What’s Cooking: Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables


  • Recipe from here.
  • You can technically roast any vegetable but you need to group together those that are cooked almost at the same time to avoid over-cooking.
  • I made the mistake of scrimping on olive oil for the first batch, hence resulting to a semi dry roasted vegetables. I put more oil on the second batch and they turned out better. Eh kasi mahal ang olive oil kaya tinitipid-tipid ko pa nung una hahaha!
  • I roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and squash together. I roasted the bell pepper separately. I overcooked it. Must shorten roasting time.
  • I did not have fresh herbs as required by the recipe so I replaced them with dried ones. It’s still flavorful. I’ll try the fresh ones next time if available.

My version:



Despite the hiccups in cooking, I enjoyed eating these. It’s filling. I usually just have this for lunch and most of the time, I only get hungry after 4-5 hours.

What are you cooking?


What’s Cooking: Chicken and Beans Pesto

I have recently decided to try preparing my own food and not rely too much on fastfood/restaurants/cafeteria food every time I go hungry.

I am not a good cook but it’s a necessity to at least know the basics so here’s me embracing an adventure in the kitchen.

I will not be sharing my own recipes. I’ll just share where I got them and some lessons learned when I tried it hehe.

So, last weekend, I labored in the kitchen to cook this week’s meals, mostly for lunch and dinner. One of them is the Chicken and Beans Pesto.


  • Recipe source from here.
  • I always wondered why cherry tomatoes are expensive so I never bought them. Now I know. They taste so good!!!! The recipe is simple but adding cherry tomatoes made it more yummy!
  • I saw another version from here. Her version of not mixing everything with pesto is also a good idea because you get varying tastes in one meal. I’ll try that when I cook this again.
  • I need to be more careful next time not to overcook the veggies.
  • I cut the beans shorter so that it’s easier to eat.
  • Next time, I’ll cut the chicken into smaller cubes and lessen it too. I’ll just add more beans.

And here’s my version.


Meals on repeat? No problem! Just eat.


Meal at the work station. Ooops, I was halfway through when I remembered to take a picture.

Note to self: look for a beautiful place mat or table cloth to use as background for food pictures hehe.

What are you cooking?


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