I was able to watch this movie last weekend. It’s about Drew (Orlando Bloom), a shoe designer, whose design was a total failure and it meant loss in almost a billion dollars for the company. On his suicide attempt, he receives a call from his sister that their father passed away and he needs to go back home to Elizabethtown. On the plane to Elizabethtown, he meets Claire(Kirsten Dunst ), a flight steward. This is where their story begins.

My favorite part is when Drew takes the long drive back to Oregon. It is a leisurely drive with pit stops here and there. Claire prepared the map, stop over and even the appropriate music for each place. The movie made me wish that I have a car to make those leisure drives too. =)

Sykesers invade 8 Waves

June 23 and July 1 are Sykes picnic days. Our schedule is June23 and the next batch will be on July 1. It was supposed to be in Fontana but there were some problems so they had to look for other alternatives and so 8 Waves was chosen. Our hosts were Giselle Sanchez and Hanz Montenegro. They make a great tandem as hosts. Our guest band is Kamikaze plus another that I’m not familiar with.

It was bonding time with me that night. I can’t swim coz I have so I had to go solo while the rest of the team went in groups. I availed of the body massage, foot scrub, foot spa, and hand spa. There were hair sp, body scrub and facial massage too but I was too tired to fall in line. While waiting for my turn at the spa, I was also reviewing. After the spa, I went back to our cottage to check what’s going on. The rest of the team was not there yet so I decided to have my snack while watching Kamikaze on the screen. They are a good band. They have lots of green jokes but it’s their way of entertaining people. At around 4AM I took a bath and get ready for our departure. Anne and I boarded the bus right after breakfast to catch some sleep. When I woke u, we were already at Araneta Avenue. As soon as we were at KPointe, I hailed a taxi and headed home to sleep some more. 🙂

Love one another…The measure of Love is not to measure Love

This is the theme of today’s gospel. We are reminded about God’s unconditional love for us. The priest’s sermon was this. When we get frustrated with the way things are going on with our lives, when our dreams are not achieved, when relationships end, we tend to stop loving. But when we stop loving, it’s already as good as dying. Thus, despite all the frustrations and disappointments we have, we must keep in mind that God is always there loving us and God’s love alone can keep us going.

My grown up cousins

We visited Uncle Arthur’s family this morning and the kids are all grown up. I only saw Steiner and Griener. Marjorie is with her Aunt Kate at Cervantes. They were my babies when I stayed with them during my third year in college, which was 7 years ago. I am happy with the way they are slowly learning things like doing some household chores and taking care of themselves. I remember before that everything was done for them. I prepare their food. I even feed the youngest one. I am happy to see that now, they are the ones doing those things already. Steiner is already mature for his age. He listens to advises, he realizes his mistakes and knows how to say sorry. I am happy that he’s growing to become a fine adult. He’s planning to enter PMA coz he wants to be a pilot. Greiner on the other hand is still a kid but growing up fast. I got a hug from him when he saw me. I pray that he will also grow up to be a responsible young man.

Fr. Benny Castañeda

We went home to my mother’s hometown in Colong, Kabayan Benguet. It was an abrupt decision last Sat. I was surprised to learn that Fr. Benny is the current parish priest of Sayangan. What a small world we really have. He was our regular priest before at St. Martin. He was the officiating priest on our First Holy Communion and our graduation. He has been with us in almost all of the occasions in our school. He was one of our favorite priests and we love him. He was also our parish priest before in St. Paul Tuba. The folks in Colong also love him because of his maka-masa ways. He goes to the most remote areas to evangelize. For this, he will surely be missed when he will be transferred to Cathedral at the end of this month.
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