung’s Restaurant in KM 51. My brother and family met us there too.

My cousins had some guests over in the evening. Some of them were starting to get wasted hahaha! They went house to house so they already had some drinks in other houses before reaching my cousin’s.

 My original plan was to go back to Manila in the evening but they requested me to spend the night so sleep over it is.

We traveled back to Baguio on Sunday.

I accompanied my auntie to have her uniform sewn. We went to the orchidarium after to buy pots for cactus. We didn’t find any. But while looking for a place to eat at the Dangwa station, we spotted a farm supply that sells the size we were looking for. Buy na! But we still lack 105 pieces. The search is not yet over.

I was thinking of taking a chance at the terminal since I have nothing else to do but there were a lot of people. I just went to Starbucks to read 1 chapter of our required office reading while waiting for my evening trip.


↑ Sunrise at Atok. Waited for this instead of taking a power nap after a long trip.


↑ View of Benguet’s mountain ranges in my auntie’s place.


↑ Kurenai flower.


↑Cactus. Planning to propagate this.


↑What a dainty flower.


↑Graduation venue. No pictures of my cousins as I have not gotten permission from them to post it here.

The end.

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