2016 Week 28 Recap: Back to the Real World

July 11-17, 2016


I am so excited! We started deploying some of the components this week. While it will be busy until we complete everything and ensure that there will be no more issues, I am so happy to finally see this project in its completion stage. Hopefully, there will only be few issues. This implementation will affect around 15K PH employees so it’s a little intimidating but I know we’ve all done our best to minimize whatever risks there are. I am confident that all issues will be addressed as quickly as we can. Kaka-excite talaga! 🙂


I have started posting my Japan stories. I have most of the narratives completed, as I started writing all about it at the airport while waiting for my friend to refund her ICOCA card (OSAKA IC card). However, I wanted to post with pictures in it and it’s taking me longer to sort out/select the pictures hehehehe. Anyway, I’ll get there. Matatapos ko rin i-post lahat.

Speaking of travel, another friend is requesting for travel to a beautiful beach daw. Stressed si ateng. Gusto mag-out of town. Hopefully, we can find a reasonably priced place that’s near Manila.

Savings and Investments

I’m thankful that the Japan trip is over. While it’s exciting to always travel, I would like to pause for a while. I’d like to focus on building up my savings. I’d like to reach my first million in cash and investments, excluding real estate :). Opo, sa tanda kong ito, wala pa akong isang milyon in cash. Napunta lahat sa ibang bagay pero hindi naman lahat nilustay.


I missed malling so I met with my friend yesterday for dinner and to hand her the Japan goodies for her. We met in Glorietta. We went to SM Makati after. I saw that Loreal still has their free hair color application when you buy their hair color. I wanted to avail of it so earlier today, I went back. Unfortunately, I have my hair rebonded last May and they have strict rules that they won’t color if rebond session is less than 3 months. So better be safe than sorry hehe. I’ll just go back in August. So another malling session for us. She met up with me again because she’s supposed to see my new hair color pero dahil di natuloy, ikot ikot na lang hehehe.

Ahhh, I was also looking for a blouse that I can pair with the skirt I bought around 2 months ago. I am attending a wedding next week and the theme is rock and roll, so casual ang peg. However, medyo kupas na ang mga blouses na meron ako na pwedeng i-terno don sa skirt so I decided to look around. Nakahanap naman ako, and more hehehehe. I was able to buy a dress na parang sinukat lang para sa akin. Di ko na pinakawalan. Bihira kasing mangyari yun sa laki kong ‘to. Ok rin sya with Chucks so ito na lang isusuot ko sa wedding hehehe. Hay pero utang na loob Mylene, tama na ang gastos. Wala ka nang kailangan :p.

Ok, that’s it for now. Good night and may you all have a great week ahead :).

2016 Week 27 Recap: A Week in Japan

July 4-10, 2016

A friend and I visited Japan last week. We were back yesterday. We had a blast! I am forever thankful to our Heavenly Father for the blessings that enabled me to do this trip.

I’ll share about our trip in upcoming posts. I’ll also include our expenses. I actually started it while we were in Japan but I got sick and we were always tired at the end of the day so it was better to rest as soon as we can hehe. #tanders

Cheers to a productive week ahead.

2016 Week 26 Recap: Hello Japan!

June 27 – July 3, 2016


Work muna.

Deployment series starts week after next week! While there are still items to close and while final decision of executives will happen next week, we are positive that that meeting will just be all formalities and it will still be a go. I made sure all pre-deployment requirements are in place bago ako nagfile ng bonggang 1 week leave next week para di na makapag-no si boss hehehehe.

Oh, I was also nominated by my boss for a raise! She had me signed the papers last Friday. First payout will be end of July. Maliit lang pero a raise is still a raise especially after years of not getting one because of conservative spending. Pwede nang pandagdag ipon yun.


We are leaving for Japan later!!!!! Now, the excitement is building up. To be honest, I was not really excited at first when our visas got approved because I was anticipating conflicts with work. However, some of the big bosses were on leave the past week, therefore our project manager had to move the go/no go meeting next week. And while waiting for their final decision, we cannot really go all out with the implementation. Ang galing lang talaga. The universe conspired and everything aligned hehehe. Thank you, Lord.

However, ayun lang. I don’t know our exact itinerary. Di ko alam gagawin namin. Di na kami nakapagmeet ng friend ko to plan pa hehehe. So whether chill or kuracha, keri lang. Exciting pa rin naman hihihi. Wala rin pang-shoping pero keri na hahaha! Sana naman hindi ganon kamahal ang mga pampasalubong :).

I just finished packing. Ang tagal ko matapos. Di na sanay magtravel. Well, it’s been a while din kasi. Last out of the country trip was in April 2013 pa. Even local travels na pangmatagalan, 2013 din yung last ko.

I’ll try to share our Pasyal Japan as soon as I can hehe.


I spent my weekend planning what to bring and doing last minute shopping for things I need in this trip.

Some friends and I also watched Achy Breaky Hearts this afternoon. Fan kasi ako ni JSM and RY hehehe. At medyo nakakarelate kasi ako sa linyang “kailan ka ikakasal?”. Bakit nga ba masyadong big deal yun? Worst pa was I was asked that many times during the wake of my parents. Kotang kota na ako sa ganyang question hehehe. Basta ang sa akin, if it’s meant to be, it will happen kahit kailan pa yan. No need to stress about it.

O sya, need to try sleeping even for just a few hours. Have a great week ahead. Oh, looks like there will be a holiday on July 6! The palace will decide by Monday or Tuesday according to news. Good for all of us working peeps. Good for me kasi nakatipid ako ng isang leave hihihi! Good night!

2016 Week 25 Recap: Work and Travel

June 20-26, 2016

Week 26 recap ko na ‘to, so meaning to say, tapos na tapos na talaga ang first half of the year. OMG lang.


If we implement a big project, there is what we call a go/no go meeting wherein the executives give their “blessing” for project implementation, IF they are satisfied with the overall project status and the risks that go with it. Finally after a long long long (as in years) time, we are almost at the end of this project and got the go signal for implementation from our local leaders. There will be another meeting with the executives from the head office on the first week of July before everything is a go. I am crossing my fingers that it will also be affirmative. Well, we all are, at nang maka-move on na with other projects.

While waiting for the head office decision, we are slowly closing all pending items and preparing for the detailed implementation checklist. It is a little challenging because this involves different departments, different vendors and different components whill will all go live all at the same time. But we can do this!


My friend received our Japan visas early last week, yey! Single entry only but approved pa rin so keri na hehe. However, she was having second thoughts because of budget. Actually, ako rin because of the timing of our project implementation. However, she still wanted to push through with it so, go go go! Blessing in disguise that the meeting with the head office leaders was moved to July, instead of this week. Meaning to say kasi, we cannot proceed with implementation unless we have their final go signal. So good timing that I’m out on the first week of July, where July 4 is a US holiday, and hopefully, 1 of those days will also be a holiday in the PH because of Ramadan. Sayang din yung isang leave na matitipid ko kasi hehe.

So last weekend, I started planning for clothes to pack. Planning pa lang. Packing will be this weekend. I also went to Shang to buy Yen. Ang mahal na! The cheapest that I got was at Php 0.46. BDO was selling it for Php 0.47 and another money changer’s rate was Php 0.4603 (or 0.463). Buy na kesa maubusan pa next weekend. Hopefully, the amount I bought is already enough for the entire trip. Super tipid trip ito, lalo na sa food pero di bale na. At least makakapunta kami ng Japan hehehe.

Ok, I hope you all are having a great week.

2016 Week 24 Recap: Staying Home

June 13-19, 2016

Short update.

I was still not feeling well early last week so I opted to go on sick leave on Monday. I also requested to work from home on Tuesday and Wednesday since I was dreading the commute to work, especially that most students were already back in school starting June 13. Yun lang, I missed my teammates’ (s’, kasi several of them) birthday treat hehe. Keri na. Health first before anything else. Meron pa kasing konting trembling and feeling of weakness nung Wednesday. By Thursday, I was already bored staying at home so I went back to the office. Thanks, Uber hehe.

On Saturday, one friend wanted to go out and do something, anything so I suggested that we meet on Saturday night for dinner and movies. Saturday night since she works on night shift so day time talaga ang rest day nya. Also, it was Father’s Day on Sunday, so there might be too many people.

I attended an anticipated mass before we met, in case I will get lazy to go out on Sunday.

We had dinner at Lombardi’s (again) at Shang. Gusto ko uli kasi matikman yung cherry walnut cheesecake nila hehe. Plus all the other restos were full that time. Dinner time na kasi. We watched the last full show of Me Before You, after. Nakakaiyak huhu. But realistic naman. Pero nakakaiyak pa rin. I was planning to read the book pero after watching the movie, huwag na lang. Nakakaiyak talaga kasi hehehe.

That’s it, pancit. And now, more than halfway of this week has gone by again.

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