Mga Kwentong Bohol: Ang pagpapatay-patayan ni Ardee sa Isla ng Alona

* Isa pang galing sa comments ko sa blog ni Ardee.
Nagrequest si Ardee na kuhanan naming sya ng picture na kunwari patay na raw syang inanod sa pampang.

Ardee: Picturan nyo ako. Kunwari patay ako.
My and Emie: Sige. Pose na.
(Emie takes pictures)
My (whispering to Emie): Tagalan mo pa 😀
Ardee: Matagal pa ba yan? Naaanod na ako!
My: Teka lang! Di pa tapos!
Ardee: Dalian nyo na!
My: Teka nga lang! Emie sa harap naman kunan mo. (una kasi, back view lang kinukuhanan namin)Emie lipat sa harap para sa front view pics.
At si Ardee, minsan naanod na nga talaga at di na mamaintain ang pose wahahaha.
And yes, yan ang nadiscover ko kay Ardee. bawat picture sa isang place, makakailang shots yan. good luck na lang kung film camera pa gamit ngayon dava! Hehehe.

Mga Kwentong Bohol: Marimar, aw!

* Galing lang to sa comments ko sa blog ni Ardee. Gusto ko rin lang ilagay dito hehe.

* Nais ko lang pong linawin na ang tunay na pangalan ni marimar ay Mario ngunit mas gusto nyang matawag na Marimar 😀

Ang kwento:

habang dinadigest pa namin ang kakatapos na performance ni marimar, biglang may lumapit na tour guide kay Ardee.

tour guide: pare, crush ka nya (pertaining to marimar). binulong nya sa akin.

ardee: (biglang takot ang itsura) tara na, tara na! dali! (sabay nagmamadaling umalis papunta sa parking at pasok agad sa sasakyan)

my, emie and manong rolly: tawa to the max habang hinahabol si ardee hihihi.

pero syempre nag-alala rin ako kasi baka harangin nga si ardee…wawa naman…………kami ni emie kasi maaabala kami wahahaha. joke!

wag kang mag-alala ardee. di namin papayagan na maagaw ka sa amin ni marimar haha.

tuloy, di kami nakapag-iwan ng donation hahaha.
marimar sings:
“and you, and you, and you…” (sabay turo kay Ardee ahihi!)

Bohol: Wrapping up

We really had to wake up early to pack (we did not bother packing the night before since we were still waiting for our clothes to dry hehe) and so that we won’t be late for our flight. By 5:30 AM, we already checked out of the resort and we are on our way to the airport. By 6:15 AM, we have checked in at the Tagbilaran airport. While waiting for boarding, we were entertained by a group of blind people serenading us with songs. They were good. Nakakatuwa talaga sila. It’s very touching and inspiring to see them happy despite their being blind. The flight took off at exactly 7:30 AM and we reached Manila at 8:45 AM.
It was fun fun fun! We really had a blast. We were out on tours most of the time. It would be nice to go back there again someday.
We did not have delayed flights and the staffs at Lost Horizon are very accommodating. All our guides served as our cameramen. Looks like sanay na sila sa ganon. Although there were changes in our guides, Spencer made sure that he had a replacement and that he still checks on us once in a while during our stay there. It was only sad that we did not get to meet him. Anyway, there will be other times :).
To my Bohol travel buddies, I’ve truly enjoyed your company. Sa uulitin! 🙂 Pero sana sa susunod Ardee, wag mo na kaming tulugan na nakalock sa loob ang pinto! 🙂 Or kung makatulog ka man, siguraduhin mong kita ka pa rin naming humihinga hahaha. Torture sa amin ni Emie nung kinabahan kami dahil sa ‘yo eh haha.
For more pictures of this trip, check this.
Side note: In the middle of this trip, I realized something wahaha. Pero nakiusap ako kay Lord na bawal magbiro ng ganon haha!

Bohol: Day 3

Today is dolphin and whale watching day. Our guide (Rye) fetched us at exactly 5:45 AM so we had to wake up really early.

Pit stops:

Dolphin watching
We were lucky to see a lot during our tour. According to our guide, the dolphins no longer play when the sun’s up. Amazing, amazing view. We were not able to take lots of pictures since it was hard to capture. We just had it in video.
After the dolphin watching, we went to Balicasag Island for snorkling and brunch. The snorkling area is shallow. Kakatuwa pero nakakatakot pa rin hehe. (well at least for someone na takot sa dagat tulad ko :p) The guides also showed us the cave in the middle of the sea. After snorkling for more than an hour, we went back to shore to have our brunch.

Virgin Island

A visit in this area is not included in the tour but we requested it. It’s a must see! The small island is beautiful. Yung white area sa picture na karugtong ng island, sand yun na umaabot sa gitna ng dagat. Pwede mong lakarin hanggang sa dulo nya. It’s not dangerous because it’s not too deep. Amazing talaga to. But you need to go here during high tide only. Sasayad daw kasi ang bangka pag low tide.

We were back at the resort at around 1 PM and after a short rest, we again hit the beach for more swimming. We met Emma and Ethan. This time, we were able to talk to them and take picture with them. We learned that they are from Florida. Syempre tinanong naming kung saan sa Florida. Eto sabay-sabay naming tanong: “Where in Florida? Tampa?” Hahaha. Palibhasa, Tampa lang ang alam naming place sa Florida. They are such friendly kids.
We saw Rye who informed us that there’s a mass at Panglao church at 5 PM so we decided to attend. We left the beach at 3:30 PM to get ready for mass. It was Palm Sunday but they did not have any palaspas.
After the mass, we had dinner at The Powder Keg. It’s just walking distance to Alona Beach.
I requested for a massage but no one came which was also a blessing in disguise since I was already too lazy to do other things except be a bum for the rest of the night. While waiting for sleep to hit us, we used the time to talk about our personal life. Actually, si Ardee ang nagshare ng kanyang talambuhay haha. I’m not complaining. 🙂 It was actually nice to know you better buddy. And sorry Emie pag minsan nag-i-Ilocano na kami at di ka na makarelate hehe.

Bohol: Day 2

Today is our Panglao Tour. We were supposed to wake up early so that we can catch the sunrise but we did not hehe. Anyway, we were fetched by Kuya Jerry at exactly 10 AM. He’s our guide/cameraman for the day.
Pit Stops:
Panglao Church

Shell Museum

Daks and Gams Wildlife Park
There are several animals to see here. I was saddened by the place though because it was not well-maintained. But then, it’s still worth the visit.

Hinagdanan Cave
There are bulbs inside to light the place. There’s a pool where people are allowed to swim. The lifeguard was kind enough to take our pictures (lots!). The painting above was painted by a foreign actor who filmed a movie in the area. The birds’ nest are also the ingredient of the famous bird’s nest soup.

Dauis Church
According to the guide, the well served as the source of potable water for those stranded inside the church during the war. And by the way, this is not a wishing well.

Bohol Bee Farm
The ingredients in their menu come from their farm directly so you can be assured of a fresh meal. For lunch, I ordered the honey glazed chicken and the home made ice cream for dessert. It was heaven. Yes, the flowers you see in the picture are edible, and part of the salad. 🙂 While waiting for our food, they also served us a sample of their camote bread with honey, pesto and mango dips. All their dips are delicious. Worth the money when you buy.

We were back at the hotel at around 4 PM. We planned to swim at the beach this time after a short rest but unfortunately, Ardee locked us out and we had a hard time waking him up. We just walked along the beach. We met two adorable siblings named Emma and Ethan.
At 7 PM, we went to the pool for a swim. Again, we were the only people. Nice timing hehe. For dinner this time, we went to Trudis Place.

Bohol: Day 1

Travel date: March 14-17, 2008
With our flight, resort and tour reservations complete, all we had to do was wait in vain for our trip.
Two hours before our flight, we were already at the airport. We reached Tagbilaran via Cebu Pacific at around 7 AM where we wer met by our country side tour guide, Kuya Rolly. (Btw, we booked for Spencer but the day before, he called us saying that he had an emergency meeting in Cebu and could not accommodate us. Fortunately though, he was the one who looked for other guides for all our tours.

Before the tour, we had breakfast at Joving’s, and then we asked Manong Rolly to drive us first to the mall for some groceries.

Pit stops:
Blood compact
Baclayon Church and museum. Picture taking is not allowed inside the museum though.

Chocolate Hills

There are 214 steps to the Chocolate Hills view deck and there are 1268 hills. The hills are submerged in the sea that’s why no trees grow on them. If you dig in that area, you’ll see shells.

Butterfly Farm

Man made forest. According to Kuya Rolly, this was started 30 years ago.

Hanging bridge. Medyo nakakatakot lalo na pag magalaw.

The famous Buko King. I saw him featured in one of the TV programs before. It was nice to see him in person and to witness his skill personally. At mabilis nga talagang magbalat ng buko using his teeth. Wala pa siguro 15 seconds yun.

Loboc River
This is where we had our lunch, buffet style, in a floating resto while cruising the river and with a serenade in the background. along the way, we stopped for a while to witness a cultural presentation by another group.

There’s only an area where you can see them. They have a different sanctuary. We were because the manong allowed us to hold them. 🙂 We already bought some souveniers here.

We also went to see the python (so large!) but I did not take any pictures of it. Takot ako eh. :p

Last stop for the day was at Aproniana Gift Shop. We just bought some peanut kisses here. Shirts are expensive I think.

At around 5 PM we arrived at the resort. Our guide was the one who brought us there with no additional charges. We stayed at Lost Horizon Beach Resort, Alona Beach. (about two weeks before our trip when we were looking for places to stay, almost all of the resorts were already fully booked at that time so it’s still better to book in advance especially during peak season). We checked in, and after a short rest, we went out to check the beach. The water was clear and calm. We did not swim in the beach though. At 7PM, while everyone else was having dinner, we took advantage and stayed in the pool instead. At around 8:30 PM, we got ready for our dinner. We did not bother looking for other places to eat since it was already late hehe.

Bohol: Expenses

Here is a list of our expenses for our Bohol trip.

Day 1:
Terminal fee: Php 200.00
Breakfast: Php 76.00
Grocery: Php 54.00/pax (total divided by 3)
Baclayon Museum entrance fee: Php 25.00
Chocolate Hills entrance fee: Php 25.00
Butterfly Farm entrance fee: Php 20.00
Donation for Buko King: Php 40.00
Loboc River lunch: Php 400.00 (rate is Php 280.00 but we paid for our guide’s lunch)
Pasalubong: Php 276.00
Countryside tour fee: Php 600.00 (Php 1800.00/3)
Dinner: Php 130.00

Day 1 Total: Php 1846.00

Day 2:
Breakfast: Php 140.00
Shell Museum donation: Php 50.00
Mango Shake @ Hinagdanan Cave: Php 20.00
Souveniers and Pasalubong: Php 810.00
Daks and Gams entrance fee: Php 15.00
Dauis Church donation: Php 50.00
Bohol Bee Farm entrance: Php 20.00
Lunch: Php 351.00 (again, we paid for our guide’s lunch)
Goodies @ BBF: Php 210.00
Panglao Tour fee: Php 467.00 (Php 1400.00/3)
Dinner: Php 140.00
Day 2 Total: Php 2237.00

Day 3:
Dolphin tour fee: Php 667.00 (Php 2000.00/3)
Snorkling: Php 250.00
Snorkling guide: Php 150.00
Lunch: Php 200.00
Gasoline for Virgin Island: Php 67.00 (Php 200.00/3)
Dinner: Php 200.00
Habal-habal: Php 40.00
Church: Php 30.00
Total: Php 1604.00

Day 4 expenses:
Airport transfer: Php 150.00 (Php 450.00/3)
Breakfast: Php 25.00
Terminal Fee: Php 20.00
Day 4 Total: Php 195.00

Air fare: Php 4293.00
Accomodation: Php 3095.00
Day 1: Php 1846.00
Day 2: Php 2273.00
Day 3: Php 1604.00
Day 4: Php 195.00
Total Expenses: Php 13306.00

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