Christmas List

It’s 40 days ‘til Christmas. Have you started with your shopping yet?
I was able to buy for one godson last weekend hehehe. So yes, I’ve already started it and I want to complete it by the end of this month, hopefully. I already have my list of people to give gifts to. I just need to identify what gifts to give them. This is actually mostly for officemates and godchildren. I have allotted a budget for each one. For the item I bought last week, it was actually over my budget but I allotted an extra moolah so it went there already. Therefore, I have to stick to it or if possible lower, for the other gift items. I actually need to ship 1 gift pa so sticking to the budget is really a must. I’m looking forward to all that shopping though hehehe.
For immediate and extended family, I’m giving them money. It’s not because I don’t want to make an effort but it’s what’s more practical for my family actually.
Right now, I’m contemplating whether to buy myself a bed in Baguio or not. My brother and sisters ditched my old, dilapidated, home-made bed months ago (or was that even last year?) and I have been sleeping on the floor with just the mattress since then. But then again, I don’t have the budget for it yet. Olats. But we’ll see.
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Funny Christmas stories

My friend was trying to book a trip via Cebu Pacific online and she was trying to use my credit card for the payment but she was always getting a denied status. I then called up Standard Chartered for assistance. After explaining my dilemma, the agent put me on hold for a few minutes while he investigates. Fortunately, he was able to get to the cause and it was fixed immediately. He explained what happened. I was already relaying the information to my friend (I remember using most of these lines – may mali daw kasing nainput sa credit card details ko kaya na-activate agad yung security ek ek…) when suddenly I heard the agent at the other end of the line ask, “Is there anything else ma’am?” . I didn’t know he was still on the line and heard everything I said wahahaha. I had to be quiet for 10 seconds while trying to stop myself from laughing. When finally I was able to speak, I just thanked him. I sensed that he too was also on the verge of laughing (based on his tone). I quickly ended the call and laughed to my heart’s content for that blooper hahaha.

During the time that I’m in the call, my friend also called Cebu Pacific’s customer service for some inquiry. I’m not sure if the line was choppy that she can’t hear the agent or the agent put her on hold for a while. She kept on saying hello and when she got no response, she said “leche ka”. After a few seconds, the agent replied. Hihihi.

There goes my Christmas break

Due to demands at work, I was not able to go home for Christmas. We had to come to work on the days that I’m supposed to be taking my break. It was etched in my mind that I’ll be home for Christmas so that on the 24th, I was a drama queen the whole day while at work hehehe. Added to that the pressures from work har har har.

Good thing I have friends who were willing to adopt me to celebrate Christmas with their families hehehe. It warms my heart and I still feel blessed despite my screwed up schedule.

So yes, I spent a few hours with my boss’s family and then with A’s. A’s family has planned to go to Star City after lunch on the 25th, but there were too many people when we arrived so we just opted to go to Seaside Dampa instead for dinner.
We so wanted to watch a movie so we passed by SM Megamall. Fortunately, they have normal mall hours so we were able to watch. After the movie and after dropping by A’s place to get my things, I headed home to watch another DVD and blog. Hehehe.

Christmas at Gilmore

I have always been fascinated with the Christmas decors being sold at Gilmore. I always wanted to take a picture of it for the previous years but haven’t had the chance. Tonight I had but I was not in the mood to do it. Besides, it was still a little early when we were there so there were lots of cars passing by and lots of people. I felt uncomfortable. And lastly, I know I look haggard so I don’t want my pictures taken har har har. But I still want to. Ranji, kain uli don next week ha? This time, kailangan ko na talaga magpicture! Hihihi.
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