Team MyRo’s New Toy

I bought a new toy in the form of a laptop. It was an unscheduled expense but it is I think the best option at the moment.

My niece needs to go home-based as it is the best setup for them (siblings) after losing their mom. We checked the prices and her limited budget can only buy a laptop with lower specifications. While it was fine, I was not comfortable about it because I tried using similar laptops and I wanted to throw it every time haha. I talked with the husband if I can just donate my current laptop to my niece (instead of selling it to her at bargain price) and we buy a new one so that we can at least choose one with decent specifications. And he agreed, thank God. But it means, I owe our bank account some moolah too haha.

And so the purchase of a new laptop. It’s just ironic that I was bent on buying either ASUS or HP but not Lenovo but ended up buying Lenovo haha. No offense to Lenovo. It’s just that my old laptop was Lenovo and most of the laptops issued to me in my previous work were also Lenovo so I wanted to try other brands. But it was Lenovo that met the specifications I was looking for haha. Oh well.

I also bought a subscription for Microsoft Office Personal that is good for 1 year. There’s a lifetime subscription but it only has Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I think I need Outlook in the meantime that’s why I went for Personal. If I don’t use Outlook in the next 12 months, then I can just switch to the lifetime subscription. Since I plan to go freelance, I want licensed applications to be installed in my laptop just to be safe hehe.

I think I’m good with all the applications I installed. The laptop is truly ready for use.


↑Hello again, Lenovo. The RAM was only 4GB so I added 8GB. No regrets! I’m loving the speed! I can feel the difference with my old laptop that has 4GB RAM hehe.


↑Team MyRo’s new toy 🙂


↑My subscription for the next 12 months.

Hello Blog (Again) | Losses

Yes. Hello again, blog. I thought I was back on track the last time I posted in February, but apparently, not. Life happened.

We had several losses this year. 3 from my side of the family and 2 from my husband’s side. Parang peste daw ng tao sabi ng asawa ko.

Last May, our grandmother (our mother’s mother) passed away after enjoying 94 years on earth. All of us siblings went home on different schedules to our mother’s place for the wake and burial.

A week after our grandmother’s burial, we found out our eldest sister was very sick. The plan was just to have her checked. But we haven’t even sat down for 2 minutes and the doctor immediately advised us to have her confined. It was a difficult time for us, and most especially for my sister. We were all shocked when the doctor told us it could be Leukemia. How did that happen? Why? Why her?

During her first confinement, she needed to undergo blood transfusion because all blood-related statistics are low. One was even zero. What the heck. We needed 7 bags of O+.  Her daughter who she has the same blood type was still overseas, and was only scheduled to come home July or August. The rest of us siblings are mostly B+.

Those 7 bags were hard to produce and find. There is scarcity of blood. For real. We were able to get 1 bag from the hospital and then from Red Cross Baguio but Red Cross Baguio did not have enough. My cousins and siblings went as far as Red Cross La Union and Pangasinan. I even asked them to be ready to go to as far as Tarlac and Pampanga if needed. We had no contacts. We just took the chance. Luckily, we got one bag each from both La Union and Pangasinan. La Union did not want to give us at first, but they took pity because my cousins traveled all the way from Baguio. We got an endorsement from Red Cross La Trinidad for 1 bag in Pangasinan that’s why we were able to get one there.

The following days, we would go around all the hospitals in Baguio to check if they have extras. Of course, everything is reserved for their patients. Twice a day, one of us would visit Red Cross Baguio and La Trinidad in the hopes that they will give in haha. We got lucky because one weekend, there was a blood donation campaign by Red Cross Baguio.

The doctor advised my sister to undergo bone marrow aspiration because after completing the 7 bags of blood and other medications, her statistics have only improved a little. We encouraged my sister to do it. We brought the specimen at National Kidney and Transplant Institute.

When the results came back, it was confirmed. Acute Myeloid Leukemia. AML. She had to undergo chemotherapy if she wanted to. We encouraged her to take the chance. And so she did. It breaks the heart seeing her in pain and all the side effects of chemo. She started losing hair right after her first cycle. We were optimistic though. Unfortunately, she lost the battle exactly 4 moths from her first hospitalization. The culprit? Sepsis. Infection. Due to low immune system, she had infection. Her AML journey: May 16 – September 16, 2019. We lost her 2 months before her 52nd birthday.

Backstory: both my nieces (my sister’s daughters) got pregnant at early ages. Both have no partners. My sister became a grandma when she was not even 50 years old. At the time those happened, I was a bit sad because they were too young to be single mothers. I got my answer as to why those happened. My sister helped took care of her grand kids. They were her joy. And now, I’m glad that she was able to experience being a grandma. I am more at peace now.

Six days after our sister died, another cousin died. Our father and this cousin’s father are brothers.

A week after this cousin died, husband’s nephew died.

But wait, there’s more. Not even 2 weeks since the nephew died, his uncle died.

Hay life. So unpredictable. Rest in peace na lang sa inyo and please be our angels.

So there. We spent our first year of marriage dealing with health issues and deaths hehe.

And no, we are not yet pregnant. But I’m fine with it. If I were pregnant while all of these were happening, I know I would not be in my best mood. I would be mostly stressed and that will not be healthy for me and the baby and for hubby too hehe. So, trusting the Lord’s perfect timing on the pregnancy department. Besides, I am still a palamunin hehehe. Haven’t gotten to applying for jobs because of all the hanash the past months. So, Lord, job na lang po muna then baby keri na hehe.

I missed blogging so hopefully, I am truly back this time. Hehe.

But for now, I need to check my FarmVille hahaha!

Hello Blog | Life Updates

Well yes, hello blog. And no, I did not abandon you. It’s just that life happened since I last posted. No, I was not busy all the time. There were just a lot of things to do and to think of and to decide on and all those thinking were really exhausting even without lifting a finger hehe.

And hey! Hello people! Happy new year! And happy Chinese New Year in a few days hehehehe.

Anyway, on to life updates:

  • Most of the second half of 2018 was all about wedding preparation. While it was a simple wedding, there were still a lot of things to do. Bakit ganon? Hahahahaha!
  • And so yes, we got married last December 28, 2018. Inulan kami ng slight so mas lalong nashorten yung already short reception program hahahaha. Which is I think good because after that, I had time to mingle with people especially with few Manila friends who made it to Baguio.
  • When mid-October rolled in, I submitted my resignation letter effective January 1, 2019. Yes, I need 2 months notice, and yes, inagahanan ko ng 2 weeks pa so that I can already start transitioning. Ganon pala ang feeling. Nangangamoy freedom! Hehehehe. It was my first time to resign. Masyado akong loyal hehe. I was offered an option but I declined. I am just happy that the new boss wants me to reconsider. It was a boost in my confidence because maybe he still saw a potential in me given his standards. But I thought then and until now that it’s time for another adventure.
  • And given that, I am going back home to Baguio because that’s where most of the family is and that’s where I want to start raising our own family. Sabi nga kasi nila, you need a village to raise a child. And yes, hopeful ako that the hubby (hindi pa rin ako sanay na may tinatawag na akong hubby shocks hahahaha) and I will be blessed with kids by God’s grace.
  • Career-wise, I’d like to go the freelance route. Hopefully, I’ll be successful. I’m taking it one step at a time.
  • January went by quickly bakit ganon?! The only relevant thing I remember is our short vacation. And then here I am packing my stuff to be brought back home. Na until now pinoproblema ko pa rin paano ko iuuwi dahil hindi na pala bumibiyahe yung asawa ng pinsan ko. Pero may mahahanap pa ako for sure hehe.

So yes, spending the past 2 weeks in Manila packing my things. I need to vacate by February 7, 2019. Actually, hindi naman matagal ipack ang mga things ko. Ninanamnam ko lang talaga yung natitirang araw ko dito sa apartment because after this, wala nang balikan. Goodbye for real na talaga. Of course I am excited for my new adventures but I can’t help but feel slightly melancholic about it kasi naman almost 10 years din ako sa apartment na ito hehe.

So, that’s it. Not yet sure when I’ll be back to regular programming because after this packing business, I will also be unpacking and fixing everything in Baguio. So good luck sa amin hahahaha!

Happy weekend! And oh, mga itsura namin on our wedding day. Unofficial photo. Di ko pa nakukuha yung copies from photographer. And I am so thankful to my makeup artist. Iba ang magic nya hahahaha!

Happy Birthday To Us! (2018 Edition)

Birthday 2018 Edition

As always, I was on leave on my birthday so I went home to Baguio on the night of March 22.

Most parts of Baguio had a scheduled brownout on my birthday! The sad thing was that, I was not able to charge my phones before the brownout which started around 7:30 AM! The sadder thing was that it extended to 2 days and 1 night, instead of the original schedule which was just whole day of Friday. Nakakaloka ang walang charged phone hahahahaha. I think I can live with it naman. Medyo wrong timing lang because I had plans over the weekend and of course we rely on our phones these days for faster communication.

Anyway, going back.

Afternoon of March 23 was pamper myself hours. After that, I went to Starbucks to do some work, and charge my phones while waiting for the BF.

We went to Forest House as always, because of our free birthday cake hahahaha! It was a joint birthday celebration bilang March 23 ako and March 24 sya. It was just a quick dinner and we went home after. It’s a little frustrating because we cannot take too many pictures because we were both conserving our batteries. But other than that, it was still a good night of celebration.

We’ll see where we’ll be next year. Gosh, first birthday celebration na namin yun bilang mag-asawa nyahahaha!


RM1 (03232018)

↑Dinner is served!


↑Our 2018 birthday cake courtesy of Forest House. I asked the staff to put the year hehe. Here’s last year’s cake.

RM3 (03232018)

↑Me with our cake.

RM4 (03232018)

↑BF with our cake. This time, he opted to use his real name.

RM2 (03232018)

↑Us with our cake. Guys, may take out naman kami. Di namin nasimot orders namin :p.

LetsDrinkToThat (03232018)

↑Cheers to another year! Let’s drink to that!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with another year to enjoy Your gift of life. We are forever grateful!

P.S. Napasearch ako sa 2016 pictures namin. Ang awkward pa namin noon since less than a year pa lang kami and I was not really openly posting about us then. But for documentation purposes, I’ll post some of our 2016 pictures too! Hahahaha.

Forest House

Address: Loakan Rd, Camp John Hay, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Phone: (074) 447 0459

Conversation With The Teenager

Sometime last my niece messaged me.



Translated some:

V: Tita, you’ll be my ninang on my Confirmation on April 8.

Me: OMG confirmation mo na? Ang tanda mo na talaga

V: Grabe ka…I’m only 14. Tell me that I’m old when I’m already 40.

Me: Ay matanda na sa ‘yo ang 40? Hahaha! Grabe ka 40 na kaya ako next year hmp!

Ayun, balik sa akin ang pang-aasar ko sa age nya hahahahahaha.

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