2016 Week 21 Recap: Japan Japan!

May 23-29, 2016


My friend and I are pushing through with our Japan travel in July. I can’t believe July is just around the corner. Time flies at over-speeding pace hehe. Anyway, I learned that all Japan visa applications can only be processed through accredited travel agencies. We coursed ours through Discover Tour, the same agency my friend used when they went to Mt. Fuji in 2015. Processing fee per person is Php 800.00 plus DHL’s delivery charge of Php 300.00 per package but this we still have to confirm because the change may have changed. Crossing our fingers for our visa’s approval hehe. We’ll know after 7 days.

Next up for us will be to finalize our itinerary and buy tickets in advance as applicable.


I missed Makati so I asked my friend to accompany me roam around it on Saturday. I was able to buy a skirt at Landmark bazaar for less than Php 200.00 hehehe. I’m not really into dresses and skirts but I’m keeping some pieces for those times I need to. We also enjoyed Dad’s merienda. Lamon pa more hahaha.

On Sunday, it was just supposed to be mass and window shopping for shoes for me but my other friend requested if we can go out. She needs distraction since her fiance just went back to the US on Sunday morning and she didn’t want to be alone and just cry all day hehehe. So out we met at Shang for lunch, nail spa and movie.

We ate at Lombardi’s, an Italian restaurant the the East wing of Shang. It was both our first time and we both agreed that everything was good. We feasted on pizza, pasta and cherry walnut cheesecake. Haayyy….the cheesecake was so yummy! It’s now my new favorite hehehe. Expensive though hehehe. But I think everything was worth what we paid for.

We went to Nail Spa, the only nail salon in Shang, after lunch for a much needed TLC for our hands and feet.

We also watched Money Monster after. I did not know what the movie was all about prior buying our tickets but it was just the only movie we both wanted to take a chance on since it has George Clooney and Julia Roberts in it haha. But surprisingly, I enjoyed it because of the financial market component.

Went home after and spent the rest of the evening watching Sunday shows in ABS-CBN. Vizco’s, where I had breakfast on my birthday last March, and some other eateries in Baguio were featured in Rated K! A friend and I are now planning to try those hahaha. The question is, when? We’ll see about that.


My TOTGA (the one that got away) to this date was a dress I saw and liked in December, but did not buy because it was expensive and was not what I needed. I saw it again in April, but still hesitant in buying it because it was still not discounted. Now, I consider it my TOTGA as of Saturday because I might be attending a wedding in July and that dress would have been perfect for the occasion haaayy. So good luck with the dress hunting again hehehe,

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.

2016 Week 20 Recap: Work Updates + Meeting Mr. Law

May 16-22, 2016


We have been doing this one project for the longest time and I really really really want it out of my plate na. I want it deployed in July. Kaya kahit mahirap na, pinipilit ko na lang talagang tapusin lahat ng kailangan tapusin so that our team won’t be the cause of all delays. It’s always a roller coaster ride for this project. Everyone’s becoming restless (and more short-tempered) while they catch up with all their deliverables. There should be zero room for errors because of the big scope of the project plus the amount of data to migrate. One small mistake will surely impact the rest of the project’s components. Therefore, the deployment should be well planned, well thougt of and all resources MUST be aligned at all times. In short, bawal nganga hehehe. Basta gusto ko na lang madeploy ito. Siguro maiiyak ako after ng deployment. Hehehe.


My friend’s American boyfriend was in town for the first time, to visit her. She invited us to have lunch with them last Sunday, just few hours upon his arrival hehe. He’s staying here for a week so their schedule is jampacked. I feel that he is a good man. I hope everything will turn out well for him and my friend. My friend deserves only the best.

After lunch, another friend and I went to S&R Shaw to check out the items on sale. We were able to buy Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully, it will be good to our hair because it is our first time to use the Split Repair variant. It’s not that our hairs have split ends. We just love the smell of this variant among the items on sale hehehe.

Went home after to just rest aka watch the Sunday shows. It’s been a while since I last watched TV that long hahaha.

Late post yet again.

2016 Week 19 Recap: Movie Marathon

May 9-15, 2016

Monday, May 9 was election day. I was planning to go early so that I can leave for Manila earlier, but well, hello sleep hehehe. It was almost closing time when I reached the precinct but at least there were no more lines. Done voting in less than 5 minutes. I double checked my receipt and it had all the names I shaded. I was relieved.

I am also glad election is over. It is our responsibility as Filipinos to support the new administration, regardless if it was our candidate of choice who won or not. Again, it is our responsibility.

I proceeded to town after voting. I had an early dinner at Vizcos and then was able to ride a 7PM Victory Liner trip. No long lines this time, thank God. Arrived in Manila at around 1AM so at least there was still enough time to rest before the new work week.

Project MTM

I haven’t gone back to graduate school yet since after my father died in 2015. Until now, I’m still contemplating whether to push through or not. Contemplating because, I think I would like to take a new path now. But while I haven’t fully decided yet to stop, I met up with a classmate to copy her reviewers. We spent the whole morning discussing about her new venture and sometimes about our future plans. I wish her well.

Unfortunately, it seems like the USB got corrupted huhuhu so I need to copy from her again. Bad thing though is that, my most recent financial files are there and I haven’t backed those up in the laptop. Hay naku.


I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie. I think I wanted to watch a movie in February but was not able to do it. I also have 2 tickets I won last December during our team party. It did not have an expiration date but better to use it now just to be sure. And so, my friend and I did a movie marathon. Not 2 but 3 movies hehehe. In between the movies were spent eating and window shopping. We also availed of Dad’s merienda buffet, the bill paid by my friend hehe. We also checked out some of the shops and tried some clothes. No buying.

Speaking of buying, I want to buy a Samsonite luggage. Citibank has a 15% discount promo until May 31. However, I don’t know anyone who owns a Citibank credit card. My previous applications were always denied. According to HR friends, it is because I work in a BPO. Huwell. Let’s see about the luggage din.

Since it was a payday weekend, there were a lot of people at the mall. Daming pera mga tao hehehe. Sana lang nakapagtabi na muna sila for savings bago sila magwaldas.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.

2016 Week 18 Recap: The Challenge of Going Home

May 2-8, 2016

Nowadays, ticket reservations going to Baguio is a must. But I never learn hehehe. It was a long weekend but I thought that since it was election day, people will be going home to their provinces and so I did not buy tickets ahead of time. I left the office at the latest possible time, around 2:30 AM last May 7 thinking that when I get to the Victory Liner terminal in Cubao, there will be fewer chance passengers by then. But I was wrong. The line was still long, and at that time, there was no Baguio-bound bus being loaded. It just means one thing. Victory Liner did not add extra buses (I guess). And my best guess was that, I will only be accommodated maybe by 6 or 7 AM. And I was already too sleepy to wait that long.

I took the chance with Joy Bus. I saw online that they had trips at 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM but I was not sure if those schedules posted were updated. Anyway, it was just at the other side of Cubao. If that fails, then I guess, I’ll just go home first and travel on Saturday afternoon instead. Luckily, I was enlisted as a chance passenger for the 4:30 AM trip and was accommodated eventually hehehe.

We arrived in Baguio at around 10 AM. I went to SM to stroll a little and buy some groceries for my meals before I headed home to hibernate. And hibernate I did hehe. I did not go out that weekend. I just spent it either in bed or outside to enjoy the cooler weather, sometimes alone, sometimes with my nieces. And I also got to visit the parents’ mansions.

How (un)productive hehe.

2016 Week 17 Recap: Team Building

April 25-May 1, 2016

We had our team building last April 29-30 at Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas. I’m happy that my boss allowed us to just take Friday off, anyway, team building is still an office activity. We stayed at one of the private beach houses there.

What I liked about our accommodation:

  • Spacious for 24 pax
  • Super cold aircon in the bedroom. Hay, sarap lang magkulong sa kwarto lalo na if naiisip ko init sa Manila hahaha.
  • It has its own pool so if you don’t want to stay at the beach kasi medyo may kalayuan, pwedeng tumambay dito lalo na sa gabi.
  • The food…super sarap! And more than enough. I was second batch in all 3 meals pero ang dami pa ring tira. And complete with juice/coffeee and desert! Grabe. Busog lusog hehehe. Ang sarap nung cheesecake baked by one of the staff. We ordered the night before for take home the next day. Unfortunately, walang nabake na cheesecake. Super sulit sana non kasi Php20/piece lang pero ang sarap talaga. At sa food talaga pinaka marami kong nasabi hahaha.
  • They have a terrace so syempre, automatic na don yung mga nagyoyosi hehe.
  • Their living room is spacious. Sarap tumambay don.
  • The house is surrounded by mountains so it’s still a little cooler given that it’s summer.
  • The staff were all attentive of our needs. They even prepared a spot for us at the beach for our activities.
  • With entertainment room and game room. Ang hindi ko lang masyadong gusto is that medyo malayo sa beach. Around 15 minutes walk daw papunta, pero pag pabalik, for sure mas matagal kasi puro paakyat yung road. Plus, it’s steep. But it’s not a problem if may sasakyan naman.
  • I haven’t attended any team building in the past 5 years. Either I have other activities scheduled or ayaw ko lang hehehe. So I was pleasantly surprised when my presence was mentioned several times hahaha. And my boss really appreciates it daw. Hehe. Nagulat ako pero syempre secretly, natuwa rin ako.

It was pure fun and chill lang. No talks about work. We had one group dynamics and then the rest was free time. Some of us went swimming on Friday afternoon. I just stayed by the seashore and waited for sunset. I specifically requested that in case we still had group activities by the time it was sunset, we stop a while to watch it hehehe.Wala lang. Gustung-gusto ko lang talaga kasi manood ng sunrise at sunset. Nakakakalma ang ganda.

Swimming at the beach was only until 6 PM so we went back to the house after sunset and proceeded to the pool to keep cool while waiting for dinner. We had card games after dinner. May nagdala rin ng shot. May masipag nagtimpla ng punch. Two kinds of mixes – gin and juice and rum and juice. May tanggero na pagkabilis bilis magpa-ikot. Nagulat silang malamang umiinom daw ako at ang tibay ko raw hahaha. Well, I’m a social drinker. Di naman sugapa. At depende rin sa mood. At during that time, feel kong uminom. Plus, di naman ganon katapang so masarap.

May isa akong teammate sabi nya pangarap daw nya magmodel. Akala namin nagbibiro sya. Hindi daw. Pinagbigyan namin at instant photoshoot session sya. Nung una, tawanan pa kami. After a few minutes, kinarir na ng iba. May isa talagang binubuhat pa yung electric fan para lang may lipad hangin ang hair effect hehehe. Kaming 2 ng isa pang teammate ko, tawanan until matapos. Yun lang contribution namin hahahaha! It was all fun. Pero surrender na ako ng 2AM. The rest were still all wide awake. Not sure what time they all went to sleep. I allowed myself to just sleep longer. No pressure of going to the beach. Ayun, nagising kami 9AM na. Just enough time to have breakfast, wait for our turn in the shower and get ready for our trip back to Manila. Some still went to the beach for another dip. Ako, pass na. Nagkulong ako sa room dahil sa aircon. Ma-mimiss ko kasi sya.




Enjoying the sunset

Can't get enough

Can’t get enough

Almost gone

Almost gone



Some wanted to pass by Tagaytay for lunch. Pero the one with car needed to go back to Manila for another event. Nakipagswap na lang ako since parang nasad yung isang batang teammate na di sya makakasama dahil sa car assignment hehehe. Anyway, Tagaytay is my home away from Baguio home kasi taga don hipag ko and I can just go there anytime. Plus, I wanted to go back to Manila earlier because I wanted to meet up with another friend.

And meet up with the friend I did. I just went home to leave my things and went straight to Megamall hehehe. Ang balak ko sana was manood ng Just the 3 of Us ni JLC and Jennylyn Mercado kaso nareschedule pala ang opening! We think it was because of Captain America kasi puro yun ang palabas hehehe.Anyway, we just roamed around for a while then transferred to Shang to have dinner at Rustan’s. Don kami medyo tumambay para magkwentuhan.

On Sunday, I met up with another friend and went to our friend’s dad’s wake. Unfortunately, our friend just left when we arrived at the wake. Her mom said she went home to rest for a little bit. We stayed for around one hour to try and wait for her pero mukhang nakatulog na so hinayaan na lang namin. The mom entertained us. Hay. Nakakalungkot kasi pinatay sya :(. What a waste of life if it’s not natural death. Rest in peace na lang po, tito.

Anyway, we went to Starbucks para magpagpag at para makapagkwentuhan na rin since matagal din kaming di nagkita hehehe. We called it a night by 9PM because both of us wanted to rest as early as we can.

Speaking of patay, may namatay din daw na kabarangay namin sa Baguio. Younger than me. Looks like he died in his sleep. At kakastalk ko sa FB, kakakasal lang nya last April :(. Hay. And for some reason, natatakot ako hahaha. As in di ko mapatay ilaw ko sa gabi. I planned to go home early last Friday because I was not able to buy tickets but I changed my mind. Ayaw ko kasing dumating sa amin ng gabi. Madadaanan ko kasi yung bahay nila pero malalagpasan naman ng taxi. Pero basta, ewan kung bakit. For sure nalibing naman na yun kasi bata pa per weired talaga. Maybe because it brings back memories to when we lost our parents. Anyway, may he rest in peace din.

P.S. Super late post na nito hehehe. Ngayon lang sinipag magtype.

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