Strawberry Taho

 I’ve read in some blogs that one of the foods that shouldn’t be missed when in Baguio is the Strawberry taho (beancurd). I didn’t even know this existed until I read about it. Luckily, when we visited Burnham Park, a magtataho (seller of taho) passed by our table so we bought some to taste it. The syrup is actually strawberry preserve so it’s not just an artificial flavor. Yummy! I wonder how it would taste if it’s mixed with strawberry jam (with real strawberries).
the famous strawberry taho with a generous serving of strawberry preserve
the kids enjoying their share 🙂

Had Fun at Burnham Park

Went home last weekend of October to spend some time with my family. Together with me was my niece (brother’s daughter) from Tagaytay (their home). Since it was only her 2nd time to visit, we went out on Sunday to attend mass, and picnic at Burnham after.
Burnham Park is one of the tourist attractions in Baguio. There are different parts of the park depending on what you prefer to do. There’s the Children’s park, Biking area (separate for children and adults so it’s safe especially for kids), Burnham lake and the Rose Garden to name a few. You can find the perfect spot for your picnic in any of these areas. For photography enthusiasts, this is also a nice place to take lots of pictures.
For my family, it has always been the Children’s park so that the kids can just play around. After lunch, the kids went biking for an hour.  We rented just one with side-car where it was manuevered by my nephew and his passengers were my 2 nieces. The area was beside Burnham Lake so after their biking, they requested us to go boating wich I obliged because believe it or not, I haven’t tried that myself. :p
We had the option to paddle the boat ourselves or just have someone do it for us for an additional fee. Being the nervous aunt that I was that time (I was the only adult in the group :p), I opted for the later. Rowing back and fourth took about 20 minutes. I’m not very much familiar with the existing rate but I paid Php 230.00 for the 30-minute boat ride, and the fee for the boatman.
Here are some pictures of that day.

 @the Children’s park
 biking weeee!
 posing at the boat
my niece concentrating on the paddle. she had fun doing it!

If you’re visiting Baguio, you can’t miss the place because it’s located at the city proper.

Flowers Bloom

I’m getting excited with the idea of witnessing the 15th Panagbenga parade (Feb. 27-28, 2010) after more than 10 years of not attending any hehehe. The reason? There are just so many people and it’s always jam-packed that I’m discouraged to attend the previous celebrations. But now, I wanna give it another try :).
It will be Friends day that weekend. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to go home because for sure, transportation will be a problem on my end. Bahala na wahahaha. No specific IT yet but I really want to watch the parade and street dancing, go to Bell Church and visit John Hay :). Yippee!

Hopefully, I’ll also be enlightened as to what direction to take. Tough state :(.

Panagbengga 2010

Schedule of Activities:
February 1- Opening Parade
February 13- Chinese New Year
February 12-14- Legarda Rocks
February 14- Fluvial Parade
February 14- Camelot on the Lake
February 20- Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
February 20-22- PMA Homecoming
February 27- Street Parade
February 28- Float Parade
February 26-28- Abanao Nights
March 1-7- Session Road in Bloom
February 1-March 7- Market Encounter
March 6- Pony Boys

*Image from here.*

Baguio Gimik

After accompanying my mom to do the grocery last Sat., I texted my childhood friend if she was in town and if she would like to meet up. Fortunately, she said yes.
I had to wait for her though because she’s still in school for her tutor class, which was ok as I also needed to do some work stuff. I went to Cordillera Coffe, located in SM Baguio. The main reason I chose this place was because of their free WIFI but of course they also serve good stuff – from coffee to cakes to pasta to rice meals. My friend arrived at around 6 PM. We had a little chit chat over a cope of coffee and a slice of cake.
Not wanting to go home yet at around 8:30 PM and feeling the urge to sing, we went to look for a Videoke hehehe. Unfortunately, the one in SM is already closed and we did not know of any other place that has videoke. Darn! The next time I’m there, I should already know of a place. I know there’s one…there should be! Hehehe.
We then decided to go to Le Fondue, located at the 4th Floor La Azotea Bldg. along Session Road. It’s a small resto-bar with live music, mostly folk. There were around 2-3 singers that night who took turns. There are some tables on the small balcony overlooking Session Road. That’s where we took our seats. San Miguel is around Php35-40 while cocktails at Php55-120. I’m not sure of the exact prices. If you want to just chill and have a quiet conversation while enjoying the gentle evening breeze, then this place is ok.
Next stop is at Ayuyang. Sounds familiar? Yes, for those of you who’ve watched Piolo and Juday’s movie, Don’t Give Up On Us, this is the bar where Piolo was working. All along I thought it was further away from the city but I was surprised to learn that it’s just at Upper Session Road, where the old Victory Liner terminal was wahahaha. It was the opposite of le Fondoue. There were different bands, all of them into rock music, very opposite of what’s depicted in the movie ehehe. We can’t talk, and the rare times we attempted, we had to shout hehehe. The place is ok though and the crowd is still pleasant. But based on my observation though, they invite different bands each night so maybe some nights have different music as well.
We called it a night at around 11 PM.
So there, happy holloween! 😀
Until my next tour in my hometown hehehe.
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