Misbehaving Paylink

Ano ba naman tong nangyayari kay Paylink at ayaw gumana huhu! 8 minutes lang ang normal generation nito eh. Ngayon, anong oras na??? Di pa rin tapos! Naka-ilang ulit na kami ayaw pa rin. Bakit??? Ayaw kaming pauwiin! Antok na antok na ako! Di ko nagawa yung mga dapat kong gawin this shift. Kung di ito gumana, di sasahod lahat! So san ka pa sa impact di ba?! Hay sana gumana na to at nang makauwi na ako.

Rainbow Portal not so bright

Rainbow has been giving me a headache since yesterday. I can’t build the solution. I don’t know where to start building it. It’s just so big that you may be lost when tracing the application. Yes, it’s a challenge but it’s not a fun challenge. Besides, based on Google searches, there is already a newer version which I think is far more improved than what we are currently using. There are just so many bugs and it’s so hard to configure. So, good luck again for today. I hope I can make it work this time just the same.

Missing the books and other hobbies

For months now, I haven’t finished reading any books yet. Waaahh. And I still have plenty of unread books. I don’t have any valid excuse for not reading. I hope to be back on the game soon. Napapalagpas ko na yung magagandang books na dapat basahin hehe.

Di na rin ako nakakapag-cross-stitch. Kasi naman laging pagod sa work. Tuloy, pag-uwi sa bahay pahinga na lang or tulog na. Wish ko lang matapos ko na yung nasimulan ko years ago pa hahaha. Yung gift ni tita di ko pa natatahi. Mag-iisang taon na yun, di ko pa rin nagagawa e maliit lang naman yun. Sus. Kay tamad ko talaga. Tsk tsk tsk…bad ‘to! So, do something about it, ok?!

Stuck in traffic

Yep, I’m so stuck in traffic at EDSA right now. I don’t know what’s causing it. All I see are trucks in front. How I wish there’s another route the driver can take. But then how can that be when we are still at some flyover argh! Generally, I don’t mind the traffic because I just let it pass by playing something in my PDA. But at times like tonight where I really need to be home coz I still need to do things for tomorrow, it’s just so frustrating. This sucks!

Holidays are moved

I saw in the news last week that the law to move all holidays falling on non-Monday weekdays, with the exemption of immovable holidays, to Monday has been approved. This is to allow everyone to have a longer weekend, especially for those who have plans of traveling. Several reactions were received. Some are in favor because it would mean lesser cost for them. What’s important is the essence of what we do to celebrate the holoidays. Others however don’t agree because to them, the essence of the holiday is already lost when celebrated on another day.

My stand? I can’t say yet. At a glance, it’s good because you get to have longer weekends. but based on my personal experience, I’m not yet used to going to work on a day that I know is a holiday (even if I know for a fact that it has just been moved to another day). Maybe because for years now, holidays have been celebrated on the holiday dates and not on another day and I am not used to the movements.

It has its pros and cons. Maybe we should just give it a try.

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