2018 Week 19: Weekend at Home | Mother’s Day

May 7-13, 2018

I was in Baguio last weekend for the Barangay elections last May 14. On Saturday, my sister, nieces and I hiked Mt. Yangbew.

After the hike, we dropped by the hospital in La Trinidad to visit my uncle who was undergoing dialysis that day. It was just supposed to be a quick visit but all the aunties who were there cannot stay with him until his dialysis was completed so they requested us to stay with him instead. Fortunately, his wife arrived at 5 PM so we can leave earlier than planned. We had dinner at McDonald’s before going home.

On Sunday, my sister-in-law invited us for lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day. We are missing the parents but I am glad that somehow, we get to go out for lunch once in a while.



↑Happy fiesta!

We went our separate ways after lunch. I attended the late afternoon mass at Divine Mercy.

The BF and I also went out for dinner. I was hoping we could go to John Hay but it was raining so we opted to just dine at Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant which was at the city proper. We also discussed some wedding related stuff hehe. Totoo na talaga ito besh hahahaha.





↑Happy fiesta round 2! Hahaha!

The end.

Going Around Baguio: Day 2

Day 1: April 28, 2017

Lakwatsa date: April 29, 2017

Today is not all touristy stuff. My tita, cousin and I met to go visit an ailing aunt.

Pit stops for the day:

*** Breakfast at Jack’s Mabini. Aside from Good Taste, we also love to dine at Jack’s for its affordable but flavorful meals. They have several branches in Baguio, one even along Session Road where we ate last month during the food trip with the nieces, but my tita wants the one in Mabini because they have bbq chicken which is not available in other branches.

*** Pacdal to visit aunt. Unfortunately, we did not know that yesterday was her scheduled dialysis so she was not at home.

*** Dropped by SM because my tita wants to check out those flowers on display. I went inside to use the restroom. However, I learned that there is an additional 10% discount when you pay or at least on line, about to pay on or before 12 noon.

Naloka ako! Nagmadali kong hinanap yung gustung-gusto kong lunch bag. It has 10% discount, plus another 10%! And then I found out that it has a lunch box, bottled water and spoon and fork pala when you buy it. Kaya pala ganon kamahal – Phhp 950.00. Nung una ko kasing nakita, akala ko, yung bag lang so sobra talaga syang mahal.

I walked around first pero binalikan ko kasi gusto ko talaga sya eh. The final amount  I paid after the discount was Php 688.5. If you remove the price of the lunch box and water bottle, below Php 500.00 na ang lunch bag alone, which is similar to the other bags I saw but didn’t like hihi.

Lock and Lock Lunch bag

*** Dropped by Porta Vaga to go to Assi Mart, a Korean grocery. My tita buys her tea there. I bought 1 box too. I also saw a cheese flavored ramen hehehe. I bought one so I can try it. Mahal lang. Php 65.00.

Korean tea

Ramen with Cheese! Update: I had this for lunch on Sunday and I made the mistake of putting all the sauce in the noodles. It was so spicy for my liking. I let it cool first before eating.

*** Went to Orchidarium again because my tita wants to check out the cactus. And fortunately for her, she was able to buy 1 bulb of Stargazer for only Php 100.00. It was a bargain because the shop got it from a plant whose stem broke during delivery. The other shop sells 1 bulb for Php 200.00.

*** Went to Good Taste for late lunch. Winner talaga ang lechon beans nila! And the cucumber lemonade.

*** We passed by one side of Burnham Park to look for strawberry taho. Waley. Baka sa umaga lang sila don at cooking time sa hapon hahahaha.

*** End of bulakbol with them. I went to Marbay to pick up the blouses I had altered yesterday. Hirap ng unproportional body. Doble gastos hahaha.

Going Around Baguio: Day 1

Lakwatsa date: April 28, 2017

My friend and I did some touristy stuff, mainly food trip, around Baguio. Our initial target was those away from the city but we were not ready with a list and it was already lunch time when we met in town so we just chose random restaurants and cafes.

Our pit stops:

*** Sizzling Plate for lunch

Fillet Mignon – between Php 230.00-250.00. We also ordered the Php 25.00 sansrival, but not in the picture.

*** Orchidarium near Burnham Park to check out all the beautiful flowers! I’m excited to start my own flower, herb and bonsai garden hehehe. No pictures as we were busy admiring and trying to name the flowers. Plus, some shops don’t allow picture taking or they do but with a Php 10.00 fee.

*** Camp John Hay. We wanted something cold and then we remembered John Hay so off to John Hay we went.

*** Checked out the overruns shops but we still find the items expensive and not really sure if overruns or class A.

*** Stopped by Little John for snacks.

Fresh mango and strawberry fruit shakes and potato wedges with bacon bits.

*** We were craving for some cakes so we walked up one of the hilly parts to look for Ayala Techno hub.

Enjoying the breezy climate while walking the challenging steps going up hehehe. Hingal much.

Trying to capture the sunset. And I didn’t notice the moon was also up there!

End of life. This may be a typhoon casualty.

*** Everything Nice at Ayala Techno hub

Carrot cake and Italian cheesecake. Prices around Php 90.00 to 110.00.

*** We also saw Pizza Volante still at Ayala Techno hub and can’t resist their pizza!

Both vegetarian pizza. Less than Php 100.00 for solo (6 inches).

*** Last for the night was Cafe by the Ruins Dua near the Victory Liner FVR terminal.

Bounty salad. We loved everything except the watercress because of the slight bitter taste. I still want my watercress sauteed in garlic.

Let me just add the cucumber lemonade we had at Good Taste today. I love the taste. However, I learned from one of servers that it’s a powdered juice. Still artificial pala. But it’s refreshing still!

Cucumber lemonade

Until our next food trip hehehe. Next time, we’ll really target the once we haven’t tried yet.

2017 Week 12: Birthday Celebrations | Realization | Family Bonding

March 20-26, 2017


I’m not sure if there were other issues reported since I left the office last March 22. I’m not checking until now. I just asked some of my teammates to do this and that shoud issues arise. I was touched because they asked me to just enjoy my birthday leave and they’ll take care of everything while I was gone.

Thank you, teammates. Malay nyo paggising ko bukas, feeling generous na ako at bibigay na ako sa ice cream na hinihiling nyo hahahaha!


My “weekend” started last March 23. Thank you, boss for approving my request. I was supposed to work from home on March 24 because of the newly deployed system. But upon learning that there were no issues since I left, I requested my boss to just extend my leave on the 24th. Thanks again, boss!

I have a separate post here for our birthday celebration just because.

On Friday, I brought my niece with me on my errands. She did not have classes so she was free to join me. Her teenager sister had their last day of exams last Friday so she cannot join us.


Kulitan with the kulit

On Friday night, I told my niece that we can go out on Saturday morning to buy ingredients so that she can bake something that she knows. Ano ang sagot sa akin ng teenager? Ayaw daw nya at di nya feel mag-bake kinabukasan. Naloka ang titang naninibago sa teenager niece hahaha.

But since I still wanted to bond with her kasi teenager na nga and I want to get to know her teenage self, I still asked if she would like to go out on Saturday. Mas gusto daw nya yun. Since this day was for her, I asked her what she wanted to do. Food trip daw. Hanep na yan. May nalalaman na silang food trip ngayon.

So food trip it is on Saturday, but not before she completed her chores at home in the morning. We were able to eat/buy and eat at home 5 out of 8 in the list.

Look at the list! I asked her to be more specific where to eat those kaya ganyan kadetalye hahaha. Wrong spelling lang si siomai :p.


Ang mahiwagang food trip list 😀 😀 😀


First stop at Jack’s restaurant for fried chicken and lumpiang shanghai.


Next stop was at McDonald’s for caramel sundae.

Syempre ang bunsong sutil, di talaga yan magpapatalo sa ate. We asked her to just stay home on Saturday kasi nga naisama ko na sya ng Friday. Aba hindi daw kasi wala naman daw syang nakain sa mga nasa list nung Friday. Iba raw kinain nya. At mas nauna pang maligo at magbihis kesa sa aming dapat lalabas hahaha!

Pero how can tita say no? I’m taking advantage of every opportunity kasing clingy pa sila sa akin because I’m sure darating ang time na di na sila sasama sa akin hahaha!

But actually, the original plan for Saturday was for us to hike Mt. Cabuyao. However, someone died in our barangay and as per practice, we cannot just pass by their home anytime, especially that the burial was last Saturday afternoon. As in, pag dumaan kami don pag uuwi na, we have to make sure that at least na tapos na ang libing. So wag na lang muna. Maybe we can do that on Holy Week instead.

Sunday was lunch with siblings at Good Taste. Ang dami ata namin na-order at medyo malaki ang bill ko. Pero sa dami ng inorder namin, mura pa rin yun sa lagay na yun hahaha. It is always noisy when my nieces and nephew are together but it’s a happy noise so I can tolerate that hahaha.

My childhood friend who now lives in another municipality in Benguet was in Baguio with her son so we met up at church and I asked her to join us for lunch for more chika time hehehehe.


Baby B! Medyo big boy na.

About my realization…the moment I arrived home on Thursday, I felt something that I have been waiting to feel comfortable about for the longest time. I guess it means I’m now ready if ever it happens. We’ll see how it turns out this year.

Ok, I think that is everything for last week.

2016 Week 39 Recap: Bug Fixing and Some Family Time

September 26 – October 2, 2016


Since we discovered an issue in one of the systems last week, we had to deploy the fix right away on Monday. It was more peaceful the next days but we had to close the loop for all submitted issues since last week. We will also be working at the enhancements in the next 3 weeks which would hopefully reduce issues by then.

We also had a team dinner at Buffet 101 last Thursday to celebrate successes. Dahil sangkatutak na sakit sa ulo at dibdib ang idinulot sa akin nung isang system, ikinain ko na lang lahat lahat lahat hehehe. Busog lusog after that dinner hahaha. Di na ako makapag-isip at gusto ko na lang matulog hahaha.

I also had a call with my boss’ boss in the US. I’m working with him in one of his projects and he needs help with another project. Now that the big project that I’m handling has officially closed, I’m excited about this new project even though what I’m needed for right now just for one piece of the project.

Because of what happened last Sunday, I requested (or more of informed) the boss that I’ll be working from home. Ayaw kong pumasok, plus one of the deployment activities started at 11 AM so medyo nagtuloy-tuloy na until alanganin na yung oras ng pagpasok. I took a break and went to Megamall to destress a bit (oo, masama pa rin loob ko noon hehehe). Then, naalala ko yung post ni Edel about choco cro dahil nakita ko yung St. Marc Cafe sa Fashion Mall. So since madali akong maconvince pagdating sa food, dumaan din ako don at bumili hehehe. Masarap silang kasama sa kape and in fairness, nakakabusog. Naging breakfast ko for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The one with a yellow wrapper is the banana walnut choco cro while the one in orange is the plain choco cor. Both yummy!

The one with a yellow wrapper is the banana walnut choco cro while the one in orange is the plain choco cor. Both yummy!


I finally was able to go home to Baguio!!!!! I did not book tickets in advance and I restricted myself from feeling excited too much in case I get disappointed again hahaha. But, thank God, finally, the coast is clear and I was able to go home!

Let me just say na ako ang hindi ready sa shortened travel time to Baguio. Joy Bus took TPLEX I think, which cut the trip to just 4 hours. Tulog na tulog pa ako pagdating sa terminal at kailangan pa akong gisingin at antok na antok pa ako while walking along Session Road hahaha.

Anyway, my first stop was, as always, Vizco’s hehe. I had this for breakfast. Baked rice. It had me at “topped with cheese” hahaha. And of course, their strawberry shortcake. Walang palya.

Baked rice. It may look plain but it is yummy.

Baked rice. It may look plain but it is yummy.

After breakfast, I went to MOFAMCO to deposit a small amount, and to get my ID sana pero nakuha na pala ng kuya ko nung May pa. Di rin naman ako inupdate kaloka.

Next stop was the black market to buy Victoria’s Secret body mist. Mas mura pa kasi don kesa mall price. Php 380 per bottle. But the new packaging is more expensive now. Php 500! Not sure why but it looks like same contents and formulation lang naman. Anyway, naghoard na ako ng 2 haha. Isa lang dapat dahil akala ko wala na akong mabibiling Strawberries and Champagne. Paglipat ko sa next stall, meron sa kanila amp! Binili ko na rin hahaha.

I went to the grocery to buy Huggies diapers for new born. Pasalubong ko don sa new baby ng friend ko hehehehe.

While on my way to the grocery pala, saktong may parade ng Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I watched because I thought nandon mga pamangkin ko. Di naman kasi nagreply agad yung kapatid ko. Sisigawan ko sana yung pamangkin ko pag nakita ko eh hehehehe. Kahit ako lang ang gagawa non if ever hahaha. Kaso di naman pala nag-attend hmp!

On Sunday, it was family time. Nagrequest ang kuya kong maglunch daw kami. So go. Here’s a breakdown kasi saktong itong day na ito ung bullet your day sa 30 Day blog challenge ko.

Lunch kami sa Good Taste then halo halo for dessert sa Betty’s Kitchen hehehe. Di naman kami matakaw. Gusto lang namin magspend ng mas matagal with each other. Nagpapalusot lang ako. Matakaw talaga kami  😛  😀 .


Our bunso and my pretty niece.


The gang less bunso. Taga kuha ng picture. Mga gutom yung mga ayaw lumingon hahaha!


Some of us while waiting for our halo-halo. The little boy is still warming up to tita hehehe.

Good Taste again?! Yes. Mura kasi hahaha. Syempre ayaw ko naman maging luhaan masyado ang wallet ko. Humihirit pa yung kapatid ko ng Starbucks pero saka na pag mas mayaman na ako hahaha! Pero siguro para maiba naman sa susunod, sa point-point naman kami  :mrgreen:  😛 .

But wait, naalala ko lang. Di ko nasingil ang bunso. Kanya yung drinks nung lunch eh. Lokong yun ah. Ilista na yan para masingil next month hahaha.

Ay kaloka, puro kainan yung tags ko hihihi. Meron pa yan this week hahaha.

Bow. Have a great week ahead.

Note to self: Buy a selfie stick.

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