2016 Week 7 Recap: Nieces, Malls, Freebies

February 15-21, 2016


So the vendor did not show up again as committed. Oh well, nothing else to do but chase them. Maybe they are also waiting for the downpayment. So I processed that in the hope that they will work faster once they receive it.

Niece Love

Twice this week, my niece called (one so early in the morning) to ask me when I’ll be coming home. I told her it might be during the Holy Week. Yay! Namimiss ako ng bulilit hahaha. Her older sister also texted one time para mangamusta lang. Yey! Nagtext ang dalaginding! Speaking of, the older sister will be graduating this March or April. Hindi na mapigilan ang pagdadalaga nya huhuhu. Don’t grow up too fast, bebe. Gusto ko pa rin clingy ka sa akin. Pero wait, di na ba uso ang Kinder graduation ngayon? Kasi wala daw graduation si bunging bulilit.

Living Quarters

In an effort to avoid buying and/or over-buying stuff I already have but forgotten about it, I started listing down every item in my clothes cabinet hahaha. The goal was to eliminate everything that I don’t use/need anymore. I also made a number as to how many of each item I should have to be considered “enough” based on my usual routine and activities. I was tested right away when a friend and I visited the mall on Saturday. Suffice to say that it helps when you quantify everything because it’s easier to turn away from stuff that you know you already have more than enough and those that you still lack hehehe. I’m not yet done but I’ll continue sorting and tallying for the rest next week.

A friend has also been decluttering lately and she gave me her washing machine because since her helper left years ago, she just opted to have her laundry washed in a laundry shop. So, I tested it this afternoon. Medyo nag-inarte nung una pero nakuha naman sa gentle kalampag hehe. Or ako lang ang di marunong gumamit? Hahaha. It’s the automatic type where you set everything and let it do its work. But since the nozzle is not yet compatible with my faucet, I still had to manually load water.

The pechay is thriving, although 2 seedlings did not make it huhu. Hope the rest will survive.


It was mall time on Saturday with a friend. It was more of window shopping but I scored an office pant that was on sale and that fits me so I bought it anyway. Now, I don’t need to buy anymore pants unless one gives way and would need a replacement. After attending the evening mass today, I also went to another mall for some errands.

One last about shopping hahaha…I tried a dress last December which I really really liked but I did not buy it because it was expensive plus I cannot think of an event where I can wear it that time. But now, I’m looking for one. Unfortunately, I can’t find the dress anymore. I saw the other colors but not the one I like huhu. I don’t wear dresses regularly. Di ako nasanay kaya ilang ako haha. In the past years, I wear only once a year, that is, if I attend our company’s year end party, or if I attend a friend’s wedding. We wore uniforms in high school but that’s different. I have attempted to dress in the past but I always failed hahaha. This year, I’m giving it another try. Let’s see.

I have just watched Magic Mike XXL to cap the weekend and before writing this blog entry.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead. Goodnight for now.

2016 Week 6 Recap: Of Work and Parties

February 8-14, 2016

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

And then there was Ash Wednesday, which I was able to wake up early to attend mass.

And Valentines Day. Too many events in one week.


Work has been busy but better busy than nothing to do at all. Finally, the vendor showed up last Friday and while I still don’t have the final product, at least he showed up and set another date for his next visit. Hopefully, by this week, he’ll have all the changes we’ve requested him to incorporate.

I am still having challenges balancing my new project with the rest of the projects. While I am not directly involved in another project, I have to guide a colleague who’s handling it so I have to be there during her discussions with the developers. And it’s draining when you sit down for 3 or 4 hours a day. Mostly at the end of each session, I can only force my brain cells to at least do some admin stuff hahaha. But hopefully, I’ll find that rhythm this week since our discussions will end today.

Lastly, thankfully, I was able to book for a meeting room in a hotel that’s aligned with the team budget. We’ll have our late strategic planning and the boss would like to do it outside. Among all the 4 or 5 hotels I have contacted in the Ortigas area, Discovery Suites gave us the most affordable rate, plus they have a seamless process. After getting my contact details, they sent me a proposal, with all the information I need so that on the same day, I was able to make a recommendation to my boss. Good thing that she agreed and that her boss approved as well. They also have a corporate package for meals, which we opted to make over ala carte type since I think that will be more cost effective rather than planning and ordering our own menu. If there is one thing I don’t like doing, it’s working on things with budget constraints hehehe.

Living Quarters

Thanks to the extra holiday last Monday, I was able to sort out and file and store second half of last year’s bills, and record the payments I made to the lots.

I also planted pechay, which I will blog about in upcoming posts. While I am a gardener’s daughter, it was my parents who did the planting, especially of vegetables that needs transplant from the seedbed to the main plots. Most of our work as children were on the preparation of the plots, watering the plants, weeding out, and harvesting. Not really so much on planting, unless these are beans or sweet peas or corn, which are planted directly into the plots. So, let’s see if I am successful in at least growing pechay hehehe. But I hope so. I am not so sure given the temperature in Manila but let’s see.


I was invited to 2 birthday parties last weekend. Last Saturday, it was for the 7th birthday of a teammate’s not so little boy. Last Sunday, it was for the 2nd birthday of my inaanak. Unfortunately, I overslept on Saturday so I was not able to attend hehe. Guilty but he also attended my inaanak’s party on Sunday so I was still able to hand him my gift personally.

My inaanak’s party was held at Jollibee E.Rodriguez. It was fun! I didn’t know until then that there is such a thing as Jollitown and that there are other characters aside from Jollibee hehehee. I was able to see Popo and Yum. I have yet to see the rest in person, hopefully hehehe. Anyway, this made me realize again that we need to surround ourselves with kids sometimes. Kids generally don’t worry about anything. They just want to play and have fun, even with kids who they just met for the first time. No complications at all, just pure fun. And watching them is refreshing for me, especially that I leave in an adult world most of the time haha.

And oh, Valentines Day. I saw a lot of Hot Air Balloon Festival pictures in my FB feed. A friend invited me to join them too but I already said yes to the birthday party invite so no for the Hot Air Balloon. Let’s see next year. In my attempt to just chill this year, I am implementing the first come, first served rule hehe. I just don’t want to get stressed trying to decide which one to choose and if I choose the latter, how will I break the news to the other one? Haha. Too complicated. So yes, first come first, served, unless it is a family emergency. In fact, a cousin also invited me for lunch at their place last Sunday but I declined because a) it was too late to buy tickets for Baguio and b) I dread the weekend crowd back home, especially now that Panagbenga Festival is also ongoing there. Whew.


I forgot to blog about this last weekend but anyway, we were able to book our return tickets from Osaka to Manila for Php6,255/pax during the weekend Chinese New year sale. So adding that to the 3K++ we’ve booked around last year for Manila-Tokyo, we spent around Php 10k++ for airfare. As per my friend, it’s still cheaper compared to their airfare when they climbed Mt. Fuji last year. So we are done with airfare and even the pencil booking for our accommodations. Pambaon na lang! Push na ‘to.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.

2016 Week 5 Recap: Of Projects and Movies

February 1-7, 2016


I mentioned in my weekly recap last week about our annual performance evaluation. Well, early this week, my boss got the results of my 360 feedback from my colleagues and it was higher than what I expected. Thanks, teammates hehe. While it does not translate to anything monetary, I’m glad that I’m slowly getting back to my old self, back when I was so driven at work despite all negative issues. I’ve lost a bit of passion to work in the last 3 years because of all the adjustments we had to go through as a family after losing our parents less than 2 years apart. But life goes on and I should move forward.

For the new project, we already had a kickoff last Monday. Looks promising but there are a lot of things to document. I should start creating the project schedule for this so as not to affect my other tasks. I’m excited.

And since I anticipate a lot of calls for this project, I requested my boss to get me a paid subscription of Zoom. She already got the approval from her boss so yey! I thought it would be that expensive but no, it’s around $10/month and they are lowering it to $7/month daw in the future. While the basic allows for 40 minutes of uninterrupted video call, it’s a hassle to have to reconnect again after your first 40 minutes is over.

Their documents are also created in higher versions of Visio. I only found out when I attempted opening their documents that mine is 2010 even if I requested for 2013. I know we have spare licenses for that. I don’t get it why they are still installing 2010, worse 2007! It’s a hassle to be saving documents in lower version just so everyone can access the file. Or better yet, everyone should always be in the same version!

As for the old project, I’m changing my approach now and I’m trying to be more encouraging to the team members for us to try our best to complete the tasks so that we can already deploy this year and everybody can move on! It’s taking us too long. Another year would be torture.

Living Quarters

Finally, my small Christmas tree is back in its storage box (yep, did that just last weekend) and the few gifts opened and sorted out hehehe. I also found few pieces to give to my friend, in exchange of shoes she’s giving away. I took the shoes for people back home who would like to wear it.Weekend

Now, this I’m glad happened before I knew it. I don’t know what happened but at the start of the week, I was so moody that even my colleagues noticed it hahaha. I was glad that by Friday, it was over. And, a friend and I planned to do a movie marathon on Saturday night, which we did, extending even up until Sunday. We finished 5 movies, all of which we’ve watched in the past.My friend brought over ingredients for our shabu-shabu, while I had the chance to drop by S&R Shaw on Friday night for some chips, popcorn and a bottle of wine. The bottle of wine was gone in less than an hour, in one sitting hahaha. Sarap eh.

Because of the movie marathon, I discovered that my player cannot play MP4. I tried changing it to avi and Windows Player was able to read it but my player still won’t. So I guess I need to convert everything now huhu.And, oh, it was a no spend weekend. My wallet and I are happy hehehe.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.

2016 Week 4 Recap: Bum Kung Bum

January 25-31, 2016


The vendor did not show up last Friday as agreed. Hay naku. Sometimes I really feel that I failed big time in this project. Kainis. But well. Kulit pa more na lang until I’m off with this project. Can’t wait for that time.

It’s performance evaluation time again. I don’t know what it is for, given that they’ve revised the merit increase program years ago haha. Anyway, I had mine last Friday with the boss. Lighter than expected. There is one area that I’m always failing yearly hahaha. Will need to do something about that. I don’t have my final grade yet because some feedback from colleagues were not yet available. Anyway, no worries.

The boss asked if I want to handle another project. I was hesitant at first because based from the email, they need someone to work on the UI (user interface). I am not blessed with artistic skills so I really stay away from such tasks hehehe. But upon clarification, it’s not UI per se so I said yes. And on Friday night, my boss’s boss sent calendar invites for the kick off this week. Aba’y ganon pala kabilis yun eh. Hahaha. Let’s see what happens next week.

I need a new project to work on this year to get things more exciting. I’m too tired of the current project I have because we have been working on it for 3 years already, fourth this year. Everyone’s just tired about it but I still try to push them to complete the tasks so that we can deploy in Q3 and it will be off our backs. Push pa more.

Lastly, we have filled out the complete headcount for our team. At least, no more immersions to prepare and conduct, until another new hire is needed. But whew for now. For January alone, I had to immerse two teammates separately because they started 2 or 3 weeks apart.

Living Quarters

I was able to set up the TV Plus and the DVD player mid last week. Success! No need for cable now. I bought a DVD player last December because my 2 friends had a sleepover at my place for our get together and one of our agenda was to do a movie marathon. But of course, catching up with each other’s lives took place, the DVD player forgotten, and still in its box until mid week hehehe.


After 4 consecutive weekends of going home to Baguio, I was able to stay in Manila last weekend. And what did I do? BUM.ALL.DAY. If it weren’t for my hunger, I could have holed up in the apartment the entire time. But since I did not have any food, except for oatmeal, I had to go out on Saturday night for dinner. And might as well maximize the time so I also did a little grocery shopping at Pioneer Center, where it’s cheaper as per feedback of people frequenting the place. And I guess it’s true for most of the items I have purchased. I kept the receipt so that I can compare it the next time I visit another mall/grocery.

Aside from that, I also had dinner at The Breakfast Club. I guess it’s new since I haven’t seen this last year. I ordered pork asado. However, I did not like it because a) it’s too salty for my taste but maybe it’s just me, b) the meat is not tender (or soft…pardon the lack of terms. I’m not a food blogger so I don’t know the right descriptions hehe) and c) I think the price is too expensive for such simple dish.

Sunday is another bum day the whole day. By late afternoon, I tried checking a friend who lived nearby if she wanted to go to mass together. She said yes, and we agreed to have dinner after. We decided to try one of the many choices in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Our first choice was The Round Table, however, they are fully booked so we just walked along East Capitol Drive to check out where we can possibly eat.

We’ve passed by Lia’s Cakes. I saw good reviews about this shop as well, especially their avocado cake so I grabbed the chance to buy a slice. I loved it. Will go back to try some of their other flavors.


Mahilig magpicture ang friend ko gamit ang phone ko :p

Walked some more until we reached Milky and Sunny. I have already eaten at this place before where another friend and I enjoyed their pancakes (we went there for breakfast)! So when this other friend said she wanted to try it, I was fine with it…as long as there’s rice in the menu, which of course they have. This time I ordered chicken and pork adobo. The flavor is good but again, it’s too salty for my taste. Two salty dishes in one weekend, at different shops. Maybe it’s my taste buds? But I enjoyed my dinner still. Who wouldn’t with the cozy place?

To cap the week, I requested for a home service massage. Good thing, the one that usually services our area has an available slot so I grabbed the chance. Pero ang totoo nyan, nainggit ako sa isang kaibigan ko nung nagtext syang magpapamassage daw muna sya hehehe.

That’s it. I hope you all had a great week.

2016 Week 3 Recap: Our Father’s First Death Anniversary

January 18-24, 2016

The vendor did not make it last week and requested for a schedule this January 25. I don’t get why they’re having a hard time doing the customizations we’ve requested when they’ve done it before with their older version. Anyway…

The new laptop caused me at least 2 almost sleepless nights. The Office subscription assigned to us cannot be installed within our network so I had to bring it home and install it using my internet connection at home. And then, my connection decided to be at its slowest during that time so it took longer than usual for the job to complete. But everything’s set now and I’m getting used to the new one. Thanks, boss uli.

Last January 21, we got together as a family for our father’s first death anniversary. It was just a small gathering with our cousins on our father’s side. We lighted candles for both of them and offered prayers. On Sunday, we requested for a special intention for the repose of his soul during mass.

My first grandchild (from my eldest niece, my sister’s daughter) also came to visit. So she and my other niece played all day on Saturday and early Sunday, together with some of their cousins. The house was filled with children’s noise again. Saya-saya.

Last Sunday, my aunt also asked me to accompany her to the wake of her husband’s relative. I’ll share the story in another post. Medyo mahaba hehe.

Baguio Weather
It’s getting colder! But it was still colder same time last year. I remember during my father’s wake that I had to wear at least 2 jackets on top of a shirt kasi sobrang ginaw. Ngayon, kaya pang no jacket during daytime. It will still get colder in February, but it will become warmer by March.

Future Trips Home
It’s taking longer now to stay in line as a chance passenger. Meaning, a lot of people are again going up to Baguio. I’m sure a lot more will go up especially that Panagbenga is just around the corner. And while I’d like to go home as often as I want, di ko kaya ang weekly hehehe. Nakakapagod sa byahe sa totoo lang hehehe. So, maybe my next trip home would be on the Holy Week na, unless there’s a need to go home on other days. We’ll see. For now, I’m just glad that this weekend will just be spent in the apartment hahaha!

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