What I Spent | More Expensive Than The Last!

Why is it more expensive this time?!

What I Spent

09242017 Batch 1

↑The pears were on buy one-get one promo. The first of the 4 pieces tastes fresh so far. I hope it’s the same with the rest.

09242017 Batch 2

↑I’m trying a vegetable smoothie for breakfast this week, hence the greens and fruits. The smoked bangus belly is the most expensive this week. I was not able to correctly identify the tag prize because there were a lot of tag prices in the freezer! But I hope the taste is worth it. I think the chicken and fish can also last until mid next week.

Healthy Options for flax seeds (not in the picture) – 245.00

Supermarket – 1,456.94

Sunday’s total is 1,701.94.

September Expenses

September 2: Php 526.28

September 9: Php 608.18

September 10: Php 1,333.15

September 24: 1,701.94

Total September spending: Php 4,169.55

I find it too expensive still. On the upside, some of the items (ex. condiments, flax seeds) are not part of a weekly purchase. Plus, that’s for 3 meals and some afternoon snacks already. If I get the average per meal (90 meals in a month, excluding snack), that’s about 46.33 per meal this month. In all fairness, I don’t recall buying food outside during weekdays since I started cooking. But still expensive I guess? Nuninuninuninu.

However, this does not include the eating out expenses hahaha! I have a separate budget for that and it’s usually for the rare weekends that I meet up with friends.

What’s Cooking: Steamed Beans

Steamed Beans


  • I did not follow any recipe. I just combined what I read from several sources.
  • I just boiled the beans and sauteed it after on butter and garlic.
  • And here’s the most important information I learned. Boiling vegetables should only be until 6 minutes. The moment you go beyond this, it’s already overcooked, hence the natural color changes to a less appetizing one.
  • Given above, what I did (because I still did not have the steamer at that time)  was to first bring the water to a boil before putting the beans in the pot. I also timed it to boil for only 5 minutes. Yes, I used an alarm so that it’s accurate.
  • After 5 minutes, I just drained the water, gathered the beans into one side of the pan so that I could saute the garlic in butter for a few minutes. After that, I mixed the beans with the butter. I also seasoned it with a bit of salt and done.

My version:

Steamed Beans

Beans, Rellenong Bangus, Grapes

I just usually pair it with fish or chicken and some fruits if I feel like eating fruitsI did not make the rellenong bangus. I just bought it from the grocery.

2107 Week 38: UAT Done | Rare Night Out With Friends

September 11-17, 2017

Testing is completed and we’re off to implementation. This is such a relief after all that we had to deal with at the start of the project. Whew!

I went to BDO last Monday because I received a text saying that my ATM was blocked because I may have used it in a compromised machine. My ATM card had to be replaced. Buti na lang free. But I will only get the replacement card after 5 banking days. Ang tagal. Parang 3 days lang ito  dati ah. Tsk. I also had to update my information by filling up forms. Required by BSP raw yun.

I met with 2 of my closest friends at work last Saturday. We used to go out frequently when we were younger. But so seldom these days hahahaha. All of us just prefer to stay home and spend time with our ow selves hehehe. Ganyan talaga siguro pag tumatanda nyahahahaha.

We went to Green Pastures at Shangri-la for dinner. It’s a farm to table type of restaurant. I ordered their ultimate lasagna. This is made of 3 cheese, roasted carrot puree and vegan mushrooms. It doesn’t have meat but still tasty and heavy.

I was also able to taste their caesar kale salad and garlic soup. Both are good. Average price per person is around Php 700.00. Medyo expensive lang hehe.

Ultimate lasagna by Green Pastures

↑ Green Pastures’ Ultimate lasagna!

We transferred to Starbucks for coffee (and tea for me) because we need more time of catching up hehe. We called it a night at almost 1 AM. Bitin pa pero inaantok na kaming lahat hahaha.

I just stayed at home on Sunday and binge watched in Netflix. Taking advantage while it’s still free! Hahaha.

No weekend cooking since I still have some leftover which I think is enough this week. Sana.

The end.

Have a great week ahead.

SK Update: Sofa | Side Table

Some ongoing projects for the sala. Again, these are all being worked on by my brother on his free time.



My 3-seater sofa. I still need to look for a shop that does upholstery for the sofa’s foams. My brother said Mandaue Foam is already in Baguio! Need to check if they do customized sofa foams. 

Side table

Side table

My side table. This still needs treatment so that it won’t be infested by termites. Then I’ll have it varnished. Maybe I’ll just retain the original wood color. No need for tinting color. Let’s see. The round block of wood was given to me by an uncle some years ago. I thought of using it as a table in the terrace but I think it’s a good side table too. The irregular shapes add character to it.

Other updates:

  1. Dining Table and Chairs

2017 Week 37: Almost Over | Weekend Laziness

September 4-10, 2017

The project we are working on is almost complete. Well, at least the bulk of it. We are targeting to deploy on September 18 even though the launch is still in October. This is to ensure that everything is working in production prior October. Konting-konti na lang, makakatulog din ako ng maayos hehe.

It was a tiring week last week so I was lazy to be a domestic diva.

On Saturday, I woke up late and watched around 3 movies in Netflix.

I went out early evening to meet with a friend. We watched Love to the Stars and Back. The movie will make you laugh and cry.

Joshua Garcia is a promising actor. The kid has talent. This is his second movie I watched and in both movies, I really think he did great.

The supermarket was still open so I dropped by to pick up a few items.

I was really feeling lazy moving my butt last Sunday but I had to force myself because I still need to cook lunch and dinner for this week haha. So off I went to the supermarket again. And then I labored in the kitchen for at least 5 hours. I should really be doing this on a Saturday  hahahaha.

Some meals I cooked.

Baked Cream Dory 1

↑ Baked cream dory

Macaroni soup

↑ Creamy chicken sopas. Perfect for the rainy days! No hotdogs because I have extended my no pork drama as long as I can hehe.

The end.

Have a great week ahead.


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