Hike to Mt. Cabuyao

My first mountain for the year, yehey! 1 down, 5 to go hehehe.


We were finally able to hike to Mt. Cabuyao last Saturday, April 15, 2017. The last time I went there was I think in 2011 or 2012. It was also a hike with a friend and 2 of my nieces.

Cast: me, my 7 year old niece, my 13 year old niece

I think the radar station is 5-6 kilometers starting from the police outpost in KM. 8.So that’s doable in 1.5-2 hours depending on your pace.

Total hours of hour hike: 4 hours up until Cafe in the Sky only. It’s still about 5-15 minutes away from the radar station, depending on your pace. Why? Because the bulinggit keeps on saying “tita, innana” (tita, rest) every 3-5 minutes! Hehehe. Plus picture taking and lots of trying to identify Baguio landmarks while we were going up hehehe.

The path is a long and winding concrete road which is always ascending but not too steep.

We started our hike from home at 6:30 AM. So even if she requested for many stops, there was really ample time until we reach the top.

Funny things along the way.


While the wind was blowing stronger than usual:

Joyce: Wooooo itayab dak kuma idiay Cabuyao! (Woooo sana ilipad na ako sa Cabuyao!



Someone farted. Joyce punched the ass of the one who farted. She farted again, louder this time. Hahaha! Buti na lang walang ibang tao hehehehe.


We saw a goat. The goat said mehehehehe. I teased my niece by saying rhhiiieeeemmhhaaarieeeee to the tune of the goat’s sound hehehee. I caught her trying to imitate it with my name. I told her mas bagay sa name nya. Malapit-lapit nang mapikon. Hahahaha!


Finally, after 4 hours, we reached Cafe in the Sky. We tried their smoothies but unfortunately, our orders did not leave a lasting impression hehehe. But that is fine, because were were there for the experience.

On our way up, our cousin who co-owns PICMAR Heritage Lodge and Camping Grounds passed us by. She later on called to tell me to drop by PICMAR for a visit since my other cousin was there even if they went out. And that they will be returning after a few errands so they may still catch us there.

So from Cafe in the Sky, we proceeded to PICMAR which was a kilometer away. More lakad hehehe. We stayed there for about an hour.

We took the PUJ going down because that was already 1 PM and we were also going to attend a cousin’s despidida party at lunch time.

Joyce did not want to take the jeep. She wanted to walk daw. She is faster daw when going down. But it was already late, I was already tired, and I also want to go to my cousin’s place earlier so that there is more time to mingle with other cousins hehehe.

We got down at KM. 8 and then we walked the rest of the way home.


Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-1

Laser beam

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-2

Down below is Marcos Highway

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-3

She was really tired 😀

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-4

Baguio as viewed from the top. Loakan Airport on the right.

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-5

By the boulder – teenager

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-6

By the boulder – kulit bulilit. Pagod sya pero nakukuha pa ring magpose basta picture taking hehehe

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-7

Pechay Baguio not yet ready for harvest. So green!

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-8

Cafe in the Sky

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-9

A shot of the radar station from Cafe in the Sky

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-10

Cafe in the Sky

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-11

Our orders – smoothies and nachos with cheese

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-12

Radar station, back view

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-13

Somewhere down below was Sitio La Presa. We did not go there.

Cabuyao (04-15-2017)-14

PICMAR Heritage Lodge and Camping Grounds

NOTE: Most tourists in cars are not allowed to go up the mountain because it is a forest reserve.

Summiting Mt. Timbak

I’m back to the boondocks! For how long? I’m not sure LOL. I just need some training climbs to prepare for our Mt. Kinabalu climb on March 24-25, 2011.
Anyway, last Feb. 19-20, the Outdoor group in the office went to Mt. Timbak for some fun and outreach program. Thanks to the organizers, they were able to ask for permission for us to use some of the classrooms at Mongoto Elementary School as sleeping quarters for the night. Also, we asked the rented van to just drop us at the school grounds so we didn’t have to walk hehe.
One of the exciting things to do in the mountains is to watch the sunrise and sunset. We weren’t lucky to catch the sunset though because we arrived at the school at around 6PM already. We were blessed however with the full moon which looked amazingly perfect in its roundness that night. Moonlight + cold weather = romantic.
We woke up at around 4AM the next day for the summit assault. It’s said that Mt. Timbak’s summit is the same level with that of Mt. Pulag’s saddle. My lungs were very much challenged during the climb to the summit that I almost gave up. I had difficulty breathing the early morning breeze. My layers of long sleeves felt like it’s constricting my breathing so I had to remove it despite the coldness. I don’t know if I had a case of AMS or I was just not ready for any physical activities as I did not prepare prior the climb. Anyway, after much self-talking, I was able to reach the summit. It was all worth it. The weather was beautiful that day we were able to watch the sun rise and there was a sea of clouds below us. Another interesting thing was that while the sun was rising, you can see the reflection of one mountain in the other mountain. Simple and ordinary but I was still amazed.
After breakfast, we headed to where some of the mummies’ caves were. It was at least an hour’s trek along a road and a path down the mountain. It was my first time to see a mummy despite it being part of my culture. I’m glad to finally see one.
We were supposed to also go and visit Apo Anno in Natubleng but we were already delayed based on our itinerary so we aborted the plan.

On the way back to Baguio, we dropped by KM 52 where the highest point of the Philippine Highway System can be found.
We were back in Baguio at around 4PM where the others took a bath in the public CRs in Burnham. Glad to know that we already have those in Baguio :).
As for me, I went home straight to check on my project.
Estimated budget for this trip is around Php 2K for a Manila-Baguio-Mt. Timbak-Baguio-Manila route. This already includes our donation, transportation and food. We were a big group though so our share for the rented van maybe smaller.
A good reference for this can be found at the Pinoy Mountaineer site.

I appreciate the group for giving respect to the locals, the place itself and the culture.

Mt. Pulag is LOVE!

Imagine this. You are walking on a path that’s surrounded by hills and mountains with lots of trees. The sun is smiling upon you. It may become hot at times but the soft breeze of the wind blows to cool you down. Occasionally, you’ll see waterfalls in the mountains and you wish that you could go dip in the cool refreshing water. There’s a river down below which provides music as you continue to push yourself to the top. Atop, the scene is priceless and majestic. All you see are endless mountain ranges. The wind is continuously blowing, as if trying to take all your troubles so very, very far from you so that it won’t come back and haunt you. At sunrise, you see how the sun slowly breaks into the sky to once again give light to the sleeping world. With the chill the night before, it’s glorious to feel its warmth all over again. You see the different cloud formations BELOW. It’s almost like sitting on top of it. You’re on top of the world. You feel that you’re almost in heaven. It feels heavenly.

Is this for real? YES! That’s Mt. Pulag, the mountain I really, truly fell in love with. 🙂 Mt. Pulag is LOVE!

More pictures @ Multiply.

Mt. Pulag Day 4

Another early wake up call at 4 AM to get ready for the summit assault. By 4:30 AM, we were already on our way. I think we had to walk for another 30-45 minutes in order to reach the summit. I was all covered (sando, shirt, sweater and a jacket) so that when I had my warm up walk, it was getting harder for me to breath because it felt so hot. To remedy that, I just removed my sweater and my jacket. What a relief hehe. It was drizzling when we reached the summit. I was already in a panic because I can’t take good pictures. All my shots had drizzle in it huhu. When our group was complete, we offered a short prayer. I was really praying hard that we be able to see the sunrise. I heard from another colleague that after being in Mt. Pulag for more than 10 times, he was only able to witness the sunrise 3 times. Weh! Anyway, after a few minutes, the drizzling stopped! Yippee! So we just waited in anticipation for the sunrise. And while doing that, we had shots of the cloud formations BELOW us. Yes, we were looking down at clouds! This time, I really was on top of the world hehehe. It was really, really amazing. Few minutes before 6 AM, the sun started to rise. Wuhhhuuuu! Everyone got excited and everyone just wanted to have the best pictures hehehe. Mga adik. But who won’t be? It was so very beautiful that you just want to capture all the perfect moments. Good thing I had some good shots. Thanks Sony and thanks buddy hehe.

We also inducted some of the applicants here. There were I guess 5 of them. Our graduation for BMC was supposed to be on the summit too but we were not complete so we’ll just do that some other time.

Much as we wanted to stay longer in the summit, we can’t for long. By 7:30, we headed back to the camp for breakfast and break camp. By 9:35 AM, our group was ready to leave camp so we went ahead. This time, we are going back via the Ambangeg trail. It was easier. We were running in some parts of the trail thus, we were way ahead the others already. We also passed by Camp 2 (Ambangeg campsite). After more than 3 hours of walking, we reached the Ranger station. Our ride was already there waiting for us. We did not have lunch along the way. It was just all trail food. By the time we were all complete, we just loaded our things in the jeep and continued on to DENR where we will be having our much needed bath. The group just decided to have lunch/dinner along the way.

Upon reaching DENR at around 4 PM, and while waiting for the bathrooms to become available, some of us went to look for food hehehe. Don’t blame us. :p We were so hungry already. There was also a shop here where you can buy souvenir shirts. Unfortunately, they don’t have my size so I was not able to buy one. Olats.

By 6 PM, we were back in the jeep. Everybody was looking forward to dinner, wherever that is hehe. Good thing that after only an hour, we reached the restaurant. Ayos. We had to be quick though. After dinner and yosi break for others, we resumed our travel so that by 9 PM, we were already at Victory Liner terminal. We were lucky to have the 9:30 PM schedule. We were 2.5 hours late based on our itinerary hehe. Huwell.

Right now, we’re on our way back to Manila already. Thank you Father for taking care of us in this adventure. It was fun fun fun! Your creation is really amazing. 🙂

Mt. Pulag Day 3

We had to wake up at 4 AM this morning so that we can have an early start. After a short breakfast, we packed up and prepared for another long trek. Our group was still the sweeper so we were the last to leave again at 7:30 AM. We had to cross a hanging bridge that was quite long. It was a little scary because the current in the river is strong. Imagine if you fell from the bridge hehe. After the bridge, it was already an assault. Good thing it was cool so it was easier to walk. But still, it was all assault huhu. After 3 hours, we reached Marlboro Country. It was called as such because of the view. You are surrounded by mountains and trees. What a beautiful view. We had our early lunch here. We also had a lot of those jump shots. I was able to master the timing of my camera (and 2 others) in order to capture the perfect jump shots hehe. Our group resumed our trek at 1 PM. After 40 minutes, we already reached the mossy forest. It’s called mossy because the trees in the area are covered with mosses. After another 40 minutes, we reached the last water source. This is where we also reached the other groups who were already having their snacks. After a short rest, we had to resume our trek, else, we will reach the summit by night time. Though tired, we still pushed ourselves. Unfortunately for me, I was stupid not to eat anything during the break and so 5 minutes after the trek, I was trembling with hunger. My buddy and I had to stop several times for me to eat. Weh! But thanks to jelly sticks, cloud 9, and water, I regained my strength hehe.

We reached the grassland at around 3:45 PM. Whew! As per itinerary, this is the last part of the leg and we are only 30 minutes away from the saddle camp! Can’t wait! It was hotter in this area because there were no trees to provide shade. It was just a steep mountain covered with grass. Good thing that it was already getting late in the afternoon so the sun was not that hot. At this point, I was beginning to feel that I was already on top of the world. 🙂

After a few more pushes, we already reached the camp! Yiffee! Unfortunately, just after a few minutes, it rained. It was not that strong but strong enough to get us drenched. We had to set up our tents quickly. Our other companions were still on the trail when it rained. Good thing everyone was able to reach the campsite safe and sound. My teammates can’t stand the cold so I just volunteered to do the cooking for dinner. I think it got to as low as 8 degrees Celsius. And since it rained and it got dark right away, we were not able to assault the summit for the sunset. Huwell.

It was mostly assault today. It was tiring but all worth it. And we were not able to follow our itinerary, yet again ahihi. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s sunrise. I hope we’ll be able to witness it. It will be another early day. So, for now, I’m signing off. Good night world!

Mt. Pulag Day 1-2

Guess where I am right now. At Mt. Pulag Akiki first camp. Hihihi! Yes, finally, I’m on my way to the summit of the second highest mountain in the country located in my very own province, Benguet.

A little flashback though.

The group met at Victory Cubao last night. Due to the lack of seats for the 11 PM trip, one group had to take the 10 PM trip. The 11 PM batch arrived in Baguio at 4:45 AM. After repacking and regrouping, we already boarded the jeep that would bring us to Mt. Pulag jump off. We were also met by Sir Bong, our guide. By 5:40 AM, we were already on our way. The route is via Ambuklao. This is new info to me (shame on me hihihi). At 7:25 AM, we stopped by Jang jang Eatery (Bangao, Ambuklao Bokod Benguet) for a quick breakfast. Some of us also bought our packed lunch here. After an hour, we resumed our trip. By 8:45, we were already at DENR. We had to drop by here for registration, a video presentation about the do’s and don’ts in the mountain and some orientation. Some of us also shopped for shirts (they don’t have my size so I did not buy any sniff). By 10:30 AM, we resumed our trip so that by 12 noon, we were already at the Akiki jump off. Here, we were met by our porters. We lack I guess 1 or 2 porters so some of the groups had to redistribute their loads. Our group only had 2 porters, 1 of which to be shared by the 4 of us, the other by our 2 group members. After all the registration, repacking, lunch break and a little stretching, it’s now time to hit the trail.

Our group was the sweeper so we should be the last in the trail. While others left a little after 1, our group started at 1:55 PM. The trail was not hard actually. It’s a combination of steep and rolling hills. It was not as challenging as Mt. Tarak. Along the way, our group disbanded since some of us had faster pacing. By 3:50 PM, I and another group mate reached Edette River (along with other groups). After approximately 30 minutes, we were all in the campsite. It was time to set up our tents and prepare for dinner. It was a challenge for our group to organize what foods to bring so prior to this climb, the group just decided that each one bring his/her own food and we’ll just share. It worked for us. I’m so glad. And Goldilocks is our savior hihihi!

By 7:30 PM, I’m already getting ready to sleep hehehe. Early? Hey, it says in our IT that it’s lights out by 8 PM and it’s for strict compliance so I’m just following rules teehee. Besides, I’m worn out more because of the long trip from Manila rather than the 2 hour trek.

I just can’t stop myself from documenting this early so here it is. Tomorrow is a long day so good night world! And good luck to us all. I’m praying for a safe journey until we’re back in our own little worlds.

Mt. Pulag IT

Lapit na! Am so excited! Hihihi! 🙂

Mt. Pulag Climb
Akiki-Ambangeg Trail
Kabayan, Benguet
October 17- 20, 2008

DAY 1 – OCT 17, 2008 Friday
2200 – Assembly Victory Terminal
2300 – ETD Cubao to Baguio City

DAY 2 – Oct 18, 2008 Saturday
0500 – ETA Baguio City (Breakfast)
0600 – Departure Baguio to Akiki trail via hired Jeep
1200 – Akiki Jump Off
1300 – ETA (Briefing and Registration/guide/porter)
1330 – Resume trek. Steep trail.
1630 – ETA Edette River. Set up Camp and cook dinner. First and last water source.
1700 – Early dinner
1800 – Prepare/cook breakfast and pack lunch for the ff day (optional)
2000 – Lights Out (for strict compliance)

DAY 3 Oct 19, 2008 Sunday
0400 – Wake up call. Prepare breakfast.
0430 – Breakfast.
0530 – Break camp.
0630 – Start trek.
0900 – Cow Country.
1100 – Marlboro country. Helipad. Take early packed lunch.
1300 – Mossy forest.
1430 – End of forest line (2600 MASL); Reach Grassland.
1600 – Saddle campsite. Set up camp. Prepare dinner.
1730 – Assault to summit. Sunset. (Optional)

DAY 4 – Oct 20, 2008 Monday
0400 – Wake up call. Assault to summit.
0430 – ETA Summit / Graduation
0600 – Descend from Summit
0700 – Breakfast
0800 – Break camp
0900 – Start trek to Ambangeg Ranger Station Via Summit or Camp 2.
1000 – Camp 2. Water Source.
1100 – Ranger station. Take early lunch.
1200 – Resume trek. 10K trek.
1300 – ETA At DENR-PAO; tidy up and log out.
1400 – ETD Amangueg to Baguio City
1700 – ETA Baguio City. Buy return tickets. Dinner.
1900 – Head back to Manila

Mt. Cristobal Training Climb

Ooppss, I almost forgot about this.

We had our first major training climb at Mt. Cristobal last October 4-5, 2008. We were around 20 in the group. Urrrggghh! I can’t remember all the details anymore huhu. Here are some:

  • This time, our food was not centralized. Finally! Hehehe. We were divided into smaller groups and each group was responsible for their own food and whatever. For the previous climbs, we always had centralized food so there were always problems on load assignment, etc. etc.
  • The campsite is not at the summit. You’ll pass by the summit, and then you need to go down to the campsite.
  • There are no indications of the summit. If you reach the part where you’ll be “romancing with the boulder” (term ni Troy :p), then that’s it. But you won’t really have time to appreciate the summit because you’re more focused on the challenge of how you’ll cross the boulder hehehe. As in mag-isa ko nung nadito ako sa part na ‘to. And being short-legged, di ko maabot ung other side na safe nang apakan. I had to remove my bag first then cross.
  • The trek started with a road until we reached Boy Motelibano’s place. After that, it was mostly assault until the summit. It was forested so even though it was hot at times, the path is shaded by trees. Personally, it was not a hard trek. Mt. Tarak was harder for me.
  • Along the way, we planted the Narra that we were supposed to plant last August. We had to plant 5 each. Hopefully those trees will survive. 🙂
  • It rained a bit on Saturday but it was tolerable. It also rained on Sunday. This time, it was stronger. Fortunately for some of us, we reached our destinations before the strong rains poured hehe.
  • We had to be quieter on this climb. Mt. Cristobal is said to be the dark mountain so we had to restrain our boisterous selves just to be on the safe side hehehe. I think it was also only on this climb that we prayed as a group hahaha. But we should really do that in all of our climbs.
  • It was nice to be bonding with old acquaintances and getting to know them better.
  • Our group (minus 1 member whom we lost to another group along the trail wahahaha) reached the campsite first. Well, there were two others actually (the guide and 1 other from another group) but we were the first group hehehe.
  • There were rats in the area iwww hahaha.

Hmm..wala na akong matandaan hehe. Yan na lang muna. See previous post for our IT.

Mt.Cristobal IT

When: October 4-5, 2008
Where: Mt. Cristobal

Day 1
8:00: Assembly OSMA
9:00: ETD MLA
12:00: ETA Jump off before Kinabuhayan. Start trek
13:00: ETD Boy Montelibano Rest House – Lunch
14:00: Start Ascent (Plant Trees on the trail with in the National park)
18:00: Summit / Crater cook dinner
19:00: Dinner
20:00: Socials
0:00: Lights out

Day 2
5:00: Wake up call
6:00: Breakfast
7:00: Break camp
7:30: ETD from Campsite – PUSH IT
12:00: ETA Boy Montelibano Rest House
13:00: ETA Jump off
13:30: ETA Bato Resort + Lunch + Tampisaw
16:00: ETD for Manila
19:30: ETA Manila

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