Text-versation With My Not So Little Niece

Early this evening, I received a text from my sister’s phone but the one texting did not sound like my sister. True enough, it was not her but my 8 year old niece.

She was texting because she learned I’m not going home this Christmas. However, she has no idea I’m going home for New Year. Anyway, here’s our exchange of texts.

** Tita – Filipino word for aunt

V: Apay ngay haan ka nga umay agsine tayo kuma. Adda ti selfon ko (Why are you not coming home so that we could watch a movie? I have a cellphone)

V: Tita shak ti agtetext kneka velmari daytoy (Tita, I’m the one texting you. This is Velmarie)

Me: Apay nga ada selfon mo? Ubing ka pay. Awan met mayat nga mabuya. Apay ada? (Why do you have a cellphone? You’re still young. I don’t know of any interesting movie to watch. Is there?)

Me: Wen ngarud. Apay ammo mon nga agtxt? Anya ngay ti mabuya dita? (Ok then. Do you know how to text? What are the movies currently being shown there?-we live in different cities)

V: Panday two wen tita ammok tita (Panday Two. Yes tita, I know tita)

Me: Kayat mo diyay? Madik met haha (You want that movie? I don’t like it hehe)

V: Wen tita kayat ko tita (Yes tita, I like it tita)

Me: Nu ngay han nga mabalin ti ubing idiay? (What if they don’t allow children in the cinema?)

V: Oray no tita aglemengak tita (Even if tita. I’ll take cover-so that they won’t see her :p)

Me: Handaka paunegen. Makita ka latta hehe. (They won’t allow you inside. They would still see you hehe)

V: Apay ngay idi panday one inmunegak (Why did they allow me to enter during Panday One?)

Me: Apay nagbuya ka idi ti Panday 1? (Did you watch Panday 1?)

V: Wen tita ostun pay ti text tita. Agbuya ak pay ti news tita ta agpasaklot ni Joyce keni mami nga taba awan mangsuro kenyak (Yes tita. Enough text for now tita. I’m going to watch the news tita. Joyce (her little sister) wants to be carried by fat mommy (referring to her mom LOL). No one will teach me now)

Me: Agdamag ka latta ah keni mamim no ada han mo maawatan hehe (Still ask your mom if there are things you don’t understand hehe)

Me: Ay bakasyon yun gayam? (Is it your vacation already?)

V: Agsobli ak no January 3 tita (I’m going back (to school) in January 3 tita)

Me: Ngem tatta awanen eskwela yu? Anya naalam nga exchange gift? (But now, you don’t have classes anymore? What did you get during your exchange gift?)

V: Awanen tita, tinapay lang met, basta a agawid ka ta apan tayo agsine (No more tita, just bread tita. Promise me you come home so that we could watch a movie)

Me: Nu ngay hanak agawid? (What if I don’t go home?)

V: Apay ngay adi pay awan ti sine tita agananserak ti hanap salita amukon a tita. (Why so? So no movie for us? Tita I’m answering Hanap Salita (Word Finder). I already know how tita)

Me: Lalaingem nga aghanap salita a. Dpat perfect ken awan cheating (Do good in searching the words ok? It should be perfect and no cheating)

V: Tita napanak nakisimbang gabi ngay ket mayat adu gayam ti silaw jay baguio (Tita I went to Simbang Gabi and it’s beautiful. There are lots of lights in Baguio (downtown))

Me: Nagluganan yu idi apan kayo nakimisa? Apan kayo manen nu bigat? Sino kadwam? (Who did you ride with when you went to mass? Are you going again tomorrow? Who are you with?)

V: Ni dadik ken ni adding Joyce ken ni mami wen nagjip kami nasapa kami (My dad, my sister Joyce and my mom. Yes we rode the jeep. We went early)

V: Good night tita maturugakon kadwak ni ading Joyce (Good night tita. I’m going to sleep now with my sister Joyce)

Me: Han ka met lang naturog idiay simbaan? (Did you not sleep while you were in church?)

V: Haan tita (No tita)

Me: Goodnight Velmarie and Joyce. Mwah!
It’s always fun and entertaining talking to kids. J

*Credits to image owner.*

BDO’s Easy Investment Plan-Brochure

I’m feeling industrious to type away today so I’m posting some of the contents of BDO’s brochure on EIP given to us. Credits to BDO. And no, I was not asked to blog about it. I just want to.
“Don’t Just Save, Invest.”
Saving is, and always will be, the foundation of any fortune. It is secure, risk-free and readily accessible.

But saving alone is not enough to make your money grow. You should also invest. This means taking some risks, but the rewards are higher. When you save and invest, your money has the power to grow faster. So don’t just save, invest!

The BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP)
The BDO EIP is a wealth build-up plan that enables you to attain your financial goals and financial wellness through the twin habits of saving and investing. It incorporates the best, tried and tested principles that make a successful saving and investment plan and provide a solution to counter the major obstacles to saving and investing.

Here’s how in just three easy steps:
  1. Fill out the EIP Application Form and enroll your BDO Savings/Checking Account in the EIP at any BDO branch.
  2. Decide on the following details of your contribution:
    • Amount: Minimum of Php1,000.00 per contribution
    • Frequency and schedule: Once a month (5th, 10th, 15, 20th, 2th or 30th) or Twice a month (every 5th & 20th, 10th & 25th or 15th & 30th)
  3. Choose what type of Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is best for you: BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund, BDO Peso Balanced Fund or the BDO Equity Fund.
Once enrolled, the amount you have chosen will regularly and automatically be debited from your account and will immediately be invested in the UITF of your choice. Every time the market value of your investment reaches Php10,000.00 on a contribution date, this will spin off and be treated as a regular UITF investment documented by a Confirmation of Participation (COP). The cycle of saving, investing, spinning off from the EIP and issuance of COP continues for as long as you are enrolled in the program.

So with the EIP, saving and investing become a habit. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s automatic.

Choose your Investment
Choose where your monthly investment will go.

BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund
A medium-term bond fund which aims to provide a high level of income with preservation of capital and maintenance of liquidity. This fund invests in a combination of short to long-term fixed income securities. The fund is suitable for risk toleranct investors.

BDO Peso Balanced Fund
The fund aims to achieve capital appreciation over the medium-term by investing primarily in equities and to some extent in fixed income securities, the allocation of which shall be determined by the Trustee depending on market conditions. The fund is suitable for risk-taking investors.

BDO Equity Fund
The fund aims primarily for capital growth over the medium to long-term by investing in a selection of exchange-listed equities. The fund is ideal for risk-taking investors.

The Perfect Opportunity
The time for investing is now. With the BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP), it has never been easier.
Automatic savings and investment
The EIP has an auto-debit facility to regularly set aside funds for immediate investment.

Enrollment  can be don in any of the BDO branches nationwide.

The BDO EIP is multi-purpose since it can be used for a variety of your major projects (i.e. education for your children, family vacation/s, special family celebrations, retirement). THis is unlike private and government pension funds and pre-need and insurance funds which can be withdrawn/distributed only upon retirement, disability or death.

With a minimum of Php1,000.00, an investment can be made in the chosen UITF.

Professional Fund Management
Gain access to the services of BDO professional fund managers who keep constant watch over the BDO UITFs.

Cost Averaging
The BDO EIP enables you to benefit from Peso Cost Averaging, a time-tested personal wealth-building strategy wherein fixed amounts of investment in regular intervals over a period of time allow you to average your costs. This allows you to invest without having to constantly monitor the market. Any time is a good time to invest!

The BDO EIP is the perfect opportunity for you to invest. Rush to your nearest branch today.”

Well, that’s it. Now, your call :).

**Disclaimer: I’m not Financial savvy. I’m just sharing what I learned from the seminar. I hope to at least become financially literate though :). **

Gain or Loss?

As I posted earlier, my friend and I attended a seminar sponsored by BDO.
Here’s one thing that’s a new learning for me. The speaker showed the performance of one investment product. Sorry, I don’t remember which one and I don’t remember the exact figures as well. But for instance, we have these percentages of the investment product’s performance per anum:
  • Year 1 – 52%
  • Year 2 – (48%)
  • Year 3 – 63%
  • Year 4 – 37%
The question thrown to us was: did I regain my loss in Year 3 after its negative return in Year 2 and very high return in Year 3? The answer is NO. Here’s to illustrate:

Based on our example, our starting Principal for Year 2 was 15,200.00 but by year end, it dropped to 7,904.00. And although Year 3 yielded high return, the principal of Year 2 has not yet been recovered by end of Year 3. It was only on Year 4 that it was greater than Year 2’s principal.
Why a lesson learned for me? Because if I were to look only at the rates, it is always my impression that you recovered your loss by Year 3 because of the big jump in interest. However, the figures don’t show it. In some instances, perhaps it may, but not always.

**Disclaimer: I’m not Financial savvy. I’m just sharing what I learned from the seminar. I hope to at least become financially literate though :). **

BDO’s Easy Investment Plan (EIP)

Around 2 weeks ago, I saw an announcement in BDO’s website that they are giving a free seminar to introduce their new product-the Easy Investment Plan (EIP). I grabbed the opportunity and signed up with a friend. The seminar was this morning. It lasted for about 2 hours. And I’m glad I attended :). There were new lessons I picked up, aside from the fact that it affirmed the things I read from books and financial articles.
Sad to say, the Philippines has one of the lowest percentages globally. In Asia, China ranks first, followed by Singapore.
Here are some tips shared during the seminar. The short explanation is based on how I understood it.
  • Pay yourself first. All financial references say this. Savings should always be part of your budget. The formula should be Income-Savings = Expenses and not Income-Expenses = Savings because the tendency is, you’ll always have nothing to save.
  • Stop spending on things that decline in value. We should be spending on things that put money on our pockets, instead of things that take out money from our pockets. Hence, we should know which are real needs and which are just wants.
  • Make your financial plan automatic. With the advancement of technology, this is very feasible nowadays. All you have to do is inform your bank to do that for you automatically on a schedule of your preference. A lot of banking institutions are now also online so go, create your online account and monitor anytime, anywhere as long as there’s Internet!
  • Make money work for you. Famous line. Make money work for you instead of you working for money. How? By investing so that it will earn you more money.
  • Invest wisely and regularly. Should you invest, you should understand what you’re entering into. Again, there are a lot of references online. Otherwise, you can also just proceed to the bank or financial institution and talk to a fund manager (that’s how those people dealing with investments are called J).
I’ll post some more if I remember the other things discussed.
**Disclaimer: I’m not  Financial savvy. I’m just sharing what I learned from the seminar. I hope to at least become financially literate though :). **
* Image from here. *

It’s Nice to Meet You, Magalawa Island!

** This was written sometime in May, right after this trip.**
Magalawa Island is located in the municipality of Palauig, Zambales Philippines. It’s a small island where you can rent for accommodations or pitch your own tents and cook your own food. We visited the place last weekend and it was a perfect weekend getaway. 
How to get there from Manila:
  • Take the Sta. Cruz bound bus at Victory Liner Caloocan. You can take the LRT 1 to Monumento then walk to the back of Victory Mall to get to the terminal. Else, you can always take the cab. :p
  • Drop off at Barangay Pangolingan, Palauig Zambales. This is at corner Radio Veritas Road. The bus drivers are familiar with the place so just tell them that you’re alighting there and you won’t get lost. Travel time is 6-7 hours, including stop overs.
  • Ride a tricycle that will take you to Oslet Armada Fish dealer compound in Brgy. Luan. When we went there last weekend, fare was Php 150.00 per tricycle with 2 pax (so that’s Php 75/pax).
  • From the compound, take a mini boat going to Magalawa Island. Since we availed of the package, boat fee is already included so I’m not sure how much they charge but I’m guessing that would be around Php100.00/pax. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes.
Then, welcome to Magalawa Island!
Estimated expenses is at Php3,200.00 but this is because we availed of the package which already includes accommodation, 4 meals, boat transfers, bamboo rafting and snorkeling (snorkeling gears were provided with no additional fee). This can be much lower if you bring your own camping gears and cook your own food.
Playing loud music is prohibited. People should use earphones if they wish to listen to music.
If you’re looking for a quick and relaxing weenend getaway and you don’t mind the long travel time, try Magalawa Island.
For our booking, we contacted Ate Grace. Here’s their Facebook page.
And I leave you with these photos 🙂
Pictorial with the star fishes. Don’t worry, we brought them back to the water after :). Oh, don’t mind my long sleeves. I didn’t want to get more tanned since I was somewhere else almost all weekends of the summer!

 Off to the snorkeling site with the beautiful, amazing friends and the little niece. Teenager niece didn’t want to join us anymore. We were being pulled by another boat! Very exhilarating! When we got to the site, the little niece and I transferred to the boat. Didn’t snorkel coz I had to babysit :p.

Enjoying the waters with the little niece. My arms were hurting after this outing. My niece wanted to practice swimming so I had to hold her everytime she wants to practice ker kicks :p.
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