Weekend escapade

Apryl and I went to the Powerbooks warehouse sale last Saturday. I was able to buy some at a really discounted price. Their books are not like the ones in their bookstores though. I don’t recognize most of it. So not so much contented with our finds, we decided to hit Powerbooks Greenbelt. But before we could even reach Greenbelt, we visited NBS and Powerbooks Glorieta and made some more purchases. Afraid that we might overspend, we decided not to go to Powerbooks Greenbelt anymore. Hehe!

We had lunch at Heaven and eggs Glorietta. I had cheese and onion soup and Country fried chicken and eggs with mashed potato and pancakes on the side. The food is yummy, truly heavenly. Apryl described it to be sinfully good.ü

On Sunday, it was bonding time with Sykes friends. Fides invited us at their place for an afternoon merienda. She prepared pasta and chicken. Anne bought a chocolate cake. We did the usual stuff – update each other with what’s going on with our own teams and lives.

After that, Anne and I went to mass then watched Babel in Greenbelt. Though it was categorized to be an action movie, it was still heavy. There’s just too much tragedy for one family. On the other hand, I was touched by the man’s refusal to accept payment for his help. It gives me hope that there are still those people who help unconditionally.

Francis’ Visit

Francis, our former officemate, and who is now based in Singapore, is here for a visit. He arrived last January 13 and will be staying for two weeks. We already had dinner last January 17. We will be having dinner again today as a farewell for him. He lost some weight because he doesn’t enjoy the food in Singapore. Wawa. He is ok at work though. He said it’s much easier daw as to what we are doing in Sykes.

Road trip to Tagaytay

After Baby Ysa’s christening, some of us decided to go on a road trip to Tagaytay. We used Innover (Anne’s new Innova car) and Anne was the driver. Pey was teasing her how it felt so good to be simply a passenger (Pey, with Reboy, was usually our best friend-driver before). We had dinner at View Point, I shouldered a chunk of the bill as a treat to them due to my promotion. After that, we went to Starbucks for coffee. It was tiring but it was well worth it because we were able to have some fun and share laughter.

Baby Ysa’s Christening

Baby Ysa, Weng and Fides’ baby girl was baptized last Jan. 21, 2007 at the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (the very same church where they got married). The reception was at Shangri-La Finest Cuisine. It was another time where officemates and ex-officemates were able to bond. Anne and I were late for the ceremony because I woke up very late. Blame it on the issue at work last Friday which forced me to stay until 5 am of Saturday. :p

ICOF babies

Jo finally gave birth to healthy baby Samantha Jeanne last Jan 14, 2007 at 11:21AM. We visited them at the hospital but we were not able to see Baby Sam because it’s not yet the visiting hours. I only got to see her when we visited them in their home a week after. Well she’s another addition to the IS babies. Prior to that, Fides also gave birth to Baby Sofia Ysabel last Dec. 9, 2006. Liezl (Joey’s wife) is also due next month. Oh well, welcome to the world babies!
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