2018 Week 30: Design Thinking | New Implementation

July 23-29, 2018

We attended a seminar last Thursday. It was sponsored by PMI Philippines. The venue was in Discovery Suites Ortigas so I requested the boss if I can work from home so that I can just walk to the venue in the evening hehe.

It was about Design Thinking. It was very informative for me. It usually involves a process. This is a good strategy to use for projects whose goals and methods are unknown. Startups can leverage on this method while they are not yet clear on what products to put in the market.

The weekend was spent at home playing FarmVille (yes, adik pa rin), doing some household chores and catching on sleep because for some reason, I have been going home late almost all of last week.

I was also looped in in a new account implementation. While it is still in its early stages and I cannot really relate because this is totally new to me, I will still attend the weekly meetings because this will be an added knowledge. I have always wondered how account implementations are done and here is the opportunity. Kailangan nga lang tiisin ang 12-1AM na meeting haha.Once a week lang naman so that’s fine. And I can take it at home.

Lastly, I need to remind myself that it’s only 5 months to go before December at kailangan ko na talagang i-pressure ang sarili kong kumilos-kilos na. Well, I have already ticked off a few items in my list pero sangkatutak pa ang walang check mark kaya kilos-kilos na OMG. Hehe.

The end.

2018 Week 29: Unexpected Expenses | Nephew Enters the Workforce

July 16-22, 2018

Good news first. The nephew who graduated last June was accepted and his office is located in Ortigas so he opted to stay with me again for the meantime. Yun lang, nagpapa-allowance pa rin ako sa kanya until his first salary. My gas pulgas akala ko graduate na ako dyan hahahaha!

If the other week, I blogged about zero spending, this week was meant for some unexpected expenses.First, the sole of my rubber shoes started disintegrating. I guess it was because I used them in the 3 mountains that I visited since May, including the outreach we had last July 14-15. I did not notice it until I reached Manila. I’m not sure why to think na as in hihiwalay na talaga yung isang sole when I inspected it hahaha. So anyway, that needs a replacement and so I was lucky to score one that I like last July 21. I was surprised about the price because I think running shoes are a little cheaper now (at least for the brand I bought) as compared to before when running was such a hype. Mas mahal na ngayon ang mga pangporma hehehe.


↑Priced at Php 3,295.00. Not discounted. I remember that my other pairs of shoes cost more than that years back.

The microwave oven also started emitting smoke and unpleasant smell. I thought at first that maybe it just needs cleaning but it was still the same after cleaning it. I was so nervous when I tried it out and I was imagining a lot of things. But since I’m no electrician, I decided to just buy a new one because we are dependent on it.


↑The cheapest with the most basic functionality that we saw which was priced at Php 2,700.00.

So those 2 items, plus the office shoes I bought in June are unexpected expenses. I don’t really alot a big budget for shopping because I don’t shop every month. But the shopping budget is sometimes used for other things. Maybe I should not be spending shopping budget when not needed so that I have something to use when I need to buy something important haha.

On Saturday, a friend and I met in Megamall to have a feast for samgyupsal in Gangnam Wings. Yes, allowed ito sa diet ko hahahahaha! But I think lugi kami because we felt full right away at di namin nasulit ang unli-meat hahahaha. Keri na rin. That sustained me until Sunday afternoon.



↑Saturday feast.

The end.

2018 Week 28: Outreach Program

July 9-15, 2018

Dear Mama and Daddy,

Early this year, a friend asked if I know of some school where our office club could go to for outreach this year. I checked the aunties in Colong if they need one. Yes daw and so Tamang Elemey School was chosen for this year.

The outreach happened last July 14-15, 2018. We left Manila at 1 AM of July 14 and reached Bonglo at around 7 AM. We had breakfast at auntie Gina’s first. I asked them to buy some cooked fried chicken the day before and then just cook some vegetables to go with it. Ayun, blockbuster ang sayote tops at ginisang sayote with giniling hehehe.

Uncle Mike met us at Bonglo with the service jeep that will bring the donations in Colong. He also assigned 2 barangay kagawads to assist us during our stay.

We started hiking at around 9 AM and reached Colong at around 11 AM. Basag tuhod talaga. We went to the barangay hall as that will be our accommodation for our overnight stay.


↑On the way down. It was all downwards kaya basag-tuhod hike talaga. Tapos madulas pa because of the rain.

We right away started cooking the lugaw for kids and our lunch. Some of us facilitated some games when it was not raining. If it begins to drizzle, the children go to the nipa huts for more getting to know you activities and also jamming to some music they are all familiar with.


↑Tamang Elementary School

As soon as the rain stopped, we started distributing the goodies. We are thankful for the presence of the teachers because they were able to help us organise the kids.

At the end, the kids sang a few lines of walang hanggang pasasalamat. Tapos sa puso. Kanya-kanya kaming pigil ng luha hahahaha.

They may think they are lucky to be recipients but we are luckier to be given the opportunity to do that because as adults surrounded and preoccupied by a lot of things, activities such as this bring our feet rooted firmly back on the ground.

On a personal note, I want the kids to also have an encounter with other people aside from those in the community. This is in the hope that it will inspire and let them know that the world is big as their playground and that they can dream bigger and keep on working for those dreams so that someday, they may also give back to their community.


↑With my cousin who was one of the recipients.

Anyway, after the wrap-up, we had our late lunch and each one took a bath and took a nap.

Uncle Gaspar and Junifer (kagawads) cooked chicken tinola for our dinner. So grateful for them as we did not need to prepare dinner anymore.

We had our socials after dinner and we called it a night at 10 PM. The gang spent the night at the barangay hall while I slept at my lola’s (my mom’s mother) house.

On Sunday morning, we received news that there was a landslide on the road going to Colong. Luckily, the jeep can still bring us up until the landslide and then we can walk for about 2-3 kilometers until Halsema Highway where we can get a ride to reach Bonglo where our rented vans were parked.

However, when we reached the landslide area, the community already started the clearing operations and they said it will be done in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Our group decided to just wait for it to be reopened rather than walk. True enough, after almost an hour, the people were able to clear a portion so that vehicles could pass by.


↑Bumble bee busy clearing some portion of the road.

While waiting and watching what’s going on, I was yet again reminded of how it is so different for other people. Some of the people in the community were there at the site as early as 4 AM because they were supposed to bring their vegetables to the market. But they were patiently waiting until the work was completed at almost 11 AM. No complaints, just patiently waiting and exchanging stories. I felt ashamed because I sometimes complain and get impatient on little things. And I again strongly felt the desire to belong to a close-knit community.

Anyway, we reached Bonglo and after a quick restroom break and final repacking of things, we were on the road again to go back to Manila. The group dropped by Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad but I parted ways with them because I was going back later that evening.

I dropped by my uncle’s house in La Trinidad to visit my lola who has also been in the hospital some weeks back. She was supposed to go home that same day but postponed due to the landslide. At least I was able to catch her first before going back to Manila.

The BF and I also met in the evening before travelling back to Manila.

RM1 (07152018)

RM2 (07152018)

↑Post anniversary dinner sa eatery sa terminal. Nothing fancy because you know, tagtipid at umuulan. Tamad nang maglakad-lakad pa. And yes, 3 years na kami. Akalain mo yun haha!

So there, Mama. It was good to see some familiar faces in your hometown and I was happy to see all of them. Lahat sila pinag-aasawa na ako hahaha. Well, kung alam lang nila hahahahaha. Pupunta naman daw sila pag nagyaya ako nyahahaha.

Anyway, the end.

2018 Week 27: Zero Spending

Yes, I did not part ways with any cash from Money to Sunday last week. My only expenses were Grab charges for my transportation. How did that happen? It’s because I have a lot of freezer meals in the ref from the batch cooking I did the previous week hehe. So I just ate at home. And I didn’t feel hungry while in the office so no need to buy snacks. Even my stash of nuts remained untouched. My wallet is happy. I hope it will be the same case this week.

And I did not feel like going out last weekend so that was also one big factor to the no-spend week. I just stayed home and started putting together an itinerary for a trip next year. Gotta rush this task before hotels get pricier because our travel dates are not yet off-peak. I hope to complete the itinerary within this week.

It was also my mother’s 5th death anniversary last July 6. I did not go home but a club in our office is brewing something for the kids in her birthplace this weekend if weather permits. Sana Lord, para matapos na po ito. Thank you.

I can’t remember any other significant events last week and so, the end hahaha.

Have a great week ahead.

2018 Week 26: Semi-productive and Semi-bum

June 25 – July 1, 2018

Last Saturday, my friend and I met to eat at Romantic Baboy in Tomas Morato. When we arrived there however, the list was long. As in long like there were around 30-50 groups ahead of us and estimated waiting time will be 3 hours. We can’t wait that long so we decided to look for other places to eat.

We ended up eating at O Ga Ne, also in the same area. We just wanted to eat meat so we were satisfied naman. But I still want to try Romantic Baboy to know what the hype is all about hehehehe.


↑Meat and more meat!

After brunch, we went to SM Makati to look for office shoes. Luckily, I saw two candidates and eventually, a pair from Hush Puppies won over a pair from Gibi. It was more expensive but no regrets because it is so comfortable. No blisters after wearing it for 3 consecutive days now yey! I hope the cost per wear will be low in the long run.


↑New cute office shoes. I know this is more of a school shoes but it’s black and it’s closed so…it will also pass for office shoes hehehe. We are not required to wear black and closed. It’s just my preference.

We went back to Shangri-la Mall after. I dropped by the grocery for some food supplies. I saw a buy one take one fish fillet so I grabbed one. Bakit kaya madalas silang may ganon? Hahaha. Went home after.

And then I tended to my FarmVille hahahaha.

On Sunday, I went to Unimart for more grocery shopping. And then I did batch cooking so that I don’t need to buy outside at least this week. My wallet is a little happy hahaha.

The end.

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