2018 Week 19: Weekend at Home | Mother’s Day

May 7-13, 2018

I was in Baguio last weekend for the Barangay elections last May 14. On Saturday, my sister, nieces and I hiked Mt. Yangbew.

After the hike, we dropped by the hospital in La Trinidad to visit my uncle who was undergoing dialysis that day. It was just supposed to be a quick visit but all the aunties who were there cannot stay with him until his dialysis was completed so they requested us to stay with him instead. Fortunately, his wife arrived at 5 PM so we can leave earlier than planned. We had dinner at McDonald’s before going home.

On Sunday, my sister-in-law invited us for lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day. We are missing the parents but I am glad that somehow, we get to go out for lunch once in a while.



↑Happy fiesta!

We went our separate ways after lunch. I attended the late afternoon mass at Divine Mercy.

The BF and I also went out for dinner. I was hoping we could go to John Hay but it was raining so we opted to just dine at Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant which was at the city proper. We also discussed some wedding related stuff hehe. Totoo na talaga ito besh hahahaha.





↑Happy fiesta round 2! Hahaha!

The end.

Mt. Yangbew Climb

Last May 12, 2018, I was able to finally visit Mt. Yangbew (also known as Mt. Jumbo) in Tawang, La Trinidad Benguet. I did this for 2 reasons: a) in preparation for the Mt. Ulap climb the following weekend; and b) to road test my running shoes if it can withstand the mountains too because my hiking shoes has gone brittle as it has not been used for so long so it’s uncomfortable to use for a longer climb and I don’t want to buy a new one hehe.

I brought along my sister and 2 nieces with me.

Our itinerary:

  1. We rode a La Trinidad bound jeep and dropped by Pines Park in KM. 4. This is just a short ride. La Trinidad terminals are In Magsaysay and Rizal Park below City Hall.
  2. From Pines Park, we crossed the bridge to go to the jeepney terminal bound for Tawang. The bridge is on the same side where we got down.
  3. We asked the driver to drop us off at the Tawang barangay hall. Fare is Php 10.00 so that’s around 6-7 kilometers.
  4. From the road where the driver dropped us, we had to walk up the street to reach the barangay hall. Not too far though. It’s just around 200-300 meters.
  5. My sister registered us and we were given tickets. Php 30.00/pax.
  6. We walked back to the jump-off to Mt. Yangbew. You will actually already pass by this on your way to the barangay hall but since registration is needed, go to the barangay hall first. You may opt to ride back but it’s also just 15-20 minutes walk from the barangay hall to the jump-off.
  7. At the jump-off, we just showed our tickets to the one inspecting and then we were on our way to the summit. No orientation or guide as there is only one trail and you won’t really get lost. We started our hike at 11 AM.
  8. We took our sweet time going up the summit. It took us about 1 hour but I know 30 minutes is doable for some. We met someone selling ice candy near the summit so we bought some. Yum especially with the summer heat!
  9. We stayed at the summit for an hour where had our lunch of boiled eggs and banana there. My niece also vlogged a little hehe.
  10. We left the summit at 1PM. Same way down. It took us around 40 minutes this time which is good because it started to drizzle when we reached the jump off.
  11. We just waited for a jeep that will bring us back to Pines Park.



↑Jump off


↑Picture with the kayabang (basket which Igorots use to carry their goods, mostly their vegetables)


↑Ice candy at the top!












↑Lunch of boiled eggs and saba at the summit.




↑Pictorials at random rocks on the way down.





↑Group picture

2018 Week 18: House Blessing | Food Trip | Passport Appointment | Unimart

April 30 – May 6, 2018

I am so happy that I was able to secure an appointment for the BF’s passport renewal. I started checking the site almost everyday, at different hours since March and was not lucky since then. There were no available dates since June. On April 30, I tried again in the evening hoping that this time, there will be slots because April is about to end. And boy was I lucky! Hehe. I was even able to change the schedule to a week earlier because when I double checked with the BF in the morning, there was a conflict with his schedule. Luck was on my side that day. I was thinking that most people might have gone to long breaks as May 1 was a holiday, hence slots were still available in the morning hehe. Anyway, I am just thankful he now has a schedule. Hopefully it goes well from here.

My friend had her condo blessed so another friend and I went to her place. The place was small so her visitors were in batches hehehe.

From the friend’s condo, we proceeded to Ayala the 30th because my other friend hasn’t been there yet.

We were feeling a little hungry (because that was already a few hours after lunch) so we went to Cafe Breton to grab some snacks. Here were our orders:


↑We shared one order of sausage platter with toast and each of us ordered caramel liegeois. All yummy but also super calorie and sugar loaded hehehehe.


↑We shared this order of blueberries and cream crepe. Super yummy!

After that, we went around the mall to check out the shops.

The plan was to also visit Estancia mall too but for some reason, we took our sweet time going around Ayala and it we just realized that it was already closing hours.

We were hungry again so we went to Capitol Commons to search for a place where we can eat. This time, we ended up in Peri-Peri.


↑Grilled chicke, mac and cheese, pita bread and salsa

On the way home last Saturday, I saw that Unimart has already opened! And so on Sunday, I went to check it out. The place is big and spacious too! It seems that the imported goods are cheaper there.  But the lettuce I bought was more expensive than in Rustans huhu. But anyway, at least I now have another alternative where I can shop that’s nearer the apartment hehehe.

The end.

2018 Week 17: Team Building | Resignations

April 23-29, 2018

Highlights of this week. Two members of the project team I’m handling tendered their resignations. Ones’s last day was last Friday, April 27. The other one is already on terminal leave as of this writing. The other one who just got married on April 1 has plans but she is yet to let us know if her and her hubby’s final plans in the next two weeks.

This is one event which is inevitable and we just have to be strategic about it so as to keep the team sailing.

We also had our team building last Friday, April 27. We went to Quest Adventure Camp in Teresa, Antipolo.

The area is 11 hectares, with 8 hectares already developed. Bet na bet ko ang ganito ng negosyo. San kaya ako makakakuha ng limpak na pera pambili ng kaharian hahahaha.

We got the day tour package which is less than Php 1,500 per person. Not sure if this is a group rate though. That fee includes facilitators, AM and PM snacks, lunch, and use of facilities from 8 AM to 6 PM.

We started the day with warm up exercises and Zumba. We moved on to the wall climbing, rappelling and zip line activities. I did all three. It was my first time to do wall climb and let me just say that it was not love at first try hehe. I have done more hardcore rappelling (in a falls) and zip line (Dahilayan Park, Bukidnon) in the past so I know I will still enjoy these activities.

We had a quick lunch before we started with the obstacle courses. We were divided into 2 groups. There were 13 obstacles on the ground and 2 in the pool. Pabilisan ng oras ito mga bes. The activities also required upper body strength the most.

In the end, our team won yehey! No price, only bragging rights hahaha. They were laughing at our chant in the morning kasi sobrang olats naman talaga. But in the end, kami ang nanalo bwahahahaha!


↑Lots of mango trees. This may be purely a mango plantation before.


↑Trying out the wall climb.

We were back in the office at around 8 PM and we went to Hugo for dinner and drinks because of the teammate’s last day. Ang tagal lang talaga ng service that night. Super gutom na kami.


↑Hugo Grillery for dinner.

On Saturday, ayan na ang body aches. But that did not hinder me and my friend to go out hehe.

We first went to Uptown Mall to try Tim Hortons. I enjoyed their Iced Hot Chocolate and Italanio Bagel. Ang sarap ng bagel.

All schedules for Avengers were full so we went to SM Megamall. Ang haba rin ng pila! We went to Shang where we were able to get tickets for 9 PM yehey! We did some window shopping to kill time. We also had dinner at … to avail of the 10% discount given when we bought the movie tickets hehe. Happy tummy with steaks, saffron rice, chicken, sausage and roasted veggies. Di ko naubos lahat so may instant ulam ako the next day hehehehe.

I liked the movie! Nakakabitin lang hahaha. Pero ok lang. May Philippines sa credit pero baka aerial scenes lang.

I had a massage on Sunday just to help ease all the pain brought about by the team building hehe.

And that’s it.

Quest Adventure Camp

Pantay Quatro, Sitio Buhangin, Antipolo – Teresa, Dalig, Teresa, 1880 Rizal (just 45 minutes drive from SM Masinag.)

(02) 876-7339
(63) 928-257-1613 | (63) 926-035-6143

2018 Week 16: Execution Leadership Sessions

April 16-22, 2018

It was my mom’s birthday last April 20. If she was still with us, she would have been 70 years old already. I miss you, Mama. I have a lot of stories to tell and questions to ask. Kaso waley ka naman na. Anyway, keri ko ito hahaha.

I think the only other highlight of last week was that we started studying the book “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done”. So far, I’m liking this activity because I am learning a lot. Wait, it would be better if I make a summary of the things that resonated with me each week in another blog entry so everything is consolidated.

And other than that, I can’t think of any other significant update. Hala! Wala rin akong social life last weekend. I just spent the entire weekend at home doing nothing, well, sometimes playing and watching YouTube videos. Ang init naman kasi. Ang hirap kumilos hahaha. There goes my lame excuses again.

And so, the end.

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