@ Home Day 1

I arrived home from Manila at 12 PM. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch the 4 AM Victory Liner trip so I had no choice but to take the 5:20 AM trip instead.

After a few hours of sleep, I went out to have dinner with friends. Actually, only 2 (Apryl and Randy) in the group are my friends. The rest are Apryl’s friends hehehe. But some of them are familiar because we all went to the same school in college. Some of them were even my classmates in some of the subjects. We met up coz Apryl arrived from Singapore. It was a timing that we’re both at home this weekend so I was able to join them. I’m glad I did. I don’t remember the last time I saw Randy. 2006 pa yata. He got married last December at UP Diliman but I was not able to attend. Where was I? Office. Amp.

We were done at around 9:30 PM. I was surprised that though it was already late (in terms of Baguio standards), there were still a lot of people milling around. We had to wait for a while before some of us were able to ride a cab. As for me, I had to wait for the one cab that was willing to bring me home to our remote home wahahaha. Transportation has always been a problem when going home. Good thing though that now, some taxi drivers are willing to travel as far as our place at this time. Kung hindi, ay good luck na lang sa akin. Either, magpapa-ampon ako sa iba para makalabas sa gabi or hwag nang lumabas at all hehehe.

It’s not so cold in town anymore though but the temperature is still favorable than that of Manila. But it’s a different story at home. Bundok eh so mas malamig. Sarap matulog hehehe. But not yet. I still have to read the manual of Gelo’s camera hehehe. So I’m out of cyberspace for the meantime.


Dumaan ang Sabado nang hindi ko namamalayan. Ang natatandaan ko lang sa araw na ‘to, nasa office pa ako pagpatak ng Saturday, 12 MN, nakauwi na ako sa apartment around 3 AM, naghanda para sa byahe pauwi ng Baguio, nasa byahe na by 5:30 AM, nakauwi ng 12 noon, naidlip, lumabas para makipagkita sa mga kaibigan, nakauwi ng bahay isang oras bago matapos ang araw ng Sabado. Ngayon, Linggo na. Ayos sa bilis. Sana mamaya, mas mabagal ang oras. J

Sayote Cultivation: From Planting to Harvesting

Yan po ang aking topic nung Presentation Skills Workshop namin last August. At gusto ko lang ishare dito. Kaya naman yan ang napili ko, ayaw ko kasing magresearch pa para lang sa workshop so pinili ko na lang yung kabisado ko na at kaya kong ikwento kahit nakapikit ako wahahaha. Di nyo po naitatanong pero bago kasi ako humarap sa computers, sayote na ang pinagkakaabalahan ng pamilya ko sa Baguio. Ito ang bumubuhay sa amin. Biruin mo naman, mula pagkabata, yan na ang trabahong nakagisnan ko. So para mas mapadali ang buhay ko nung workshop, yan na lang di ba? Less work sa akin. Pagkuha ng mga larawan at pag-ayos na lang ang presentation ang kailangan. Yung contents, kinulit ko mga kapatid ko para tulungan ako hehe. Nakakatawa pala nung ginagawa namin yung contents, lahat kami di alam kung anong translation ng mga sayote related terms sa English. Buti na lang, nandon ang hilaw na forester kong kapatid at sya ang nagbigay ng tamang terms. At may mga natutunan akong bago ha, sa tinagal-tagal ng exposure ko sa sayote.

Anyway, ito na yung presentation ko:

During presentation, sa akin may pinakamaraming tanong. Naks! Naging interesado ata sila magtanim ng sayote. (Naku dadami na kakompetensya namin sa market :p) At dahil sa presentation ko, nagcrave ng tinola ang buntis naming trainer! O di ba astig? Hehe. Tapos nabalitaan ko rin sa mga friends from other teams na nabanggit daw ung presentation ko nung PWS naman nila. Wahaha. O di ba mas sumikat pa ang sayote. Pero ang nagustuhan daw nya don ay ang frst lines ko na ganito: “For the next few minutes, let’s leave the corporate world, leave all your favorite gadgets behind and travel with me to a remote place up north and let’s go plant sayote.” O di ba astig? Hehehe. Travalogue daw ang tawag sa ganyang presentation. Ayos! Wala pang lectures, may na-apply na ako! Wuhooo! Hehe.

Happy 98th Charter Day, Baguio City!

Today, Baguio celebrates its 98th Charter Day. It’s on this day in 1909 when Baguio was officially declared as a city. It’s a special holiday so it means no school and work yippee! I remember that there were always programs to celebrate it. It starts with a parade of the different schools and barangays. The route would be from Session Road, off to Magsaysay then to Harisson Road and ends up at Melvin Jones where other activities like cultural presentations take place. I guess there was also Search for Miss Baguio at some point.

We would always watch the parades. I guess Baguio folks love to watch it because all the main roads are always packed with people during this day, so we really need to be up early to be able to stay in a nice spot where we can watch the parade easily. I don’t remember though, that I was part of the parading team during this celebration hehe.

Ever sisnce I worked in Manila, I wasn’t able to witness any more celebrations of Baguio Day. I guess this year, they did it a little differently, as described in this article.

Happy Charter Day my beloved Baguio. I am more than blessed to be in your embrace and enjoy all of nature’s beauty that you unselfishly offer. Though I’m now trying to live in other places, I’m sure I’ll always find myself going back because home means Baguio.

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