Hello Blog (Again) | Losses

Yes. Hello again, blog. I thought I was back on track the last time I posted in February, but apparently, not. Life happened.

We had several losses this year. 3 from my side of the family and 2 from my husband’s side. Parang peste daw ng tao sabi ng asawa ko.

Last May, our grandmother (our mother’s mother) passed away after enjoying 94 years on earth. All of us siblings went home on different schedules to our mother’s place for the wake and burial.

A week after our grandmother’s burial, we found out our eldest sister was very sick. The plan was just to have her checked. But we haven’t even sat down for 2 minutes and the doctor immediately advised us to have her confined. It was a difficult time for us, and most especially for my sister. We were all shocked when the doctor told us it could be Leukemia. How did that happen? Why? Why her?

During her first confinement, she needed to undergo blood transfusion because all blood-related statistics are low. One was even zero. What the heck. We needed 7 bags of O+.  Her daughter who she has the same blood type was still overseas, and was only scheduled to come home July or August. The rest of us siblings are mostly B+.

Those 7 bags were hard to produce and find. There is scarcity of blood. For real. We were able to get 1 bag from the hospital and then from Red Cross Baguio but Red Cross Baguio did not have enough. My cousins and siblings went as far as Red Cross La Union and Pangasinan. I even asked them to be ready to go to as far as Tarlac and Pampanga if needed. We had no contacts. We just took the chance. Luckily, we got one bag each from both La Union and Pangasinan. La Union did not want to give us at first, but they took pity because my cousins traveled all the way from Baguio. We got an endorsement from Red Cross La Trinidad for 1 bag in Pangasinan that’s why we were able to get one there.

The following days, we would go around all the hospitals in Baguio to check if they have extras. Of course, everything is reserved for their patients. Twice a day, one of us would visit Red Cross Baguio and La Trinidad in the hopes that they will give in haha. We got lucky because one weekend, there was a blood donation campaign by Red Cross Baguio.

The doctor advised my sister to undergo bone marrow aspiration because after completing the 7 bags of blood and other medications, her statistics have only improved a little. We encouraged my sister to do it. We brought the specimen at National Kidney and Transplant Institute.

When the results came back, it was confirmed. Acute Myeloid Leukemia. AML. She had to undergo chemotherapy if she wanted to. We encouraged her to take the chance. And so she did. It breaks the heart seeing her in pain and all the side effects of chemo. She started losing hair right after her first cycle. We were optimistic though. Unfortunately, she lost the battle exactly 4 moths from her first hospitalization. The culprit? Sepsis. Infection. Due to low immune system, she had infection. Her AML journey: May 16 – September 16, 2019. We lost her 2 months before her 52nd birthday.

Backstory: both my nieces (my sister’s daughters) got pregnant at early ages. Both have no partners. My sister became a grandma when she was not even 50 years old. At the time those happened, I was a bit sad because they were too young to be single mothers. I got my answer as to why those happened. My sister helped took care of her grand kids. They were her joy. And now, I’m glad that she was able to experience being a grandma. I am more at peace now.

Six days after our sister died, another cousin died. Our father and this cousin’s father are brothers.

A week after this cousin died, husband’s nephew died.

But wait, there’s more. Not even 2 weeks since the nephew died, his uncle died.

Hay life. So unpredictable. Rest in peace na lang sa inyo and please be our angels.

So there. We spent our first year of marriage dealing with health issues and deaths hehe.

And no, we are not yet pregnant. But I’m fine with it. If I were pregnant while all of these were happening, I know I would not be in my best mood. I would be mostly stressed and that will not be healthy for me and the baby and for hubby too hehe. So, trusting the Lord’s perfect timing on the pregnancy department. Besides, I am still a palamunin hehehe. Haven’t gotten to applying for jobs because of all the hanash the past months. So, Lord, job na lang po muna then baby keri na hehe.

I missed blogging so hopefully, I am truly back this time. Hehe.

But for now, I need to check my FarmVille hahaha!

2017 Week 9: Internment | 50 Years | Panagbenga Finale

February 27 – March 5, 2017

I miss cross stitching in the mornings. The project we are working on was on its user acceptance testing phase last week so we were working with our testers for at least 4 hours per day. Most of them also work on graveyard shift so we had to adjust our shifts as well. It was tiring to be juggling more than 10 testers and addressing their questions one after the other. Pagoda cold wave lotion at hagardo versoza talaga. But I will do anything just to deploy this piece so that hopefully, it will be on its own moving forward and no need to baby it. Hay.

We still have the deployment before I can have a deep sigh of relief. Crossing my fingers and praying to all the angels in heaven that there won’t be glitches.

So there, no time for cross stitching because I opted to sleep and rest on my free time.

Anyway, moving on.

I was in Baguio last weekend yey!

It was my college BFF’s dad’s internment. Awww, Papsy huhuhu. I feel sad for my friend. And I am glad that I was able to spend even just a few hours with her and her family. It is her first loss of an immediate family member so I know what she feels even if she’s showing a strong stance. And I am so touched that her siblings still remember me because it has been years since the last time I have seen most of them.

After the funeral, I met up with my tita and her daughter to go to Session Road in Bloom. Session Road in Bloom is part of the Panagbenga Festival and for the whole of last week, Session Road was closed to vehicles to give way for booths selling different goods. There were a lot of people so that we just practically walked up and down Session Road, making a few stops to buy puto bumbong, ice cream, earrings for my maarteng niece, and singkamas.

Sunday was BF-GF time, well at least after his shift. He and some parishioners were invited to a 50th Wedding anniversary celebration at lunch time and he tagged me along. Good thing that I know the couple way back in the ’90s because we were schoolmates with their kids, so it was not so awkward going to their home hihihi.

But wow! 50 years! I am always amazed ever time I hear about couples who are able to stick with each other that long. That’s practically more than half of their lives. Salute to them.

After the BF’s shift, we went to where else? See Session Road in Bloom again hehehehe. But we were getting tired walking around with a lot of people also trying to catch the last day so we decided to just eat hehehe. We went to Max’s because this was the first we saw that was not yet full haha. But since I love their sizzling tofu, it was a good choice for me.

Just after dinner, the fireworks started! The fireworks was the finale to the Panagbenga Festival. *Cheese alert* Hay sobrang kinilig ako during this time. We were just in the middle of Session Road, holding hands, while watching the fireworks. Bow.

There was a concert going on too so we stayed for a while as we had spare time to watch and take some wefies before my scheduled trip.

And that’s it.



May bunging sutil!


Peace yo!


We or he needs more practice for wefies hahaha!

2017 Week 8: Losses and a Birthday Celebration

February 20-26, 2017

Puyat days are hear again at work. Hay. After this, please sana magpakatino ka na, project, at please users, magpakatino rin kayo and be diligent in your tasks hehehehe.

Anyway, last Saturday, my friend and I went out to watch 50 Shades Darker. No black circles to cover some scenes this time. But I honestly cannot recall most of the scenes in the movie based on what I read in the book because I read books 1 and 2 in 2012 If I remember correctly. And yes, until now, I haven’t read book 3 yet pero from the movie, alam ko na sino ang salarin hahahaha.

After the movie, we went to Sambokojin for buffet to celebrate her birthday! Let me just say that we never learn. From our previous buffet sessions, di na namin nasusulit ang bayad namin kasi first plate pa lang na iilang dishes lang ang laman, busog na kami. So we agreed that the next time we would like to eat out, we’ll just go to places we haven’t tried before.

On Sunday, I went to my SIL’s place in Tagaytay to attend the funeral of her sister. Biglaang pagkamatay. Atake daw sa puso. She died a day before the 1st death anniversary of their mom, and my nephew’s birthday. Sabi ko nga sa nephew ko, matatandaan na lagi ang birthday nya kasi 2 death anniversaries ang kasabayan hehehehe.

Our bunso also went. Babang luksa kasi dapat para sa nanay nila last Saturday kaya pumunta don si bunso para tulungan ang kuya ko. Pero ayun, ganon naman ang nangyari. Yung funeral nila, we walked for about 2KMs to the chapel where the mass was held. Habang naglalakad, emote emote din ako kasi naiisip ko rin parents ko. Buti na lang ako lang mag-isa that time so walang istorbo sa pagmumuni-muni ko. Pero at one point, sinabayan ako ni bunso at nabanggit ang nanay namin. Ay sya rin pala, si mudra ang naiisip hahaha.

My college BFF’s father also passed away last Sunday. What a Feb. I often go to their home during college days during our long breaks in between classes. They opened their home to me and treated me as their own daughter kahit kaibigan lang ako ng anak nila. Marami-rami rin akong nakaing food sa bahay nila hehehe. Sila rin talaga ang nagpupush sa aming ituloy lang ang laban lalo na nung nahihirapan na kami during our thesis months. Thank you, Popsy for everything. I know that you are now with our Creator. And I know that even if you are gone, you will still be an angel to your kids and grand kids. See you on Saturday po.

March na. Ang bilis naman talaga ng araw. Bakit?!

Bye For Now, Lola Inay

My sister-in-law lost their mom last Sunday. I’m not sure how old she was but what I’m sure of is that she’s more than 80 years old. She was fondly called Lola Inay. She has been sick for sometime now due to her old age. She was hospitalized last December. They all thought she would be gone few days after she was brought out of the hospital. My sister-in-law and her siblings opted not to have her operated and requested that they bring her home and just do home care. I was secretly praying for lola inay to not go in December because I thought it was sad having a wake on Christmas, or January, because it would be too much for my brother to have 2 death anniversaries in January, 1 for our father, and for his mother-in-law. And she held on, until last Sunday, which also happens to be my nephew’s birthday. While it would be weird in the coming years, I at least hope that my nephew would take it as a reminder that he should always celebrate life, the way her lola did.

I don’t know how my brother is holding up, with loses in such a short interval. She has been his second mom for more than 20 years. She treated him as her own son. When we visited them last December, he said that they were ready. He even had the guts to kid me that I might just be the one last visitor that lola inay was waiting for before she says goodbye. Nangilabot ako don, ang adik ni kuya. Buti na lang hindi hahaha. But then again, as with all loses, I know it will be hard, especially at the beginning. But I also know, that in time, they will be able to find their new normal.

Dear Lola Inay,

Nakakalungkot man po ang inyong tuluyang pamamaalam, mainam na rin po at tapos na ang iyong paghihirap. Ika nga nila, no more pain.

Salamat po sa lahat-lahat. Salamat sa pagtanggap sa kuya ko at pagturing sa kanya bilang tunay mong anak. Salamat sa pagkupkop at pag-aaruga sa akin nung mga unang buwan ng pagtatrabaho ko sa Manila at nakitira pansamantala sa inyo. Sobrang malaking tulong po yun. Kung wala po siguro kayong pwede kong pakituluyan noon, siguro hindi ako naglakas loob na sumama noon sa mga kaibigan ko para maghanap ng trabaho sa Manila. Kaya salamat po talaga.

Salamat din sa pangungulit sa akin na mag-asawa na ako hahaha. Para ka ring si Mama. Minsan ata na-eenjoy ko masyado ang pagiging single. Pero napapa-isip ako tuwing kinukulit nyo ako hehehe. Salamat na rin po sa pagreto sa pamangkin nyo. Yun nga lang, pasensya na po at hindi tumibok hehehehe. Pero tumibok naman po para sa iba hahaha.

Salamat at ngumiti ka nung dumalaw ako sa inyo noong Disyembre. Natutuwa po akong makita kayong masaya pa rin kahit hirap na hirap na kayo noon. Bilib na bilib po ako sa katatagan ninyo. Sana ikinatuwa mo po ang ibinalita ko sa iyo.

Tulad ng hiling ng isa nyo pong apo, pakitulungan po sila upang maintindihan at matanggap ang iyong paglisan.

Maligayang paglalakbay tungo sa kaharian ng Poong Maykapal. Paki-kamusta na rin po ako kina Mama at Daddy. Pakibulong na rin po sa kanila ang ibinulong ko nung huli kitang dinalaw hehehe.

Dadalawin ko po kayo sa Sabado at makikihatid na rin sa inyong himlayan. Kita-kits. Mahal ko po kayo at salamat po uli sa lahat lahat. Hanggang sa muling pagkikita, maraming-maraming taon pa mula ngayon hehe.

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