Going Around Baguio: Day 2

Day 1: April 28, 2017

Lakwatsa date: April 29, 2017

Today is not all touristy stuff. My tita, cousin and I met to go visit an ailing aunt.

Pit stops for the day:

*** Breakfast at Jack’s Mabini. Aside from Good Taste, we also love to dine at Jack’s for its affordable but flavorful meals. They have several branches in Baguio, one even along Session Road where we ate last month during the food trip with the nieces, but my tita wants the one in Mabini because they have bbq chicken which is not available in other branches.

*** Pacdal to visit aunt. Unfortunately, we did not know that yesterday was her scheduled dialysis so she was not at home.

*** Dropped by SM because my tita wants to check out those flowers on display. I went inside to use the restroom. However, I learned that there is an additional 10% discount when you pay or at least on line, about to pay on or before 12 noon.

Naloka ako! Nagmadali kong hinanap yung gustung-gusto kong lunch bag. It has 10% discount, plus another 10%! And then I found out that it has a lunch box, bottled water and spoon and fork pala when you buy it. Kaya pala ganon kamahal – Phhp 950.00. Nung una ko kasing nakita, akala ko, yung bag lang so sobra talaga syang mahal.

I walked around first pero binalikan ko kasi gusto ko talaga sya eh. The final amount  I paid after the discount was Php 688.5. If you remove the price of the lunch box and water bottle, below Php 500.00 na ang lunch bag alone, which is similar to the other bags I saw but didn’t like hihi.

Lock and Lock Lunch bag

*** Dropped by Porta Vaga to go to Assi Mart, a Korean grocery. My tita buys her tea there. I bought 1 box too. I also saw a cheese flavored ramen hehehe. I bought one so I can try it. Mahal lang. Php 65.00.

Korean tea

Ramen with Cheese! Update: I had this for lunch on Sunday and I made the mistake of putting all the sauce in the noodles. It was so spicy for my liking. I let it cool first before eating.

*** Went to Orchidarium again because my tita wants to check out the cactus. And fortunately for her, she was able to buy 1 bulb of Stargazer for only Php 100.00. It was a bargain because the shop got it from a plant whose stem broke during delivery. The other shop sells 1 bulb for Php 200.00.

*** Went to Good Taste for late lunch. Winner talaga ang lechon beans nila! And the cucumber lemonade.

*** We passed by one side of Burnham Park to look for strawberry taho. Waley. Baka sa umaga lang sila don at cooking time sa hapon hahahaha.

*** End of bulakbol with them. I went to Marbay to pick up the blouses I had altered yesterday. Hirap ng unproportional body. Doble gastos hahaha.

Going Around Baguio: Day 1

Lakwatsa date: April 28, 2017

My friend and I did some touristy stuff, mainly food trip, around Baguio. Our initial target was those away from the city but we were not ready with a list and it was already lunch time when we met in town so we just chose random restaurants and cafes.

Our pit stops:

*** Sizzling Plate for lunch

Fillet Mignon – between Php 230.00-250.00. We also ordered the Php 25.00 sansrival, but not in the picture.

*** Orchidarium near Burnham Park to check out all the beautiful flowers! I’m excited to start my own flower, herb and bonsai garden hehehe. No pictures as we were busy admiring and trying to name the flowers. Plus, some shops don’t allow picture taking or they do but with a Php 10.00 fee.

*** Camp John Hay. We wanted something cold and then we remembered John Hay so off to John Hay we went.

*** Checked out the overruns shops but we still find the items expensive and not really sure if overruns or class A.

*** Stopped by Little John for snacks.

Fresh mango and strawberry fruit shakes and potato wedges with bacon bits.

*** We were craving for some cakes so we walked up one of the hilly parts to look for Ayala Techno hub.

Enjoying the breezy climate while walking the challenging steps going up hehehe. Hingal much.

Trying to capture the sunset. And I didn’t notice the moon was also up there!

End of life. This may be a typhoon casualty.

*** Everything Nice at Ayala Techno hub

Carrot cake and Italian cheesecake. Prices around Php 90.00 to 110.00.

*** We also saw Pizza Volante still at Ayala Techno hub and can’t resist their pizza!

Both vegetarian pizza. Less than Php 100.00 for solo (6 inches).

*** Last for the night was Cafe by the Ruins Dua near the Victory Liner FVR terminal.

Bounty salad. We loved everything except the watercress because of the slight bitter taste. I still want my watercress sauteed in garlic.

Let me just add the cucumber lemonade we had at Good Taste today. I love the taste. However, I learned from one of servers that it’s a powdered juice. Still artificial pala. But it’s refreshing still!

Cucumber lemonade

Until our next food trip hehehe. Next time, we’ll really target the once we haven’t tried yet.

Pinto Art Museum: Interesting Pieces Part 2

Part 1

Another picture-heavy post.


Look! Silkscreen ba ang tawag dyan? Tapos thread lang yung pinanggawa sa face!


Very blue chair. Nice pop of color.


You need to turn the one at the center and then those images appear. When stopped, it’s just all mirrors. Aliw ‘no?


This is entitled Baguio. Close to my heart. And it made me miss home more now! And made me wish that one of the winodws in my home was designed that way. Sayang hehehe. Gusto ko umuwi this weekend!!!!


Brain chair. Parang weird upuan no? Hehehe.


Eto di ko maintindihan. Male and female chest sya na may tao sa loob. Confused ba sya? Pardon the ignorance.


There was a small room in one of the galleries with female figurines exchanging stories, like my mowdel friends hehehe. No, I asked them to pretend hehehe.


Uses thread and textile cloth. How do they do that?!


Another one that uses thread and textile cloth.


For adults only.


At the forest. The water drops from the stone and creates a ripple at the basin and the reflection is reflected beautifully around the room.


Nice artwork outside.


Close up.


“Take your time.” Ok, noted.




Apo Wang-od, the famous Tattoo lady from Kalinga.


Bulol. There was a phone in question. Why are most of the bulols in a sitting position? My answer, but I’m not really sure though. In the olden times, our Igorort ancestors use super low stools to sit on. No sofas and no dining tables. The food is served on the floor and they eat sitting down (with or without those low stools actually). And so that’s the reason why I think most bulols are in a sitting position. And this reminds me, my lola has this! I want to ask one of those. Hopefully they still have one! Btw, we call them bangkito. From bulol to bangkito. Anong connect? Hehehe.


Pool shaped in number 8.




And lastly, this beautiful flower kissed by the rain. Pretty, right?

Pinto Art Museum: Interesting Pieces Part 1

Picture-heavy post.

Last July 31, I and some friends visited Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. I have written here how we got to the place. I would just like to share some of the pieces that caught my attention. Just read through the caption of the photos.


One area of the museum


Sya daw si Ariadne. Art by Jerson Samsom using epoxy resin.


Sisyphus, arty by Salvador Joel Alonday, using stoneware and wrought iron


Narcissus, art by Salvador Joel Alonday, using epoxy resin


Blue lady. I can’t find the description.


Gaia by Daniel Delacruz using stainless steel.


Big painting in one of the galleries. I patiently waited to get a shot without people.


Another big painting


Need a ride? 🙂 I remember when we were kids and see this type of car, we would lightly slap other and say “Pendong” hehehe.


Look closely at this painting. See the embossed part? Don’t be deceived. That is just flat in real life. How cool is that?


Mr. Biker. I forgot to take a picture of the caption.


Swing, made of wire. Grabe sa pagkatalented kung sinuman ang gumawa nito. Sa dami ng tao, nakakalimutan ko na kunan ng picture ang mga descriptions.


Another art piece made of wire. Again, I waited until I could get a shot without people. When I was a kid, I remember that we had Benefit Dance in our barangay. Uso ata ito noon I think during the 80s and early 90s. It was mostly attended by teenagers. It was a way to raise funds for the Mr. and Ms. candidate. When I was a teenager, I can’t remember if we still had those. I don’t remember attending one either. Di payag si mudra hehehe. Keri lang.


Hehehe. Kulit lang nung line.


Beautiful artwork. I love the colors.







The main piece is a wheelchair which the artist turned into this. The sides which one can lean are made of pencils. How creative.


And I leave you with this for part 1. Akalain nyong maiisipan ng ibang tao ang ganito hehehe.

Pasyal Japan: Wrapping Up

Day 1 Part 1 | Day 1 Par 2 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Expenses

IMG_2676I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m glad and thankful that this trip pushed through despite my friend and I’s hesitation around 2 weeks prior this trip. I came back inspired and  more hopeful for my own country, which is also timely because we have newly elected government officials.

Here are some things that amazed me during our trip:

  • Their transport system is so efficient. There’s no fear in getting lost because for sure, you’ll be able to find your way back because all train lines are connected at some point.
  • Their urban planners are good. Aerial view pa lang, maayos na ang pagkakalatag.
  • A friend who worked in Japan before said that the Japanese are hard workers. I have witnessed that personally. They do their work with pride, passion and ensuring that they deliver with quality. Even with the train cleaners, I did not sense any feeling of “ay train cleaner lang ako”.
  • They are disciplined. Imagine Shibuya crossing. It’s a big intersection but there are no overpasses because everyone just follow the traffic rules. I only saw overpasses in highways. They alight and board only at bus stops. The buses stop only at bus stops. There are seats designated for elders and no one seats there unless s/he’s an elder. One time we did not notice the signage and an elder was strangely looking at us. We realized maybe it was because we were seated at their allotted seat! We stood up right away just to be sure hehe. Buti na lang malapit na kami sa bus stop. Sana ganito rin sa Pinas.
  • They take advantage of technology for efficiency.
  • Their attention to the tiniest detail is impressive. Signage in every possible place, baskets where you can place your bags in restaurants, plate especially designed for buffet where it is compartmentalized into small bowls so that food won’t mix up, and the list goes on and on and on.
  • Their toilets with all those buttons! I want one of those for my own toilet! Heated seat please!
  • Their parks are really huge and well maintained. Summer na don but all plants are vibrant green pa rin!

I would still like to go back to Japan and experience the other seasons naman. If maganda ngayong summer, I’m sure mas maganda pa sa ibang seasons.

This ends my Japan series of stories. Hope to have another series about Japan in the coming years or even decades if that’s how long it will take me to save up for another Japan trip hehe.

Thank you, Father God, especially for your generous provisions for this trip. I am forever grateful.

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