2016 Week 39 Recap: Bug Fixing and Some Family Time

September 26 – October 2, 2016


Since we discovered an issue in one of the systems last week, we had to deploy the fix right away on Monday. It was more peaceful the next days but we had to close the loop for all submitted issues since last week. We will also be working at the enhancements in the next 3 weeks which would hopefully reduce issues by then.

We also had a team dinner at Buffet 101 last Thursday to celebrate successes. Dahil sangkatutak na sakit sa ulo at dibdib ang idinulot sa akin nung isang system, ikinain ko na lang lahat lahat lahat hehehe. Busog lusog after that dinner hahaha. Di na ako makapag-isip at gusto ko na lang matulog hahaha.

I also had a call with my boss’ boss in the US. I’m working with him in one of his projects and he needs help with another project. Now that the big project that I’m handling has officially closed, I’m excited about this new project even though what I’m needed for right now just for one piece of the project.

Because of what happened last Sunday, I requested (or more of informed) the boss that I’ll be working from home. Ayaw kong pumasok, plus one of the deployment activities started at 11 AM so medyo nagtuloy-tuloy na until alanganin na yung oras ng pagpasok. I took a break and went to Megamall to destress a bit (oo, masama pa rin loob ko noon hehehe). Then, naalala ko yung post ni Edel about choco cro dahil nakita ko yung St. Marc Cafe sa Fashion Mall. So since madali akong maconvince pagdating sa food, dumaan din ako don at bumili hehehe. Masarap silang kasama sa kape and in fairness, nakakabusog. Naging breakfast ko for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The one with a yellow wrapper is the banana walnut choco cro while the one in orange is the plain choco cor. Both yummy!

The one with a yellow wrapper is the banana walnut choco cro while the one in orange is the plain choco cor. Both yummy!


I finally was able to go home to Baguio!!!!! I did not book tickets in advance and I restricted myself from feeling excited too much in case I get disappointed again hahaha. But, thank God, finally, the coast is clear and I was able to go home!

Let me just say na ako ang hindi ready sa shortened travel time to Baguio. Joy Bus took TPLEX I think, which cut the trip to just 4 hours. Tulog na tulog pa ako pagdating sa terminal at kailangan pa akong gisingin at antok na antok pa ako while walking along Session Road hahaha.

Anyway, my first stop was, as always, Vizco’s hehe. I had this for breakfast. Baked rice. It had me at “topped with cheese” hahaha. And of course, their strawberry shortcake. Walang palya.

Baked rice. It may look plain but it is yummy.

Baked rice. It may look plain but it is yummy.

After breakfast, I went to MOFAMCO to deposit a small amount, and to get my ID sana pero nakuha na pala ng kuya ko nung May pa. Di rin naman ako inupdate kaloka.

Next stop was the black market to buy Victoria’s Secret body mist. Mas mura pa kasi don kesa mall price. Php 380 per bottle. But the new packaging is more expensive now. Php 500! Not sure why but it looks like same contents and formulation lang naman. Anyway, naghoard na ako ng 2 haha. Isa lang dapat dahil akala ko wala na akong mabibiling Strawberries and Champagne. Paglipat ko sa next stall, meron sa kanila amp! Binili ko na rin hahaha.

I went to the grocery to buy Huggies diapers for new born. Pasalubong ko don sa new baby ng friend ko hehehehe.

While on my way to the grocery pala, saktong may parade ng Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I watched because I thought nandon mga pamangkin ko. Di naman kasi nagreply agad yung kapatid ko. Sisigawan ko sana yung pamangkin ko pag nakita ko eh hehehehe. Kahit ako lang ang gagawa non if ever hahaha. Kaso di naman pala nag-attend hmp!

On Sunday, it was family time. Nagrequest ang kuya kong maglunch daw kami. So go. Here’s a breakdown kasi saktong itong day na ito ung bullet your day sa 30 Day blog challenge ko.

Lunch kami sa Good Taste then halo halo for dessert sa Betty’s Kitchen hehehe. Di naman kami matakaw. Gusto lang namin magspend ng mas matagal with each other. Nagpapalusot lang ako. Matakaw talaga kami  😛  😀 .


Our bunso and my pretty niece.


The gang less bunso. Taga kuha ng picture. Mga gutom yung mga ayaw lumingon hahaha!


Some of us while waiting for our halo-halo. The little boy is still warming up to tita hehehe.

Good Taste again?! Yes. Mura kasi hahaha. Syempre ayaw ko naman maging luhaan masyado ang wallet ko. Humihirit pa yung kapatid ko ng Starbucks pero saka na pag mas mayaman na ako hahaha! Pero siguro para maiba naman sa susunod, sa point-point naman kami  :mrgreen:  😛 .

But wait, naalala ko lang. Di ko nasingil ang bunso. Kanya yung drinks nung lunch eh. Lokong yun ah. Ilista na yan para masingil next month hahaha.

Ay kaloka, puro kainan yung tags ko hihihi. Meron pa yan this week hahaha.

Bow. Have a great week ahead.

Note to self: Buy a selfie stick.

2016 Week 38 Recap: The Good and The Bad

September 19-25, 2016

The Good

My boss approved most of my recommended usage of the extra hours I’ve incurred in the past, totaling to 13.5 days, except for 1. It’t tentative. So yes, my November and December leaves are covered. Yey for that!

The Bad

There were a lot of questions regarding the system we deployed last September 16. I was expecting that so it was fine. I have asked the team to do a weekend support. Not the entire day but at least 4 hours each day, and we start at 5 PM so that at least we still have most of the day to ourselves. More workload but nothing that can’t be handled.

What went wrong?

Unfortunately, we discovered an issue with the scheduling system. It was the worst issue that I have handled to date. While we know how to fix it, I cannot give a solid recommendation on how to handle those that were affected. It has impact to their pay. And with how the system currently behaves, we cannot extract a report that would say, yes this needs adjustment. There were a lot of uncertainties too. Before I went for a nap on Sunday morning, I was confident of the recommendation. When I woke up 4 hours after, I had doubts again and wanted to go another route. It was a long process of discussion before we were able to come up with a sane and final recommendation.

As for the fix, we have deployed it last Monday.

What else went wrong?

Bad behaviors. It concerns colleagues. It’s not even about the workload. I don’t give up on workload. I tried to understand that everyone was stressed replying to concerns since Wednesday so whatever disagreements about approaches and whatever hints of bitchiness thrown to me, I all tagged them as part of work and so I adjusted my approach, and extended my patience in waiting for resolutions. But maybe it all piled up, and eventually, I broke down on Sunday. I cried for about 5 minutes, during a conference call. I was on mute. I’m sure my neighbors heard me. When my boss was calling on me, I sent her a private message and told her to please allow me to break down for a while. She told me to not lose it. I won’t be able to think straight if I had emotional baggage. I didn’t care. I needed to let it out. I felt offended and disrespected. All the grudges I’ve been brushing off came back to me. I cried some more.

When I was calmer, I went back to the call and we started discussing the issue. And discussed we did until we had a solid plan by 9 PM. I was asked who discovered the issue. I told the boss me and another colleague. The first finding issued by another colleague was wrong. I was able to double check that already with HR. Laglagan na. Straightforward answers to straightforward questions.

At 8 PM, a friend was asking if I wanted to go out to unwind. I said yes. The ball was with the Dev team from 9 PM to 12 AM. I told them I was stepping out. It was the first time I did this. In the past, while waiting for them to complete their tasks, I just stayed with them in the call in case they had questions. Not this time. NO. While waiting for my friend’s text of her location, I was listening to their conversation (I did not drop off the conference call). I started getting headaches. Mali-mali ang mga pinagsasabi when in fact, we’ve discussed all those things in the past hours. Why???? Nakakainit ng ulo. I didn’t bother to correct them anymore. The other colleague who I trust stepped out a bit but he’ll be back while I’m gone so I know it will be fine.

I said I was coming back at 12 AM. Pero umiinom pa ako non. Deadma. I was back at 1 AM. Not even 5 minutes have passed pero napamura na naman ako sa frustration and disappointment. There were erroneous details that I needed to point out, details that should have been handled by the technical lead. Yamot. I could just leave it at that, but it will just be a problem anyway so I just corrected those.

When all things have been ironed out and I was satisfied that everything will be ok come implementation, I sent that email to my boss. I have composed that email in my mind since Sunday, few minutes after 3 PM, while I was crying out of frustration. Sending that was a relief. I don’t care if I don’t get a reply. What’s important to me is I was able to express my frustrations.

I skipped mass on Sunday. I knew I would say bad words later on in the day so parang ang ipokrita ko lang pag ganon. I just silently said my prayers and asked for forgiveness for missing my Sunday obligation.

Another the good

My friend and I went to Tipsy Pig Gastopub in Capitol Commons. Eto nakakatawang kwento. Ang lakas kong magyayang uminom pero di ko nacheck laman ng wallet ko. Sabi ko lang sa friend ko, don na lang kami sa nag-aaccept ng credit card para sure. Eh pa-order na kami sa Tipsy Pig bago nila sabihing offline sila. Grrr! So my friend and I computed our combined cash. Medyo nakakahiya! Hahaha. But deadma. Gusto namin pa rin uminom. We ordered one main meal, one appetizer, then 2 drinks each. Gusto ko pa nga ng more eh. Ang daldal ko lang kaya ang bagal kong uminom hahaha. Plus, ayun nga, the cash issue. When the bill came, halos magkasya naman yung laman ng wallet ko. May utang ako sa friend kong 20 petots pero ok na raw. Hahaha!

Getting tipsy at Tipsy Pig :-P

Getting tipsy at Tipsy Pig hehehe

My friend told me na that might be the last time we’ll see each other. She’s processing her fiance visa. Bigla akong napasigaw ng NO! Susko nagulat ako. Pero no talaga! Kailangan nyang magpakita bago sya uli umalis, tentatively in November. Huhuhu. I’ll miss her. But I’m happy for her. She said she has so many worries right now, one, what if it didn’t work out with her boyfriend. But I told her, it looks like it is meant to be. Because if it isn’t meant to be, the petition made to the US government should not have been approved in the first place. I’m praying for her. This is what she really wants. And comparing it with the last relationship she had 2 years ago, she’s more sure with this now. So I know it will all work out fine for them.

Ok. It’s the mid-week. Hope you have better days for the rest of the week. As for me, I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’m on offset on Monday and Tuesday and hopefully, there will be no more issues to haunt me during those days. Can’t wait to turn off my work phone. I need to see my nieces. I haven’t seen them in a long time!!!!

2016 Week 37 Recap: Any Issues?

September 12-18, 2016


We have deployed the system and the end users confirmed that everything is working as expected, and it’s been up since last Friday. Hoping that there will be no more glitches. I’m seeing 1 issue but it won’t actually happen if the end users update as instructed.

I have consolidated all the overtime hours we’ve accumulated in the last 3 weeks that we’ve been working nonstop on that system. According to my tally, it’s 13.5 days based on how we define In lieu earnings. I therefore conclude that all the mood swings, cursing and stress eating are justified hahahaha! I’m not yet sure if my boss would agree to my usage of those extra days. Crossing my fingers for a positive outcome because if that’s the case, my December leaves are covered and I have extra vacation leaves for conversion. Caching caching! Hehe. We’ll see.

Last Friday, we also attended an event for the company’s leaders. Binitbit lang ako ni boss. I don’t really like attending these things (my boss knows it) but I know I need to. Nagpakasutil ako ng konti and I told my boss I wasn’t going every time she reminded me about the event almost every day last week hehe. Maybe she only confirmed that I was going when my friend, who was also going to that event and graciously offered us to ride with her, called me up when they were near my pickup point. I was looking forward to the giveaway but they decided not to have one this year! How could that be??? It’s one of the highlights kaya! Chos! There were raffles too, but as always, I wasn’t lucky. Boo.

The event was all about company updates and the big idea competition. Unfortunately, our idea was not selected but it’s fine hehe.

My takeaway for from that day was a question which our VP asked us. “Are the things I am doing helping the company to grow?” If I were to relate it to my personal life, I can have this question: “Will this activity that I’m about to do contribute to the realization of my life goals?” I should be asking this often given that I procrastinate a lot and have the tendency to waste time hehehe.

There was also an after party with open bar. I ordered two shots – zombie and tequila something. Ayun, di naman ako nalasing. Parang wala naman kasing tequila yung isang drink. Walang kick. At wait, gusto ko ba talagang maglasing that night? Hahaha!


Hmmmm…ok, I slept a lot. My body clock is still screwed up because of the too many long shifts we had in the last 3 weeks. I’m slowly trying to correct that though hehehe. So, I only went out on Sunday for some errands in Makati.

I also finally went to Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. And, there wasn’t anything much to see there hahaha. There were only a few shops, some in other malls. But I went there mainly for lunch hehe. Food again. I tried Wingstop’s classic wings in garlic parmesan, onion rings, and chipotle rice. Ok lang naman. Masarap naman lahat. I also had dessert at Florabel. I tried the frozen brazoo de Mercedes. I read it somewhere that it’s highly recommended. Well, I love sweets so of course I loved this. Not good for the health though hehehe.


I just find Florabel’s place mat pretty.


Frozen brazo de mercedes. Priced at Php 225 + service charge. Expensive but yummy!

There are still a lot of constructions within the area. Even Uniwide, the supermarket, is not yet opened. Yun pa naman isang sinadya ko pero ayun, under construction pa lang yung building kung san sya ipupuwesto hehehe.

Another mall near the area is Ayala the 30th. Eto sana magbukas na. It looks big so there must be a lot of shops, which of course will also be like the ones in other malls hehehe. Yun lang, this is just 5 minutes walk away from my apartment thus, I’m really looking forward to its opening. I read again somewhere that this was supposed to open last August but until now, no one shop has opened yet. But I think some shops will start opening in November, just in time for the holidays!

I went home late afternoon. I remember watching Mr. Right but I fell asleep in the middle so I did not get the whole story hehehe.

Until then. Have a great week ahead.

2016 Week 36 Recap: Almost There

September 5-11, 2016


Still mostly work updates. But better now, at least. We finally got the sign off from our testers last Saturday. When a sign off is given, it means everything is in order according to how the system should work and we are now ready to move to production. Whew. What’s left is the implementation, which is what we are doing few minutes from now.

I hope this version turns out ok. I don’t want to work on this system for the longest time. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time making sure that it IS working correctly. When i went to mass last September 8, I fervently asked for the Mama Mary’s divine intervention. My only prayer during that mass was for this project. That is how badly I want this project to be completed hehehe.

We are not yet off the hook though. We will continue to monitor until everyone is successful in using this system. Crossing our fingers.


Since we were working Friday night until Saturday morning, I slept the whole day of Saturday. I woke up early evening. My plan was to watch just 3 episodes of Descendants of the Sun (DotS). I did that at first. But I can’t sleep. My body clock has adjusted to night shift hahaha. And so I continued watching until 4 AM. And slept. And continued watching again when I woke up on Sunday afternoon until I was done. Adik lang.

DotS was a combination of action, comedy, romance and drama. It was fast-paced, so the story line was not stretched to just to add unnecessary subplots. And of course, the “doves” were a sight to behold hahaha.

Thinking of what series to watch next hehehe. Tsk tsk tsk.

A friend and I were supposed to watch any movie showing at the Cine Europa at Shangri-la Mall. But both our schedules are screwed because she also rendered OT. So there, no more free movies hehehe.

Cine Europa runs until September 18, 2016 at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 2, Shangri-la Plaza. I may try to watch this weekend if I’m not going home.

Have a great week ahead.

2016 Week 35 Recap: When Did We Run That Again?

August 29 – September 4, 2016

Squeezing in some blogging time while we are on break.

About this blog’s title – sa dami kasi ng retests namin, di ko na mantandaan what test scenarios we ran and when. Sa haba ng work hours namin, di ko na mantandaan if kaninang umaga ba yun or kagabi pa. Kaya ang lagi kong tanong or line ay kung kailan ni-run yung process or “basta yung process na ni-run natin this morning, or kagabi ata yun, basta yung before this” kasi nga di ko na ma-reconcile ang date at day hehehe.

Yes, it’s still all about work. Di pa rin kami tapos! Last Thursday alone, I was working for 36 hours. Insert maybe 2 15-minute power naps and a 1.5 hour nap while riding an Uber and medyo traffic. For the first time, I was thankful for traffic. I had the time to take a nap. Kasi pag nakauwi ako agad, mapipilitan akong mag-online agad at magtrabaho uli. Kaloka. And thank you to my uber driver. Wala, drive lang sya. At grabe talaga pero thank you at saktong nagigising ako sa mga times na may tanong si uber driver like if kakanan na ba somewhere or saang gate papasok. Otherwise, baka di ko na alam kung san ako napadpad hahaha. Kiber na ang almost katumbas ng Baguio fare ko na uber fare.

Our weekend was sleep and more work. More work. We just all went for break for 4 hours today for some church and family time. Good thing we can work from home, especially for those who have families. At least while may waiting period kami, they can squeeze some time for their kids, or at least meals with their families.

Ako naman, naku naisip ko ngayon, if may sarili akong family, kawawa siguro. Ang init ng ulo ko at sobrang stressed kasi ako.


Wait, atat itong ka-meeting namin. Nag-IM na. 10 PM pa dapat eh. Meron pa akong 15 minutes. Baka may lakad si koya hahaha. Brb.


Back at 11 PM.

Anyway, so ayun. Naiisip kong baka kawawa ang family ko in case meron ako ngayon. Imagine, sungit to the highest level na nga ako, uuwi lang ng bahay para matulog for a few hours ang gagawin ko. Or if nasa bahay man ako, di naman ako makakausap. Ultimo itext ang BF ko, di ko dinadalasan kasi minsan di ko magets jokes nya at baka maaway ko pa sya hahaha.

Pero on the other hand, baka iba pa rin naman if may family na. Kasi syempre loved ones mo yun eh. Sila ang inspiration mo. So siguro baka kahit anong hirap nitong ginagawa namin ngayon, baka napapawi nila somehow yung hirap.

Another long night tonight since we need to retest a scenario. Buhay IT.

Kanina, while I was in church, ipinagdasal ko na lang na bigyan ako ni Lord ng more patience and room for understanding for my teammates. Yung nakakadagdag kasi talaga sa stress ko is yung aware ako na nasa call lang naman sila or during the discussion or clarification of some items. Pero hindi ko talaga maintindihan kung bakit after a few hours eh tinatanong uli yan. Don talaga ako sumasabog eh. As in pet peeve ko yan. Kasi naman di ba? Is that not a waste of time? I think kasi na dapat each one should have his own way of remembering things. Like if alam mong di mo matatandaan, then write it down. Mag-notes ka, ganon. Or basta find a way na matatandaan mo ang mga bagay bagay. But ayun, ipinagdasal ko na lang na tanggalin na ni Lord ang lahat ng ill feelings ko towards this project and some team members and that I just focus on rolling this out.

Umabot kasi ako talaga sa point na magroll out na lang kahit di ako confident na ok na talaga lahat. Ang tindi na kasi ng pressure from higher management. Pero syempre nanaig pa rin ang pagka-OC ko and di ko ginawa kasi alam kong sasabog uli ito pag pinilit naming i-rollout. E di wala, baka sa kangkungan kami pupulutin nito. At kasi basta gusto ko nang lubayan kami nitong project na ito. And mangyayari lang yun if we deploy a bug-free system. At sabi nga ng boss ni boss, do it right the first time. Oo, agree ako don. Mantra ko yun especially when it comes to systems eh. Meron kasing famous line na there is no 100% bug free system or something to that effect. I don’t agree. We can have a bug-free system if we do our due diligence. Mag-eerror man yan, either user or data error, na si user din ang nag-input…so…user error pa rin hehehe. Dahil dito, nasabihan na rin ako way back that my standards are too high. I don’t think so. But this is for another time if naalala ko uli hahaha.

Ang ipinagtataka ko lang, sa dami ng puyat namin, bakit di pa rin ako pumapayat?! Kainesh. Ay teka, paano pala ako papayat eh kaninang may free time kami at sumaglit ako sa mall, puro junk food ang bitbit ko paglabas ng grocery. May kasama pang cake hihihi. At nagtataka pa rin talaga ako eh ‘no? Hahaha!

Ang sad pala yung sa Davao bombing. Iwas ako sa internet kasi for sure maraming negative reactions na naman, especially that it happened in Davao. May napanood lang akong video about PDu30 visiting the site and the victims at the hospital. Nakakaiyak at nakaka-touch. Pero nakakalungkot talaga na ibang Filipinos pa ang mga pangunahing bashers. Nakaka-ewan sila.

Hindi ko pa rin nasisimulan ang aking 30-day challenge. Kaloka that hehehe. In time, pag nakatulog na uli ako ng sapat. Medyo na-iistress din akong September 1 na di ko pa nasimulan then bigla ko naisip na pwedeng Day 1 anytime naman. Duh!

I heard holiday ang September 12. Sana totoo. Looking forward to that. And hopefully, this time, holiday in the real sense na ang mangyayari sa amin. Last August kasi, sa dami ng holidays, di man lang namin naramdaman kahit isa. Kaloka.

O sya. Have a great week ahead.

Ay, pahabol. Swak ito sa akin. Sige, noted ho, Spirit Science :).


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