My First MEDGATE Experience

I have cough and colds for 2 weeks now. The worst part is that my nose is clogged most of the time and it’s affecting my hearing. I also have stubborn phlegm that doesn’t want to come out no matter how hard I cough. I went on sick leave yesterday just to rest some more.

I also wanted to see a doctor but knowing how it is in hospitals and clinics with the long lines and waiting time, I was having second thoughts. And then I remember MEDGATE being introduced by our HR team not so long ago. I was not able to attend the roadshow but a friend said it’s having the convenience of calling in to speak with a doctor. And so I tried it yesterday.

I first registered online via their website. But to be able to register, your HMO provider must be affiliated with them.

After the registration, I called their hotline. I was able to talk to a nurse. He first asked me about my personal information and medical history. He also asked me what I needed consultation for. After that, he transferred me to a doctor.

The doctor asked several questions to ensure that she’ll give me the correct prescription. Questions vary from when it started to what exactly was I feeling during the call, medications taken and medical history of the family. After the series of questions, she provided her prescription and care plan. The care plan contains the diagnosis or impression, the doctor’s recommendations, and medication summary. She also asked me to repeat it to ensure that I understood everything. The care plan and prescription were emailed to me. The doctor also scheduled a follow up call after two days to check on my health’s progress. How cool is that?

After speaking with the doctor, I was transferred back to a nurse who reiterated the doctor’s care plan. The nurse also requested for a survey, so I was asked several survey-related questions.

I also learned that they can deliver medicines. Lowest price is Php 250.00 with a Php 50.00 delivery charge. Not bad for convenience and especially if you really don’t have the energy to buy the medicines. But I was not sure of the cost of my medicines so I did not avail of it.

Overall, I was very happy with my first experience with them. I was able to get prescription without leaving home. Part of my care plan is to run to the nearest hospital if my condition gets worst. I also need to see an ENT for my ears to get checked to ensure that the hearing loss is just related to my clogged nose. So I guess they still only handle the most common illnesses with obvious symptoms. Other than that, their recommendation would still be to go see a doctor face to face.

Maybe the only thing that was awkward was the survey at the end of the call. Well maybe because I don’t want being put on the spot for such things hehe. I prefer having a link to answer later on. Plus, the consultation with the doctor takes a while (I spoke with the doctor for about 10 minutes), and that’s draining as well. They are talking with patients who have lesser energy at the moment and may not be able to provide appropriate feedback at that moment because they are not feeling well. So maybe, this is something they want to reconsider.

But again, as I said, I am glad there is another option nowadays for doctor’s consultations for sickness that aren’t too critical. For sure, I’ll use this facility again but I hope it’s not too soon hehehe.

2016 Week 23 Recap: The Yearly Visit of the Dreaded Flu

June 6 – 12, 2016

Every year, the flu visits me. And more often than not, it visits me in the middle of the year. And it’s not just the “hey, I’m here, ktnxbye” type of thing.  It stays with me for several days and it makes me feel like a withered vegetable. This year, it happened last weekend. I felt the symptoms on Thursday. At first, I thought it was just because of staying late the previous night and waking up early in time for a meeting. But it got worst on Friday, which prompted me to cancel my weekend plans just to stay at home and sleep, chug liters and liters of water, double dose on vitamin C, and be a couch potato for the most part.

We were supposed to watch some of the movies in the French Film Festival at Greenbelt 3. But was not able due to my yearly visitor.

 While I was on imposed house arrest, I tried and successfully finished reading How to Build a Happy Family, a book by Bo Sanchez. It was an easy read and has less than 200 pages that’s why it was not a torture to my brain cells. The book discusses 7 steps to renew, bless and heal our most important relationships.

HappyFamilyBoSanchezAnd so I have nothing more interesting to write hehehe….

Oh, another kiddie birthday party to go to next month. Venue is walking distance from my apartment. Buti na lang hehehehe.

And yet another (meron pa pala hehe)…I’m done paying the lot I bought 3 years ago!!!! I made my last payment last Friday! Ahhhhh, freedom from payments! 1 down, 1 more to go. Next up is to save up for the title processing, which I hope won’t cost that much. No updated estimates yet from the lot owners.

Anyway, hope you all had a great week. Hoping for a better week!

2016 Goals

Better late than never. I just realized that I should do this in the last quarter of each year, before Christmas holidays take over.

This year’s focus will be: chill, family, health, wealth.

  1. Chill

    The past 3 years has been the hardest in my adult life, losing both parents less than 2 years apart. I would say I have not been living since then, just surviving. This year, as a gift to myself, I will just be chill and not get too stressed in all areas in my life. Enough with the drama. I have been practicing since for weeks now, and so far, so good. I get stressed a little but I don’t dwell on it much and just focus on what interventions I can do to address a current issue. I hope to keep this up.

  2. Buy less, want less

    I am not an impulsive shopper by nature but I think I have already accumulated too much over the years so this year, one of my goals is to just buy what I need. I won’t be in a strict “no shopping ban” since I can easily walk out from a mall empty-handed if I know that I don’t need anything at the moment. I just need to be more conscious of my purchases.

  3. Stick with financial budget for 2016

    Since I get a regular income, I already have a fixed budget. This year is almost similar to last year’s, even with my financial goals, except for a new line item, which I call it Project BD at this time. I’ll only be able to readjust after completion of all my payables. One is to be paid up by mid year but I still need to save for the processing of papers so that will be until end of this year still.

  4. Get an additional income stream

    I will start working on this, this year.

  5. Spend more time with family

    Most of my nieces and nephews are still young so might as well take advantage of that while they still want to be with tita hahaha! We had 2 last year so I already have an idea how much to budget. The plan this year is to have quarterly picnics for all of us to bond. They are already expecting one on my birth month which is this Q1.

  6. Get down to my ideal weight

    I really need to get serious about my health. I want a long life.

  7. Start training for a marathon

    I really want to do this. Target is 2017 so I must start training this year and so, I must really work on #5 so that it would be easier to run hehehe.

  8. Push with Japan Travel

    As of this time, it’s still a go. This is the only travel I’m doing this year. My financial goals are still my top priority. Note to self: save up for all kinds of kitkat hahahaha!

  9. Go back to school

    I had to stop when we lost our father in January 2015. I haven’t been back since then. I would still want to complete the program. I only have 12 units left!

  10. Become an early riser

    Since I work mid-shift, tendency is to wake up later than usual. By rising earlier, I will have extra hours to work on other personal projects, like decluttering more, cross-stitching, or working for extra income.

  11. Journal more

    I noticed that my memory is not as sharp as before already, hence this year and moving forward, I will write about all sorts of events, relevant or otherwise so that there is something to read back when I am much older. This is also the reason why I already have have the weekly recap in this blog.

That’s about it. My monthly goals will then be in support of these goals. And, I’ll do quarterly reviews to keep track.

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