Bacolod Day 1: Bacolod City, and Mambukal

At around 2PM, we went back to Bacolod City to meet with Fides, Weng and family for a late lunch (take note, the one we had at the farm was breakfast :p). We ate at Chicken House. Of course, it’s chicken inasal hehehe. Beside Chicken House is the Negros Showroom where you can buy souvenirs. I would say this is the best place to buy as they have more choices as compared to Bong-Bongs or Merci.
After a hearty lunch, we drove Anne to Mambukal which is their meeting place with the rest of the guys climbing Kanlaon. It’s I think almost 2 hours drive from Bacolod City. For us not climbing, we stayed there a bit for the kids and kids at heart to enjoy even the Dipping pool (hot spring). I did not bring any change of clothes so I just amused myself by watching the other people. Full of foreigners I must say, especially from other Asian countries. I think it’s also nice to stay there for overnight. When I return to Bacolod, I’ll definitely stay in Mambukal longer. This is also the jump-off of the famous 7 Falls. I’ll also visit that when I go back :).
We were back in Bacolod City at around 8 PM and went straight to Aboy’s Restaurant in Goldenfields Commercial Complex for dinner. Delisyoso! They serve mostly Filipino food. I did not notice if there are other types of food but I’m sure there is. The place is good for reception. It has a well-maintained garden that’s good for pictorial. The resto is homey, spacious and well ventilated. Weng said that it was just a small place before but they’ve expanded more than 2x its original size. Business must be good for them :). Their customer service is good even though there were a lot of people at the time we were there. It’s one of the places recommended by locals.

Bacolod Day 1: Off to the farm…

It took us another hour to reach it. By that time, I was already really hungry and sleepy. Good thing we had a hearty breakfast of longganisa, dried fish and adobong gabi. Hay sarap. The adobong gabi was cooked in firewood and it reminded me of home. It was only then that I realized what the elders at home have always been saying about the difference in gas-cooked food and firewood cooked food. They say food cooked in firewood is tastier as compared to food cooked in stove but I didn’t see the difference until last weekend. And what the folks from home say is true :).
After filling our tummy, we had a tour of their farm. Leo started with his project just 6 months ago. He had several fish ponds, herbs, organic plants and lots of calamansi! Every time I recognize a plant, I remember home. 🙂
He also prepared tea for us. Lemon grass with calamansi and sugar and mint. He added hot water, waited for a few minutes and then—fresh tea! Yummy I would say.
Because of this visit, I was inspired to do the same thing at home. I should already start planting in my yard. I remember we had lemon grass before and I really liked it. I should resurrect those and try it here in Manila as well. Calamansi too! This is a must in my yard at home hihihi.
After the tour, it’s siesta time! Actually, we were just exchanging stories at first until finally each one of us was lulled to sleep by the serenity of our surroundings. I was lucky to be sleeping in a hammock. It was a short nap but it definitely re-energized me especially that I did not have any sleep the previous night.

Bacolod Day 1: With Friends

Reached Bacolod at 6 AM. Leo (who we met back in 2004 through Weng and Fides) fetched Anne and me at the Silay Airport and we went straight to their home. He prepared breakfast for us but we requested that we just have it in their farm. We packed everything and left after he drove his wife to the taxi stand. Sorry naman hehehe. At salamat gid.

Next stop is at Weng and Fides’ home. They are now working in Singapore but Fides and the kids will be staying here for a while. Their kids were playing bubbles in their front yard when we reached their home. Very cute kids! Napakahinhin ni Ysa. Matunog magkiss si Simon hahaha. After planning for the day’s itinerary, we proceeded to the farm. Unfortunately, Weng, Fides and the kids can’t join us because of the rough road and their available cars are not for it.

Bacolod, Thank You Gid

Last July 31-Aug. 2, 2010, I was supposed to climb Mt. Kanlaon and meet with friends. Unfortunately, that same week, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis so I opted out as I don’t like to put the whole group at risk.

I pushed through with the trip however to still meet with our friends and check out what else Bacolod has to offer.
Let me just say in advance that I didn’t have many pictures in this trip. I only have stories to share hehehe.

*Image from a friend.*

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