Garbage Everywhere

Garbage everywhere is in the news. One, the trashslide in my hometown, Baguio, which took some lives and others still missing :(. A neighbor in our barangay died because of falling rocks when he went out in the middle of Typhoon Mina to supposedly clean the drainage near their house so that our road won’t become a river. I thought he died of sickness or something when I first saw condolence posts in FB but I was surprised when it was announced on TV that he was one of the casualties of the typhoon. Hay.
And then the tons of garbage along Manila Bay which were from the nearby provinces. It breaks my heart to listen to all this and at the same time frustrated because I feel that all of us are not doing something about it. We always blame others/the government when we’re faced with such problems. The government has programs regarding waste management but we are not following it. Others may, but not everyone. I hope this will be an eye-opener for all of us. Let’s start by doing the 3 Rs-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
On the brighter side of things, I’m happy to see that some places are now having efforts to reduce the use of plastic. SM Supermarket do not use plastic bags every Wednesday so you have to bring your own shopping bag or you have to pay for plastic bag or have your items boxed. Mini Stop do not use plastic every Tuesdays and Thursdays. They have paper bags though. I heard some places at the South of the Metro have long enforced no plastic in all establishments. I hope that through these small steps, we would still be able to preserve Mother Earth.
Lezzzgggooo!!! We can do it!

Exploring CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon: Expenses

Travel Date: March 10-13, 2011

Here’s a breakdown of our expenses.

  • All in PHP per pax
  • There were four of us including the tour guide
  • All group expenses were divided into 3 as we also shouldered the guide’s meal, transpo, accommodation, and entrance fees (if applicable)

Cebu Pacific Airfare: 375.20 (bought during the 10.10.10 sale :))

Day 1:
Terminal Fee: 200.00
Breakfast: 100.00
Motorela fare: 7.00
Bus to Balingoan Wharf:  142.50
Fastcraft to Benoni: 200.00 (150.00/pax)
Transfer fee: 2.25
Lunch: 220.50
Entrance to Katibawasan Falls: 15.00
Entrance to Ardent Spring: 30.00
Dinner: 93.33 (our total bill was only 280.00 for a 5 hungry peeps-including the driver)
Drinks: 33.33 (we bout some alcoholic drinks for the tour guide and the driver)
Groceries: 45.00 (personal)

Day 1 Total: 1,038.91

Day 2:
Boat to White Island: 133.33 (400.00/boat)
Registration: 20.00 (free for tour guides)
Breakfast: 300.00
Day 1- Early Day 2 Accommodation: 446.66 (1,300.00-room, 40.00-coffee)
Van: 733.33 (2,200 from Day 1 12PM to Day 2 around 3PM)
Soda Spring: 20.00
Shirts: 300.00 (150/shirt-cheaper at Katibawasan Falls)
Motorboat to Mantigue: 183.33 (550.00/boat)
Mantigue Entrance: 20.00 (tour guide not included)
Mantigue Environmental Fee: 26.66 (20.00/pax)
Table: 16.66 (50.00/table)
Coke: 20.00
Fastcraft to Balingoan: 200.00 (150.00/pax)
Taxi to CDO: 150.00 (total 450.00, 50.00 was for tip)
Mass Spec accommodation: 371.66 (Twin room-840.00/night, 275.00/extra bed)
Dinner: 168.33

Day 2 Total: 3,110.00

Day 3:
Van: 1,166.66
Zipline: 666.66 (although all rides is only 600.00. we forgot our change so we just split the whole amount amongst ourselves)
Certificate: 100.00
Brunch: 383.33 (we ate at a buffet resto. total bill is 1,150 for 5 peeps)
White Water Rafting: 700.00 (Beginner’s course)
Tip: 33.33 (for the WWR guide)
Fare to Kagay Office: 9.33 (7.00/pax)
CD: 83.33 (250/CD, video not included)
Fare to Steves: 10.00
Outdoor shop: 240.00 (personal)
Dinner: 183.33 (total bill-550.00 for 4 peeps)
Fare to lodge: 9.33
Lodge: 371.66
Guide fee: 1,333.33 (we paid him 4,000. his original rate was 4,500.00 and he’ll pay for his own meal. however, upon arrival, he requested us to just pay for all his meals and deduct later. upon computation, he was left with around 3,200.00 but we decided to still pay him 4,000.00)

Day 3 Total: 5,290.29

Day 4:
Taxi to airport: 100.00 (trip costs 300.00)
Terminal Fee: 30.00
Pastel: 400 (estimate for 3 boxes. forgot the exact price. it’s still cheaper outside of course)
Breakfast: 250.00 (estimate, Shakey’s airport)
Fare to Makati: 50.00

Day 4 Total: 830.00

Total Expenses: Php 10, 64.44

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