Mt. Cristobal Training Climb

Ooppss, I almost forgot about this.

We had our first major training climb at Mt. Cristobal last October 4-5, 2008. We were around 20 in the group. Urrrggghh! I can’t remember all the details anymore huhu. Here are some:

  • This time, our food was not centralized. Finally! Hehehe. We were divided into smaller groups and each group was responsible for their own food and whatever. For the previous climbs, we always had centralized food so there were always problems on load assignment, etc. etc.
  • The campsite is not at the summit. You’ll pass by the summit, and then you need to go down to the campsite.
  • There are no indications of the summit. If you reach the part where you’ll be “romancing with the boulder” (term ni Troy :p), then that’s it. But you won’t really have time to appreciate the summit because you’re more focused on the challenge of how you’ll cross the boulder hehehe. As in mag-isa ko nung nadito ako sa part na ‘to. And being short-legged, di ko maabot ung other side na safe nang apakan. I had to remove my bag first then cross.
  • The trek started with a road until we reached Boy Motelibano’s place. After that, it was mostly assault until the summit. It was forested so even though it was hot at times, the path is shaded by trees. Personally, it was not a hard trek. Mt. Tarak was harder for me.
  • Along the way, we planted the Narra that we were supposed to plant last August. We had to plant 5 each. Hopefully those trees will survive. 🙂
  • It rained a bit on Saturday but it was tolerable. It also rained on Sunday. This time, it was stronger. Fortunately for some of us, we reached our destinations before the strong rains poured hehe.
  • We had to be quieter on this climb. Mt. Cristobal is said to be the dark mountain so we had to restrain our boisterous selves just to be on the safe side hehehe. I think it was also only on this climb that we prayed as a group hahaha. But we should really do that in all of our climbs.
  • It was nice to be bonding with old acquaintances and getting to know them better.
  • Our group (minus 1 member whom we lost to another group along the trail wahahaha) reached the campsite first. Well, there were two others actually (the guide and 1 other from another group) but we were the first group hehehe.
  • There were rats in the area iwww hahaha.

Hmm..wala na akong matandaan hehe. Yan na lang muna. See previous post for our IT.

Mt.Cristobal IT

When: October 4-5, 2008
Where: Mt. Cristobal

Day 1
8:00: Assembly OSMA
9:00: ETD MLA
12:00: ETA Jump off before Kinabuhayan. Start trek
13:00: ETD Boy Montelibano Rest House – Lunch
14:00: Start Ascent (Plant Trees on the trail with in the National park)
18:00: Summit / Crater cook dinner
19:00: Dinner
20:00: Socials
0:00: Lights out

Day 2
5:00: Wake up call
6:00: Breakfast
7:00: Break camp
7:30: ETD from Campsite – PUSH IT
12:00: ETA Boy Montelibano Rest House
13:00: ETA Jump off
13:30: ETA Bato Resort + Lunch + Tampisaw
16:00: ETD for Manila
19:30: ETA Manila

Mga Kwentong Mt. Tarak

Mamang driver, ang gas!
Si Manong driver naman kasi nakikipagkwentuhan pa sa kung sino sa daan at tuwing nagkukuweto, nakakalimutan ding apakan ang gas. Timang! Ultimo yung nakaupong natutulog sa gilid ng kalsada binusinahan pa para lang magising. (from previous post)

Sabi ni R, gustung-gusto na raw nyang ishake yung driver at iremind na apakan man lang yung gas habang nagkukuwento hahaha.

Malapit na lang….
Mountaineer (M) 1: Pwede bang magtake 5?
M2: Malapit na tayo sa Papaya River. Ituloy na natin.
After 15 minutes of trekking, di pa naming nararating ang mahiwagang Papaya River hehe.
M3: Asan na ang malapit na Papaya River?!

Aux 1
Usapan namin, Socials by 8 PM. Around 10 PM, lumabas si R ng tent, nanggigising. Time for socials daw. Walang ibang lumabas. Ako gising naman. Deadma lang. malamig eh wahaha.

After an hour siguro, si J naman lumabas ng tent. “Gising na ba kayo?” Walang sumasagot. Ako tuloy lang sa pagmumuni-muni. After sometime, bumalik na rin sya sa tent nya hahaha.

The sweetest kiss of all ahihi
J: Aray! Aray! Aray! (Malakas na sigaw, sabay pitik ng langgam na nangangagat sa kanya)
R: (Todo tawa habang hawak-hawak ang ulo. Nang mahimasmasan) Langya pare sumakit ulo ko sa ‘yo. Nablock yung oxygen na papunta sa ulo ko kakatawa.
M: Asan ang camera? Asan ang camera?! (Para icapture ang moment ahihi. Sa pagkakatanda ko may nacapture ako. Di ko lang makita sa shared pictures. J, san na nga ba yun? Hehe.)

‘Charon ‘charon ‘charon
Habang kami ay masayang nagkukuwentuhan ni R sa bus, binulabog kami ng mga nagtitinda pagdating sa stopover. Deadma lang kami nung una kasi dumadaan-daan lang sila sa aisle ng bus.

Ang isang tindero, napagod na ata sa kakalakad so naisipang tumigil muna. Huminto sya sa pagitan namin ni R (magkatapat kami ng upuan), isinabit ang paninda sa may hawakan, sabay sigaw ng “’charon ‘charon ‘charon kayo dyan. Bili na kayo ng ‘charon pasalubong!

Para kaming pinaglaro ni manong ng peek-a-boo dahil sa pagkakaharang nya sa amin wahahaha. Nung magkakitaan, tawa na lang kami ng pigil. Hahaha!

Words during the climb:
The audacity of this flamboyant pakiderm (pakihanap na lang sa dictionary ang meaning!)

Buffuer, threshold, push it, move it, hugot hininga, 5th wheel, tukod mukha, kudkod puwet

Day 2: Kudkod Puwet!

We woke up at around 5 AM to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, we did not see it because it was still cloudy. After a round of hot chocolate to warm us up, we started preparing for breakfast. By 8 AM, we were already breaking camp. After breakfast, we went to the summit. The scenery was more beautiful. It was a complete view of the earth and sky. It was still windy. We saw the movements of the wind in the nearby grassland. One particular movement that amazed us was like that of the ripple effect in the water. For me, it was witnessing one of nature’s magic. In between breakfast, break camp and before descend, we had our photo ops of our dare devil stints hehe.

By 8:30 AM, we were already on our way down. Since it was steep going down, tendency would be for us to use our butts for added support hehe. By 9:45 AM, we were already at the Papaya River. Swimming, rest, lunch and duyan time! We stayed here until 12:30 PM. When we were about to leave, dumating sina pogi. Wala lang hehehe.

So as not to prolong the agony of feeling the pain of our tired muscles, we tried to walk faster and even jog/run in some of the easier trails. We dropped by Nanay’s place and treated ourselves to Buko Juice. While resting, we were discussing about work wehehe. Nasa bundok pa rin, work na ang topic? Huwell.

By 3:30 PM, we were back at Brgy. Alas-asin. Wash-up time. We also dropped by the same carenderia where we ate the day before for an early dinner and post climb meeting. By 5:30 PM, we were already on board the bus bound for Manila. In the bus, we had the chance to get to know R better. Nakuwentuhan nya kasi kaming kanyang work experience with matching personal details on the side hehe. By 8:30 PM, we’re back to reality.

Overall, it was a wonderful climb. Though there were only 5 of us, we still had fun fun fun! It was easier to manage. Maybe, this is the reason why we were able to follow most of what’s in our itinerary.

Command of the day: Move it! Move it!

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