Sweet Dreams!

I have come to love these books when I was in high school. Hay! The stories are all romantic hihihi. Racing Hearts was the first book I read. We had this mini-library in class where those who have books can bring it to class so that others may borrow it. Luckily, we had this one classmate who has a complete set of Sweet Dreams (together with the Sweet Valley series from Twins to High to University) and that’s where I was able to read some books. Heck, I was really hooked that I read even in moving vehicles hehe (yeah right, bad for the eyes :p). Until now, I still check out the bookstores for copies of these books.

Fast forward to today. I was browsing Ebay for some books when I came across some titles. It brought back memories until I decided to try to complete my collection ahihi. Thus I started bidding some books in Ebay already wahahaha. Ok lang na second hand basta readable pa rin ang texts. But I’m wishing that I could get brand new copies huhu. Merong iba from abroad pero pamatay naman ang shipping huhu. Mas mahal pa kaysa sa bayad sa books :(. I already have some copies at home. Wish ko lang natago pa ng kapatid ko yung ibang nabili ko dati huhuhu. Anyway, sana macomplete ko!

Angelic Bliss (Girl)

This is the cross stitch project that I’ll be starting in a while. The materials were a gift from Janet last December 2006. Until now, I haven’t done it yet. Wahaha. See how delayed I am with my projects? Hehehe. I won’t justify anymore hihi. I hope to finish this right away so that I can display it in my room :).

Sherrilyn Kenyon Unleashed

I’m done with Unleash the Night, the first book I read written by her. And I want more hihihi. Tomorrow is book shopping day! Wahahaha! Well, what can I do? I’m hooked hahaha. Besides, there’s still a discount at NBS until September 16, so I better grab the opportunity yiffee!

New Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

I am trying to read a book by an author introduced to me by my friend. The author is Sherrylyn Kenyon. Her stories are usually on paranormal romance because it involves wolves, vampires and humans. Well, according to my friend, there are no gory parts in the book. Thus I decided to try it. I bought 1 of her books entitled Unleash the Night. I read until page 8 and so far, I like it. I had to finish this right away though so that if it fits my taste, I can buy her other books that are on sale at National Bookstore hehehe.

Missing the books and other hobbies

For months now, I haven’t finished reading any books yet. Waaahh. And I still have plenty of unread books. I don’t have any valid excuse for not reading. I hope to be back on the game soon. Napapalagpas ko na yung magagandang books na dapat basahin hehe.

Di na rin ako nakakapag-cross-stitch. Kasi naman laging pagod sa work. Tuloy, pag-uwi sa bahay pahinga na lang or tulog na. Wish ko lang matapos ko na yung nasimulan ko years ago pa hahaha. Yung gift ni tita di ko pa natatahi. Mag-iisang taon na yun, di ko pa rin nagagawa e maliit lang naman yun. Sus. Kay tamad ko talaga. Tsk tsk tsk…bad ‘to! So, do something about it, ok?!

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