Sykes Paradiso

Sykes started invading Boardwalk, Subic last June 16, 2007 for its yearly Summer outing. Since we are already a big group (with almost 10, 000 employees in the Philippines), we had to go in 2 batches: First batch – SG&A (where our team is included) and Manila One; Second Batch – Manila Gold.

And so after so much anticipation and waiting, it was our turn last weekend. Our bus was scheduled to leave Manila at 9 AM and our meeting place is at KPT. The night before, I started preparing the things I’ll be bringing but not actually packing them. I had that set for the morning. But oh my! When I woke up, it was already 7:40! I had to rush packing my things, and getting ready to leave. Good thing, I was able to reach the office just in time. May mas late pa sa akin hehehe. Though I can easily arrange for a bus ride together with my friends, I opted to ride with my teammates. That will be bonding moments with them. So I was with my teammates until lunch. After that, I already joined my friends in our designated room. Too lazy to go out and explore the place, we just stayed in our room, watched TV and slept until dinnertime. How corny can that be? :p At around 7:30, we went to the Boardwalk for dinner and to catch up with the evening activities. Dinner was just ok. After dinner, it’s Parokya Ni Edgar’s time of performance. As always, they are very entertaining. I enjoyed every minute of their performance. Maka-masa talaga sila. And for the few times that they are performing in Sykes events, they are always promoting support for other local bands too! That’s so sweet of them!

After PNE, we were joined by hot and sexy Asia Agcaoili and handsome DJ Mo Twister. They served as the emcees for the night. There was a fashion show and some games, and of course dancing. We just watched a little of the fashion show and some games. By 10:30 PM, we went back to the hotel to watch PBB. :p Balik pa dapat kami after ng show pero nagkatamaran na so nood na lang uli then tulog na.

The following day, we woke up at around 9 AM so we had to get ready at the fastest possible time to catch up with breakfast. At 11 aM, we boarded the bus that left for Manila at 11:30 AM. Sa kamalasang palad, nag-overheat along NLEX ggrrr. So we had to get down for the bus to be fixed. Good thing though that another bus stopped by and some of us were able to transfer to the other bus. Unahan nga lang hehe. Takbo kami ni Anne, with Vine close by, diretso na sa loob, wala nang pakialam sa mga nag-uusap na bus drivers hehe. Bad thing that Emie and Dennis were not able to join us kasi ayaw na raw magpapasok ng conductor. Ano naman yun! May mga available seats pa naman ah! Hmp! We arrived in Manila at around 2:30 PM, just in time for Ocean’s 13 at Trinoma. Yun yun eh! Kaya atat makabalik hehe.

Anyway, this year’s outing arrangement is better than last year’s.

Yesterday and today, my teammates have been sending links to the outing’s pix and they had a lot of pictures and videos! At obvious na naglibot talaga sila! Nainggit ako haha! So next time na lalabas, gagala na talaga ako, of course with lots of Sony moments! 🙂

First Time

They say there’s always a first time for everything. And this one’s a first time for me. It was my first time to actually voice out that I hate my job. I was in a meeting the whole day for one project but there were also ISSUES that need to be addressed right away. I was pressured and wasn’t able to handle it well I guess. I didn’t know what to tackle first. I can’t just leave the meeting because it’s equally important. I was on the verge of losing my patience. Good thing I was able to control it still. And now I am having one of the severe headaches I’ve ever had. Hay!

Missed Opportunities

I think I’ve had some lately. But I guess it’s mainly because of my own doing. I did not grab the chance, or if I did, I was so slow and before I knew it, it’s all gone. Maybe it was not just meant to be. Or maybe the other opportunity is still better. But then again, there are the “what ifs”.

Oh well, I guess I just have to learn how to listen better to my inner self and to God. I know He has GRAND plans for me, to be given to me just in His perfect TIME.

Canonization of Mother Marie Euginie of Jesus

The other day, I watched from Bandila (nightly news program of Channel 2) that Mother Marie Euginie has already been canonized, together with 3 others. As per the news, the canonization was reinforced by the miraculous healing of Risa Bondoc of a serious ailment. The canonization took place at St. Peter’s Square in Rome last June 3, 2007.

More of Risa Bondoc’s story below.

Filipino girl’s cure supports cause for sainthood
By Josephine Darang

Last updated 00:13am (Mla time) 03/11/2007

MANILA, Philippines – The miraculous healing of Risa Bondoc of a serious ailment elevated the cause to sainthood of Blessed Marie Eugenie, founder of the Religious of the Assumption.

Blessed Marie will be canonized on June 3 at St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

Risa Bondoc, now 12 and a Grade IV student of Assumption College, will attend accompanied by her parents, Ditos and Menchu Bondoc, and her sisters, Ma. Regina Iguitan and Ma. Victoria Tabora.

When Risa, baptized Ma. Carmela Therese Eugenie, was 2 months old, she was brought to Dr. Manuel Hechanova, an eye doctor, because her mother noticed that she could not seem to focus. Risa was diagnosed with “nys stagmus,” a condition that affected muscles of the eyes. Dr. Manuel Delfin confirmed the finding.

At 6 months old, Risa was brought to Dr. Froilan Innocencio, a pediatric ophthalmologist. Tests showed weakness of the muscles of the eyes. This meant Risa would never be able to read fine print without very thick lenses. But Innocencio also said the problem might be coming from the brain.

Risa was brought to Dr. Myrna Fojas, a pediatric neurologist, who suggested magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain. Dr. Benjamin Adapon of the Makati Medical Center read the results. His wife, Dr. Ofelia Adapon, told Menchu to pray for a miracle.
Tests found abnormalities in the brain’s structure. When Menchu heard the news, she and her family started to pray the novena for the canonization of Mother Marie Eugenie. She made Risa wear the medal and relic of MME.

After two days, Menchu went to Fojas who told her to pray because only a miracle could make Risa normal. The doctor warned of seizures and convulsions. But none of these things happened.
The baby was brought later to Houston Children’s Hospital in
Boston upon the suggestion of Dr. Evangeline Poblete, pediatrician of Menchu’s eldest daughter.

Risa was a year and 3 months old when she was first brought to Houston. Three doctors examined her but it was Dr. Carlos Rivera, a neurologist, who first diagnosed her ailment as “septo optic dysphasia.”

From Houston, Menchu brought her daughter to the Mother House of the Religious of the Assumption in Paris. In the presence of the Mother General, Mother Cristina Marie, and nuns, Menchu laid Risa on top of the tomb of Blessed Marie Eugenie and commended the girl’s cure to her.

Menchu said a vigil light was always lit at the tomb for Risa’s cure. Mother Cristina also placed Risa’s photo at the altar of their founder. In the provincial house in Manila, Sister Vicenta put Risa’s picture below Blessed Marie Eugenie’s.

Today, Risa is a normal, active and cheerful 12-year-old, to her doctors’ amazement. They call it a miracle. Those who wish to go to Rome for the canonization can text Menchu at 0918-9100956.

Mother Marie Euginie (Anne Euginie) is the foundress of the Religious of the Assumption, the group of nuns running my elementary alma mater. During our elementary days, we always celebrate her death anniversary every 10th of March. We usually have presentations about her life stories. Here’s a glimpse of her story:

Anxious and lost

Waaa dyak ammo ti aramidek. Actually, ammok met ti kayat ko. Ngem hanko ammo nu kayak. Awan manen bilib ko ti bagik huhuhu. Ngem basta ited ko na lang ti best ko. Diyos ko, tulungandak. Mabutengak talaga. Ngem kayat ko padasen. Sana ikkan dak ti chance. Uray two years lang huhu. Sika ti mangbantay kanyak. Iturung dak ti usto nga dalan a para kanyak. Please!
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