2016 Week 16 Recap: Weekend Lakad

April 18-24, 2016

Last Saturday, a friend and I went to BGC to check out the World Street Food Congress. There were a lot of interesting dishes from the different parts of the world. Everything looks delicious. However, there were a lot of people, the order and claim lines were long in almost all of the stalls, the heat was just so unforgivable (at least to us) and the prices are abit steep for our wallets hehehe. A 500 ml Wilkins water alone costs Php50.00 hehehe. The cheapest I’ve seen if I’m not mistaken, was Php180.00. Setting aside the price though, my friend and I were willing to at least try some of the food stalls. However, it got a little windy and dust was all around hehehe. So we got disappointed and decided to just leave the place.

From BGC, we went to S&R Shaw. We just missed going around the place and inspect each and every item hehehe. We also missed the pizza and chicken so we had our late lunch there. Most of my breakfast staples were also available and cheaper so did some grocery shopping. It’s just too tempting to shop there though, so shopping discipline is a must, otherwise, you’ll end up overspending.

I am a little restless these days because of a lot of things going on in my mind so I just stayed home on Sunday. I was about to go out in the evening but I remembered it was the 3rd and final debate of our presidential candidates so I opted to watch it instead. But politics is one that I am not that passoinate about. Let’s just say I already have my choices and I respect others’ choices. To each his own. Regardless of who wins, I will still continue to strive to be a good Filipino.

I also got hold of news in FB that my uncle in the US (my dad’s brother in law) already passed away. Hay. Nakakalungkot. May you rest in peace, uncle. While you are already gone, I know that you will continue looking after auntie. It’s time to party in heaven with all the other folks who went ahead of you. I’m sure they all welcomed you in style, I mean the Igorot way – dancing, gong playing, butchered pigs, and a merry feast! Til we meet again.

2016 Week 15 Recap: Weekend Getaway

April 11-17, 2016


Last April 14, my boss asked me to attend a dialogue on her behalf, as requested by one of our partner schools. In summary, the school’s goal is to get information and inputs from its industry partners so that they can bridge the gap between their curriculum and the chances of their students being hired after graduation.

It was the school’s first time to do it, and it was my first time to attend such an event. It was an eye-opener for me, most especially on the difference of the academe and the industry. And while there are glitches, I’m happy to know that there are schools who initiate such dialogues for the improvement of their curriculum. I’ll try to write more about it in another post.


Finally had the chance to get out of Manila. A friend invited us to spend the weekend at their home in Lipa. We traveled to Lipa on Saturday afternoon. Sumptuous lunch was waiting for us upon reaching their place hehehe. Lamon galore ang weekend na ito.

After late lunch and few minutes of rest, we proceeded to the Bluroze Farms Parks and Wildlife. It’s a mini zoo in Lipa where the animals can freely roam around in their provided wide open spaces. The area itself is big. However, we were not able to roam around the place because we arrived there at 6PM and they close at 7PM, and even before 7PM struck, it was already dark so we had to leave hehehe. By the way, we paid Php120.00 entrance fee.

We proceeded to the San Sebastian Cathedral next. It is a big church with beautiful architecture. From the Cathedral, we went across the street to check out the night market. It’s a mixture of cooked food and more food and more and more food and some stalls also sell mostly clothes. While we did not have any intentions of buying, it was fun checking out the stalls and be amazed by all the delicious looking food hehehe. In fairness, there were a lot of people that night. Maybe it’s the usual time for the people of Lipa to spend time outside.

Because we wanted a sit down dinner, we avoided buying food at the night market. We went to LBN bar and restaurant for dinner. We wanted to order lomi but the restaurant only serves it until 7:30 PM. We arrived at 8PM. We settled for the usual pork sisig, grilled tuna belly and chopsuey. We also had one glass of margarita to cap the night. There was a live band while we were there so it must be our lucky night hehe.

On Sunday, my friend and I attended mass at the Cathedral. After a hearty breakfast, we proceeded to La Virginia Resort and Hotel for a much needed dip in the pool to at least beat the summer heat. Entrance fee for day tour is Php320.00. We did not rent a cottage since we did not have packed lunch. We just had lunch at their restaurant.

The place has 4 or 5 pools so even with the many guests, the pools were not crowded. We surveyed the place a little before settling to a pool with lesser people. We just wanted to stay in the water and exchange stories so the lesser the people, the better hehehe. We stayed in the pool for about 3 hours before taking our late lunch. We planned it that way so that we don’t go to the restaurant together with the crowd.

One store at my friend’s place sells halo-halo in buko. The buko juice and the buko itsself becomes part of the hal-halo. We tried it even if we were still full from lunch and even if we also had halo-halo at the restaurant. It was my first time to see such so buy na!

We left Lipa at around 6:30PM and back in Manila by 8:30PM. Thank God for a quick and traffic-less travel. And thank you for generous friends who are willing to host you even for just the weekend hehe.

Some pictures of the weekend.


BluRoze Farms

Pinks and whites

Pinks and whites

Dusk at the province

Dusk at the province

San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa

San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa

Overlooking Taal from La Virginia Resorts and Hotel

Overlooking Taal from La Virginia Resorts and Hotel

Castle at the resort. This is one of their accommodations.

Castle at the resort. This is one of their accommodations.

Weeeee! Time to dive, oopps dip only.

Weeeee! Time to dive, oopps dip only.



Halo-halo in buko! Yum yum!

Halo-halo in buko! Yum yum!

Bluroze Farms
4217 Lipa, Batangas

La Virginia Resorts and Hotel
Brgy. Manggahan, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas

2016 Week 14 Recap: Anyare?!!!

April 4-10, 2016

Puro work updates. The boss of the boss treated us to Chili’s last Friday. Naisip namin birthday treat nya kasi birthday nya nung March pero hindi daw. Dinner lang daw.

He was in Tokyo, Japan with his family last Holy Week. Kaya pala wala sya that week at di na nagfollow up sa tinatanong nya sa akin that time hehe. Or baka ok na sa kanya yung last reply ko hehe. Anyway, so syempre na-share kong punta rin kami sa Japan this July. For sure daw mabibitin kami sa 6 days pero ok na rin daw. At Summer daw non, mainit. Basta ang tip nya ay i-reseach daw namin ang most cost effective option/s for the train tickets kasi marami daw pero may best option based on our IT. Plus, sabi nya, use Google maps daw because it’s so helpful. Just input your starting point and destination and Google maps will tell you what train line, and most importantly where to exit. Each station has so many exits daw kasi so nakakalito talaga if wala kang guide.

And last weekend was the most stressful yet this year. Hay at sana hindi na mauulit dahil nakakawindang talaga! We had an issue with the system that processes our attendance data and since prerequisite ito ng Payroll, mas lalong naka kaloka. I spent my weekend waiting for updates and thinking of all other options we can propose just in case hindi talaga kakayaning maayos. Nakaupo lang naman ako sa bahay pero pagod na pagod ako kakahintay at kakaisip.

It was the first time the issue occurred so clueless talaga kaming lahat anong meron kasi maayos naman syang tumatakbo ever since 6 years ago.

Good thing na rin that our resources were committed to resolve the problem. Ang galing nung bata. Salamat na lang at sya ang resource. No findings after namin madeploy yung fix. Lahat nakahinga ng maluwag after magconfirm ni HR kaninang madaling araw na ok naman lahat. Don lang ako nakatulog ng maayos.

Pinilit ko na lang din makapag laundry man lang at mag simba at maggrocery nung Sunday para naman may makabuluhang nagawa over the weekend. Pero iba pa rin talaga. Ang hirap magfocus. Sana hindi na namin danasin yun ulit.

Until today, Monday, feeling lutang pa rin ako. Kung wala lang kailangan tapusin, umabsent na rin ako ngayon. Anyway, move on na.

Ay gusto rin daw pala ng mga pamangkin kong magbakasyon at makipagsiksikan sa akin sa apartment ko. Gusto kong itake advantage tong stage na clingy pa sila pero hindi na ganon kaalagain since medyo malalaki na sila pero tignan ko muna if may time pa since di na ako pwede this April. If ok pa sa May, then baka ampunin ko muna sila. We’ll see.

Hoping for a better week.

2016 Week 13 Recap: Ad hoc project = Hectic

March 28 – April 3, 2016

And just like that, we’re done with the 1st quarter of 2016. Whew!


The ad hoc project where we need to fix systems ASAP made the team busy last week. The kind of busy that you need to extend hours most of the days to get things done. What a relief when Friday rolled in hahaha.

Anyway, most of the target deliverable for last week were completed. The ones left were not really critical but still needs to be checked nonetheless. We are moving on to the next step this week and next week, and that’s the end user’s testing. Crossing my fingers that there will be no issues. Otherwise, it means we did not test well hehe.

Oh, and finally, the vendor for another project showed up. Pero hay naku pa rin!

Living Quarters

So it’s really bye Sky Cable for me since last week. My digibox was pulled out last Wednesday. The coming bill should be my last.


We availed of a promo at Lee Hak Korean Restaurant at Pioneer Center, Kapitolyo, Pasig. Php 322 for a weekend lunch buffet, unlimitted iced tea included. To me, the food was ok for the price (but I’m not choosy in general). According to my friend who is more versed in anything Korean, their food was somewhat “Filipinized”. While the selection may be few for some, it was enough for me as it’s not overwhelming which ones to choose. They don’t have much dessert options though. I guess there were just 2 fruits. But for that price, I think we got our money’s worth.

We dropped by EDSA Shangri-la because my friend was interested to check out the wedding expo to get some ideas for her brother who sometimes does styling in weddings. While the prices were overwhelming, we enjoyed all the displays. We were especially amazed by the Ecuadorian roses displayed by one supplier. They had big, beautiful roses!


Beautiful Ecuadorian roses in different colors!

We were amazed by these roses in glass (or not sure if it's plastic) bubbles!

We were amazed by these roses in glass (or not sure if it’s plastic) bubbles!

Golden Winterland, which I liked the most. Simple and clean. I'm sure your color motif will be highlighted if you have this setting in your reception. Ganda lang!

Golden Winterland, which I liked the most. Simple and clean. I’m sure your color motif will be highlighted if you have this setting in your reception. Ganda lang!

We also passed by a Starbucks event at the Shang mall so we spent a few minutes there. There were lectures about their different types of coffee and demo on their new coffee presses. We were treated to free coffee in different variety. It was good to know that the Kape Vinta coffee beans is from the Philippines.

From the Starbucks website

From the Starbucks website

From the Starbucks website

From the Starbucks website

Random thoughts while we were in that event.
Me: I want to get rich through agriculture. Why can some people do it and we can’t?
Friend: You need to have hectares of land so that you can produce enough to supply the big chains.
Me: nuninuninuni

But let’s see about this dream. There has to be a way.

We went to Megamall less than an hour before closing time to check out the treadmills.

Sunday was spent doing some domestic chores and mass.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.

2016 Week 12 Recap: Holy Week Break

March 21-27, 2016

I hope you all had a meaningful Holy Week.


I had two days of work last week since I took the day off on March 23. We are struggling with debugging some reports because we have restricted access to the vendor’s server and we are highly dependent on our US counterpart. I feel helpless and frustrated until now especially every time I receive replies to my emails saying that they can’t quite get what I mean by so and so. Hay. But work is work and so we have to continue finding a way to work best even with a lot of restrictions.


I had a great birthday and I am thankful for another year. I was able to accomplish all that I’ve planned for that day. More details here.

Holy Week Break

After a birthday dinner on Wednesday, I went home to my brother’s place because it was more accessible and safer especially at night. I also spent most of Thursday at my brother’s place. My sister-in-law’s cousin was generous enough and let us to use their car so my brother and his family accompanied me home. Thankful for that because it was easier to run errands (aka buy paint and groceries) and we were able to avoid the downtown traffic hehe. Thanks, kuya. Plus, my nephew had the chance to light candles for his lolo and lola.

On Good Friday, my younger brother and I worked on the gates and railing. We painted it with primer just to control the rust. Just a temporary solution in the meantime that I’m still undecided what color use for the exterior of the house, plus of course the budget is still elusive hehehe.

As there was still daylight, I gathered the weeds that I removed from the backyard last December and placed them all together in one area. I’ll wait for these to decompose and use it for my flower pots.

On Saturday, my tita, tito, brother + kid, cousin +kid visited three sick relatives, two of which are my mother’s brothers and the other one is my mother’s first cousin (our tita) whom she was close to when she was still alive. Two out of three were thinking maybe it was already their time to go hehehe. I suspected that of my uncle, since he’s now the same age when my mom died and he’s next to my mom by birth order. Hay gusto kong batukan mga matatanda. No, they should not be thinking of those things even if they go there eventually. Kanya-kanyang timeline naman yan. Besides, I am not yet ready to face another death in the family. Our tita looks older now as compared to the last time I saw her but still talkative. She said she’ll wait for my wedding and volunteered to walk me down the aisle since she’s not that optimistic anymore to do that for her own daughter because it looks like my cousin does not have the plans of tying the knot soon. Nakaka-pressure naman. Wala pa nga yun sa radar namin (or baka ako lang pala hehehe). Anyway, we’ll see. Pwede bang magfocus na lang po kayo sa pagpapagaling muna?

After the visits, my tita, tito and I attended the Easter vigil mass.

On Sunday, I requested the family to go on a picnic at Burnham. I invited my tita’s family and my cousins’ kids, whoever would like to come. I just want the kids to bond and play and just be kids. It is important for me that they grow up knowing each other so that when they grow old, I hope that they will also be each other’s support system. It’s also my birthday treat to them. Nothing fancy. Rice was cooked at home, and we just bought 2 viands from Good Taste (one of the famous and more affordable restaurants in Baguio), and ice cream. Panulak? Tubig lang hahaha. Tipid mode eh :p.


It was bye Baguio in the evening and back in your arms, Manila at around 2 AM of March 28.

I hope you all had a great week. Cheers to another great week ahead.

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