2017 Week 28: Another Weekend in Baguio

July 3-9, 2017

Hello hello! What happened again last week? Let me see…


The third vendor that we are considering for our system requirement had their proof of concept presentation last June 29. Therefore, we finalized our vendor scorecard last week. I sent out the final version to the group for their ratings.

Some of the team members at work went out for lunch and then meeting after. Lunch was courtesy of employer. Thanks, employer!


My order of grilled salmon with mango salsa at The Frazzled Cook. This is yummy! We also shared different flavors of cakes for dessert.ย 

The purpose was for us to brainstorm on our 2018 initiatives. Yes, it’s budget season once again, hence the bosses are collecting all initiatives from different groups so that costs are factored in. I personally think that we were productive because there were a lot of ideas gathered in less than 2 hours. Looks like the offsite meeting is effective. Sana maulit muli.ย Boss…. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

I went home to Baguio last Friday, after our meeting. It was my mom’s death anniversary last July 6 and we decided to have a simple get together last July 8. We invited her friends in church for a prayer service. Thank you, DMC community.

It was a fun time to be with family and friends again.

I went to mass on Sunday and traveled back to Manila in the afternoon so that I get more rest time. Iba na talaga ang tumatanda hahaha.

And that’s it.

Have a great week (or weekend) ahead.

The Frazzled Cook
Address: 78 Sct. Gandia St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 246 9069 ext. 267
Hours: Open today ยท 11AMโ€“11PM

Dear Mama #4 – Happy Birthday in Heaven

Dear Mama,

If you were still here, today would have been your 69th birthday. But anyhow, happy birthday still. I miss you and Daddy. Lagi naman.

I have news for you. Ibulong ko na lang pag-uwi ko uli. Please continue being my angel, especially now that I would again be adulting much much more. Daming ganap, hirap magdecide hehehe.

Anyway, happy birthday again!

2017 Week 4: Home for the Weekend

January 16-22, 2017


Work is smooth sailing to date. But I’m beginning to have delays due to other meetings that were not factored in during the initial timeline planning. But I’d like to catch up first before moving timelines.


It was our father’s second death anniversary last January 21 so I went home last weekend. I took the 6 PM trip last Friday so I arrived in Baguio at around 1AM. I like this schedule because it’s like spending 2 nights at home. I might be taking this schedule moving forward. Or earlier if work schedule permits and if the body is able to report to work early with a sharp mind hehehe.

We lighted a candle, offered prayers, prepared lunch and invited some relatives over.

After lunch, I played with the kids and we took a lot of pictures together! I’m taking advantage of this because once they become teens, they might think it’s not cool goofing around with tita anymore hahaha.


Picture picture!


Lambitin sa puno ng bayabas


Pahinga…yung isa, sa puno ng bayabas at yung isa, sa hagdan ang trip.


Look! Only one hand! ๐Ÿ˜€




Belat…joke! Sino ang naiiba?!


Yung sabi nila wacky daw pero ako lang ang sumunod…hmp!

On Sunday, I went to mass. The BF and I were able to go out after the mass for lunch. I also accompanied him to buy some goods at the market for him to bring home to his family in the province. *Cheese alert.* It makes my heart so happy to have witnessed that my BF has a generous and big heart. I know he has, but it’s still different if you witness it first hand. Hayayay! I said “Thank You Lord” in my mind and heart countless times that day hehehe.

After all the shopping, he went back to church and I decided to just go back to Manila earlier than planned so that I have more time to rest before another work week starts.


I saw a lot of posts in FB about the Salted Egg Potato Chips and I was curious to try it. My boss brought 1 and she said she bought it from a classmate so I asked her to order one for me. She gave it to me last Monday. Gone in 2 or 3 sittings hehehe. I had to REALLY control myself not to eat it all in one sitting. The struggle was real.


The BF and I ate at Kuya J. They already have a branch in Baguio. I know Kuya J has been around for a while but it was our first time to eat there. The food was good. We actually loved the sinigang na bangus which we ordered. But their service can still be improved. Well at least for the Baguio branch as I can’t really say the same for the other branches.


Some solos and the obligatory couple pic ๐Ÿ˜›

I made a no-bake cream cheese flan! I really did! I myself was surprised hahaha. I don’t know and am not really interested in cooking/baking, you know. But the cream cheese called me. I even bought a baking pan to use hahaha.


The presentation is blah but it is goooodddd! But then again, I’m biased to anything cheese ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, I just followed a recipe which I found in FB. It was easy to do. I even did it again at home for Saturday’s lunch but the one I made here was better and I have a hunch it was because of the cream cheese. I used Arla on my first try and Philadelphia last Saturday. I liked the taste of Arla better though. I’ll do this again and will adjust the caramelized sugar as it was too sweet to my liking. I will also try another cream cheese.

It was my first time to try Godiva chocolate. A teammate brought it back from his trip. Thank you! I don’t see this in SM though so I’m not sure where it’s being sold here in PH.


Chocolate is always happiness! ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s about it.

Have a great week ahead.

Mama and the Cabinet

Shared this in my FB this afternoon while waiting for a cab/jeep to town. I also want to post it here.

Namiss ko bigla ng mas matindi ang nanay ko kagabi so nirerecall ko ang mga memories with her habang tinititigan itong cabinet. At naalala ko ang convincing powers nya ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Few days before Christmas 1998:

Mama: Bili ka ng cabinet mo para may remembrance ka sa DOST allowance mo. (sa mga boxes lang kasi nakalagay ang mga damit namin noon dahil hindi lahat kasya sa isang aparador lang hehe)
Me: Ay mahal ang cabinet.
Mama: Hindi, may tig 500 lang.
Me: Sure ka?
Mama: Oo, kaya bili na tayo sa December 23 para sabay na sa delivery ng gulay. Sakto si Kuya Jackson nyo rin ang magsasakay pauwi.
Me: Sige, basta 500 lang talaga ah.

December 23, 1998 – Balingit Home Furnishing

Tingin-tingin ng cabinets. Walang tig 500.

Me: Mama ang mahal naman! Asan ang tig 500?!
Mama: Tatawad ako.

At ang pinakamababang price na pwedeng ibigay sa amin Ay Php 2,300.00. 500 pala ha!

Me: 500 lang dala ko.
Mama: Magwithdraw ka na. Alam ko may extra ka. Ikaw rin naman gagamit nyan para de susi na mga gamit mo.
Me: Haaayyyy. Sige kung bukas pa ang bangko.
Mama: O umalis ka na at bilisan mo!

At nabili ang mahiwagang cabinet na buhay pa rin until now.

Ngayon ko na lang din naisip na baka nga nakita ng nanay ko ang libreta ko dati at alam nyang may extra pa ako kahit after ko mabayaran tuition ko kaya ang confident nyang pabilhin ako ng cabinet. Adik lang.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜€


I’m that cabinet in this story ๐Ÿ™‚

On the other hand, jeep/taxi, wer na you? Magsasarado na uli ang bangko hehehe.

Dear Mama and Daddy #2

Dear Mama and Daddy,

Bonfire2016I miss you both more these days. I donโ€™t know why. Maybe because I have a lot of questions about some major decisions that Iโ€™ve been contemplating on lately. Maybe, I need your guidance about life. You always did that when you were still here. If I remember correctly, I consulted you with all the major decisions I made before. Yeah, maybe thatโ€™s why I miss you more lately as compared to other days. Itโ€™s tough being an adult. I donโ€™t know how you managed it during your time, with all the challenges in raising 6 kids. But donโ€™t worry. This is just me rambling incoherently amidst all the uncertainties and โ€œnoiseโ€ going through in my thought bubble right now. I know that eventually, Iโ€™ll get to clearly see Godโ€™s plans that will unfold before me in, His perfect time. Iโ€™ve proven this so many times in the past.

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