Farewell dinner for Weng and Fides (and Pey)

Weng and Fides were lucky to land a job in Singapore (Barcap). They flew to Singapore yesterday, together with Baby Ysa. It was a blessing for the couple because opportunity knocked a day before Fides’ last day in Sykes. After passing the series of interviews, they were finally requested to start work on May 7, 2007. To wish them luck and best wishes in their new endeavor, we got together for a simple but sumptuous dinner at Josefina’s Seaside, Macapagal last May 1.

Pey will also be leaving for Japan on Sunday so the dinner is for all of them. He will be away for 6 months.

Bunso’s Graduation

Finally! Our bunso has graduated from college after 6 long years. His course: Bachelor of Science in Forestry. I’ll not complain anymore why it took 6 years. The more important thing is that he already has his diploma. He just has to pass the board exam and then find a job. I just hope he finds one that’s related to his course. Congratulations bro!

My 28th Birthday

Few days from now, I will be celebrating my 28th year. 🙂 I know I am getting older again for a year but I am looking forward to it, especially so that for the first time in my career life I will be in Baguio on my birthday. That was unplanned but since my presence is required at home on the 24th, I decided to take a leave on my birthday, hence I can already go home on Thursday night. I haven’t planned anything special. Originally, I was contemplating on taking a leave on Friday and stay home and just be a bum but things changed when I was asked to go home. So now, I’m thinking of visiting Bell Church while I am at home. I may also meet with friends if they have the time. My wish? The same one I wished last year and I guess for the previous years too. Hehehe.

Previous birthdays

I just want to note down what has happened on my birthdays for the past years.
2006 – I was in the office. The IS Socials committee prepared a surprise for all the March birthday celebrants.
2005 – This was the time that the IS team was in 2 different sites. We were in BCT but Anne and Jo came by to give me a surprise. 🙂 How sweet of them. 🙂
2004 – Another surprise from the IS team. I prepared a ref cake for the team.
2003 – It was my first birthday in Sykes and I was really surprised and touched with their birthday surprise for me. I was just new then, so I was not really expecting anything. Though the surprise happened days after my birthday, it was still a surprise for me. After the snack in the pantry, we also had dinner at Aysee. It was the time I started to treasure my team and started to fervently pray that I may be regularized for the position.
2002 – I was doing a part time teaching job at APTECH.
2001 – Jonathan (team lead in previous company) and I attended a client meeting. On the way back to the office, he required me to treat him to a slurpee. In the office, a surprise was waiting for all the March birthday celebrants.
2000 – I was still in Baguio. Just graduated from college.

Daddy’s Birthday

Today is Daddy’s 69th birthday. I’m happy that he is still with us until now. He may have his short comings but for me, he is still the greatest dad. He has been with us during our school days. He helps us with our projects and assignments. He stays with us at the times that we have to stay up until late at night for our project and reviews. In high school, he was the one attending the PTA meetings. For all of that and more, he deserves the title.

I wish him longer and healthier life. I want him to be my escort when I march down the aisle on my wedding day. So he has to be there. 🙂

On Saturday, we will be performing a ritual (I’m not sure of what the ritual would be but it’s something that Igorots practice) for him. This will also serve as his birthday celebration.

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