SK Update: Bookshelf

Ongoing project for my home office/mini-library.



My brother already made 2 of these. I need one more. Or maybe not. Again, just very basic. No fancy designs. At first I wanted a glass door – the sliding type. However, I want to open the whole bookshelf if it needs general cleaning so that may not be a good idea. Maybe a glass door that’s not sliding will still work. I can also actually leave it open but then the dust…so I think enclosing it is still the best option.

See those books on the second shelf? Those are my Sweet Dreams books which I bought mostly from eBay in 2006 hehehe.

Other updates:

  1. Dining Table and Chairs
  2. Sofa | Side Table
  3. Clothes Cabinet | Bedside Table | Console Table

SK Update: Clothes Cabinet | Bedside Table | Console Table

Some ongoing projects for my bedroom. Still courtesy of my brother. It’s his first time to make all of these but he’s OC with his work so I don’t worry that he won’t meet my expectations.

Ok, on to the pictures.

Clothes cabinet


That’s 2 panels of cabinet. But my plan is to downsize all my clothes and everything that goes into a cabinet so that it will fit just 1 panel.


It’s just very basic. The top part is for hangers and the bottom are shelves for folded clothes. Since I have a limited space in the room, I asked my brother to make sure that the doors can overlap across on the other side, hence the reason for the multiple door panels.

Side table

Side table

My side table. I wish I can put one on each side of the bed but I don’t have a wide room so one is enough. I already saw a candle burner which also functions as a lamp in Megamall. I want that for this side table hehe.

Console cabinet

Console table

Originally, this was just supposed to be a console table but I’d like to maximize the space under so we’ll just enclose this and this is where my bags will be stored hehehehe.

I will paint these cabinets white. I want a duco finish type but we still need to research on how to do that hehe.

Other updates:

  1. Dining Table and Chairs
  2. Sofa | Side Table

SK Update: Sofa | Side Table

Some ongoing projects for the sala. Again, these are all being worked on by my brother on his free time.



My 3-seater sofa. I still need to look for a shop that does upholstery for the sofa’s foams. My brother said Mandaue Foam is already in Baguio! Need to check if they do customized sofa foams. 

Side table

Side table

My side table. This still needs treatment so that it won’t be infested by termites. Then I’ll have it varnished. Maybe I’ll just retain the original wood color. No need for tinting color. Let’s see. The round block of wood was given to me by an uncle some years ago. I thought of using it as a table in the terrace but I think it’s a good side table too. The irregular shapes add character to it.

Other updates:

  1. Dining Table and Chairs

SK Update: Plexibond Painting

One of the problems of my house in Baguio is that there are water leaks in the walls huhuhu. And the areas that are most affected are the walls of my room and one side of the living room because most of the time, the wind’s direction is hitting those areas directly.

And so last summer, my brother painted the exterior walls with plexibond. I am not sure if this was not available 7 years ago when I was building the house. Or maybe there was another way of water proofing done but it just did not turn out well. We are observing the improvement now So far, so good as per my brother. There were no leaks on the walls during the strong rains in June and July. So whew! I hope that permanently resolved the issue.

Cost: So far, I spent around Php 8,000.00 for the materials – 6 or 7 cans of plexibond paint and 2 or 3 bags of cement. We are not done yet with the upper part. I need to buy more.

Plexibond Painting

The upper part has no plexibond yet. Unfortunately, we used 2 different brands, hence the difference in shades. I was being OC and was asking my brother if he can repaint the lower part to make all colors the same. I’m not sure if it still can be done.

SK Update: Dining Table and Chairs

Background muna. Except for the 3 beds, the kitchen cabinets, and an unfinished dining table, my home doesn’t have any furniture. Mono-bloc chairs lang kung matatawag mang furniture yun hehehehe. I don’t have a sala set, clothes cabinet, book shelves, TV rack and whatever else that should be in a house to at least keep it organized. There was really no major improvement after I had it blessed in 2013.

And so in 2017, I commit to make more improvements in my Baguio home (aka SK Baguio) as soon as saved budget permits.

Improvement #1:

I now have non-mono-bloc dining chairs. My brother made them during his free time. We have been using them since late February I think and I’m loving them so far.

In fairness, pulido ang pagkakagawa. OC rin kasi ang kapatid ko pagdating sa mga projects nya hehehe. Galing-galing.

The dining table was made by my father. Awww I think this was his last project for me. Huhu. Anyway, I think the pine wood used was donated by an uncle. Galing pa yan sa lugar ng nanay ko ata. The titos knew I was on tipid mode because of all my loans those days so naawa ata at dinonate na lang yung wood hahaha.

The table did not have varnish though so my brother also did the finishing to match the chairs.


Chairs on the making


Tada! The finished product. While my dining area is small, I still love staying here because it is beside a window with a view of trees and mountains.

I am not sure of the cost because materials were purchased separately, plus those we bought were not consumed just for these pieces. Wala pa akong time (and tyagang) mag-break down and compute for now hihi. For my brother’s labor, he’s requesting that I buy him one of the main tools he’ll use for all the furniture so that we don’t need to borrow from the other brother. Besides, all tools from cousins/brother/friends are always in use. Sayang ang time!

Until the next house project! We already have several furniture lined up. I’ll just post them once done but so far, here’s what’s in my list which are my priorities.


Priorities which hopefully will be completed this year.

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