Family Outing 2009

Last May 1, my family (together with some relavites) went for swimming in Itogon. Itogon is one of the municipalities of Benguet province and the swimming pool area is almost 2 hours away from Baguio. It’s amazing that aside from Asin Hotspring, and La Union (where the nearest beach is), there’s another option for swimming hehehe. The place is not sophisticated actually. Below are some details that I remember.

  • The pools aren’t tiled. But they have a Jacuzzi. Oha!
  • Entrance fee is Php 20.00 per person.
  • Hut rental is around 300-500.
  • There are a lot of nipa huts in various sizes so it can accommodate small to big groups.
  • No electricity yet in the huts so night swimming is not an option at the moment.
  • There are CRs and shower rooms.
  • The pools are drained every 5 PM.
  • There are stalls that sell swimming gears from swimwear to floaters.
  • Only a few stores (or none at all) sell food and if there are any, it’s expensive so the best option is to bring your own baon.
  • They accept reservations for the nipa huts but it’s more expensive than when you just rent it upon arrival. Good thing for us, my cousin’s BF is from the area so we just asked him to reserve for us hihihi.

The pools are constructed in the base of a mountain so while nearing the area, you wouldn’t expect that there are pools because what you’ll only see is the towering mountain. Amazing.

Of course we had a great time, especially the kids who were in the pool practically the whole time we were there. They were only out of the pool during meal times. As for me, I stayed in the pool for only 2 hours. It was so hot I didn’t like to get sun-burned hehehe (but I still did anyway). The rest of the time, I was sleeping, reading, or eating, while consciously waiting for any ring from my Blackberry (because if it did, it just means one thing – there’s an issue in the office that needs my attention – this is another story). We left the place at around 4 PM.

The only downside was that it was a holiday and it’s summer so there were SO many people.

Err…I haven’t downloaded the pictures from my camera still, so no pictures to share hehehe.

My cousins are requesting me to sponsor a trip to Riverview in Asin this time. We’ll see about that. It’s more expensive there. It may be twice (or more than) the expenses in Itogon. But nevertheless, I also want to try it there so maybe next year. 😀

Birthday 2009

I know it’s been 2 weeks since my birthday but it’s never too late to blog about it hehehe.

I celebrated it a day earlier with family on March 22, by being tourists in our hometown wahahaha! Some of you may find it weird but yes, admittedly, though we were born and raised here, we never really bothered visiting those places where tourists often go to when they are in town hehehe. So to get ourselves acquainted more with our place (and for me to take pictures using Gelo’s camera), I decided that it’s about time we also visit those places.

The cast: My mother, sisters with their children, and my brother.

We first attended mass then headed to the shoe store to look for graduation shoes for my niece. She graduated in Elementary as Valedectorian and I sponsored her outfit. With that accomplished, we went to Good Taste for lunch. Though it was strictly for family, I can’t help but invite my favorite aunt to join us for lunch hehehe. Good thing she was also in town that time. After lunch, off we went gallivanting.

Here are our pit stops:

Baguio Botanical Garden

Wright Park

Mansion House

Mines View Park

We dropped by SM Baguio to look for a dress for my niece. It was already getting late and the other shops have already closed by then but I wanted to accomplish that as well so SM was the only option left.

I didn’t feel like going home early though so my family went home ahead of me while I and my eldest niece stayed behind. It was a good thing because we were able to have a heart to heart talk during dinner. It was an emotional moment the entire time we were talking but I felt relieved and happy as well by the time we parted ways. I just pray that I was able to help and inspire her. I made a commitment which I know my mom would object to but it is a commitment I promised to keep for as long as my niece is ready to take the terms. I’m very optimistic about this. And I hope I will have enough resources for me to be able to do my commitment as well. Whew!

When you sing you begin with A B C

To have a short break at work, I called my sister at home. According to her, my niece was already asking her when am I going home. We had a little chat and then I asked her to give the phone to my niece. To my surprise, my niece took the phone and actually talked to me! She’s not shy anymore unlike before where she just listens to your voice but never talks. I think her schooling helped her to be more sociable. I asked her about school. They had exchange gift daw in school and she received a watch for a gift. I also asked what she would like for Christmas. She wants some school shoes. Good girl. Hehe. But then again, even before, we were trained to just have the basic things, well simply because we didn’t have the financial means to aid all our wants (until now :p). Also, I don’t usually buy my nieces and nephews wants. I always make sure that what they ask are things that they really need. Anyway, so yes my darling pamangkin, shoes it is. Can’t wait to go shopping with you. :p

I also asked her to sing me a song and tadda…she sang the ABC hahaha. She missed 3 letters so my sister and I corrected her right away. She also counted from 1 to 10. She said she still doesn’t know what comes next after 10 (I scolded my sister. She should be teaching my niece para bibo! :p). She’s 5 by the way. I don’t even remember the things that I already know when I was 5. But with my niece, I think she’s aligned naman with her age. Gusto ko lang maging bibo sya hehehe.

Kung kailan…

Friday, saka nman kami pinutakti ng issues. Halos 12 oras sa opisina, puro yun lang ang inatupag. Lahat considered emergency na. Naayos naman. Natest namin. Nakausap ang mga dapat kausapin para sa panibagong prosesong susundin. Gumagana na lahat sa dev so deploy kami. UAT na. Pinakahihintay ko na ang email ng end user na ok na. Pero ayaw pa rin daw!? Hiningi namin ang sample data. May kutob na akong maling template ang gamit ng isang ‘to. Ayaw ko pa sanang tignan kasi alam kong ikakainit lalo ng ulo ko pero no choice dava. Pagcheck ko, maling template nga. Fok. Sa paanong paraan ba dapat ipaliwanag sa kanila?

Pangalawang kaso, tama na ang template. Latest exe na ang gamit pero ayaw pa rin. Buti na lang may net meeting. No choice but to do code trace. F8 hanggang umabot sa kung san man may error. Makalipas ang ilang saglit lumabas ang cannot insert null in blah blah blah. Wat da?! Primary key yan eh. Di ko kailangan magpass ng value. Auto increment yan waaa. Alt-tab agad lipat kay SQL para icheck ang design ng table habang nakikiusap sa kateam na hagilapin ang DBA. Select table-right click-properties. ‘La na ako access sa design view. Malapit na akong magwala. Sabi ni teammate umalis na rin si DBA. Ayus na ayus! Sabi ng isa pang teammate, iba na nga raw ang settings ng table. Gumuho na mundo ko. Tinawagan si DBA, sabi nasa ofis pa ang boss nya. Tanungin na lang daw sya so tinawagan si boss ngunit sinama pa rin si DBA sa concall. Pagkatapos ng pagpapaliwanag sa nangyari, tanungin daw ba kami kung paano na yun. Waaa. Arggghh!. Yan trabaho mo di ba? Dapat alam mo! Unang kita pa nga lang namin sa error alam na namin gagawin e. Langya. Kung kaharap nya ako kita na nya ang aking pag-close-open at baka umabot sa kanya ang suntok ko. Har har har! Unang usapan, hihintayin namin syang makapunta sa WiFi spot sa MALL at makapag-online pero dahil atat na kaming tapusin, humingi na lang kmi ng permision na kami na ang gagawa. At pagkaraan ng isang siglo, natapos din kami. Nakapagconfirm na si end user. Whew! Praise the Lord.

Time check: 9 PM na. Kumukulo na ang sikmura ko so kain muna. Balik din agad para tignan naman ang isa pang issue. 10:15 PM natapos ang initial checking. Tama na! Hahabulin ko pa ang byahe pauwi. Goodbye issues. Saka na tayo magtuos next week. Hmp!

Gustuhin ko mang makauwi agad, traffic! Sus. Gabing-gabi na e. Pagdating sa bahay, empake na ng mga dadalhin. Bahala na kug may maiwan.

12:30 AM nasa terminal na ako. Wow! Sarado na ang ticket booth. May mahabang pila ng chance passengers. 8 AM na ang next available trip. Ayos talaga. No choice. Pila na. 9 AM ang kasal. Sa bundok un…good luck dava! Bahala na kung may maabutan pa akong pupunta. Kung wala itutulog ko na lang.

Panglima na ako sa pila pero wala naman nang bus huhu. 3:30 AM na ba ang next trip? Waaaaa. Sana naman hindi. Saklap. Hayz. Yamot!

Muni-muni muna.

1:50 AM. may bus biyaheng 2:00 AM. Wow! Nagbebenta ng isang ticket si ate guard. Grab na. All set. Byahe na. Yifee. Good night world! 🙂

Birthday gifts

Ito yata ang birthday na may pinakamarami akong gifts na nareceive wahaha.

Napakasweet at Napakaresourceful talaga ng aking colleague. At may concern sa environment kaya nasa vocabulary nya lagi ang recycling. Har har har! (Actually, pasalubong yung peanut ng 1 HR. Di lang namin naubos at sa akin pinapauwi. Naisipan ko lang namang balutin kasi malagkit. Nagvolunteer siyang siya na gagawa at yan na nga ang result.)

Scrapbook and book
Kakatuwa! Nagulat na lang ako nandito na yung mga pics na nasa blog ko lang haha. At may bukingan portion. Anover! Buti na lang di nila alam ang story at mali-mali sila ng hula :p.

Di ko pa nababasa yung book. Wala pa cover eh hehe.

Flip flops!
Pinapabili ko lang yan sa friend ko sa SG kasi sabi nya mas mura daw. Pero gift na lang daw nya sa akin ahihi. Tenk yu mare! They are cute!

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