Dear Mama #3

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. I am glad that I am home this weekend and that I was able to visit you. Thank you for always being our angel. I love you forever. Hi to Daddy.

Btw, Uncle Pat has already been called back by Papa God too. Were you one of his welcoming party? Hehe. I called auntie and she was so sad, and she even cried a little. I wish I could be with her too but it isn’t that easy and fast. I can’t fly. Anyway, please watch over her too. I hope she doesn’t become so sad and stop taking care of herself. I’ll try to call her more often too.

Dear Mama #2

Happy birthday in heaven, Mama. If you were still here, it would have been your 68th. And since it is a weekday, perhaps, I’m home bound this weekend to celebrate yours and bunso’s birthday together. Kaso wala ka na hehe. Ikakain na lang din kita hehehe.

I miss you and Daddy. Hi na lang din sa kanya. Sabihin mo ha, at baka magtampo na naman yun hehe.

Dear Daddy #2

Happy birthday in heaven, Daddy! If you were still here, it would have been your 78th. Parang ang weird din na binabati pa rin kita ng happy birthday, no? Hehe. Pero weird or not, babatihin pa rin kita. Ikinain na rin kita ng Japanese cheesecake kanina. At kagabi rin, kumain din kami ni Glo para i-celebrate ang birthdays natin. Since wala ka na, ako na lang kakain para sa ‘yo hahaha! Lamon pa more.

If you are still here, party party sana sa bahay, malamang sa Easter Sunday no? Pero pwede rin namang kami-kami lang hehe. Kayo kasi eh, nang-iwan agad. Pero malaman pa hehe.

Happy birthday uli! I miss you and Mama. Hi na lang sa kanya. Ibagam ah ta baka umapos manen hehe.

Dear Mama #1

Dear Mama,

The other weekend, the BF mentioned you again out of the blue. He told me (again) that you used to go to the office and share stories with him, and that you always mentioned about having a daughter who’s still single hahaha. Nakakaloka talaga. At tingin daw nya, love mo raw sya, yung tipong pag magbibigay ka raw ng cake, mas malaki pa ibibigay mo sa kanya kesa sa akin na anak mo hahaha. Ang yabang no? Buti di ko nabatukan. Kaya rin daw sobra syang nalungkot nung biglang nawala ka. Sayang daw. At for sometime daw, di talaga nya kayang matulog sa office at lagi daw bukas ang ilaw kasi naalala pa rin nya yung pagkukuwentuhan nyo, este yung pagkukuwento mo while sitting at the visitor’s chair and sya naman, tuloy lang sa trabaho.

While it makes me sad that you are no longer around to ask about it, I’m also happy that he has those memories of you. Sana lang nga talaga, you had more time to spend together. But well, such is life. You had to go ahead. So my request Mama, is that for you to please be our guardian angel and guide us and our relationship.

Dear Daddy #1

Dear Daddy,

Isang taon na mula nung lisanin mo ang mundong ibabaw at iwan kami…kay bilis lumipas. Kamusta ka na???? Chos. Nagyoyosi ka pa rin ba? Ilang kaha isang araw? Kumakain ka na ba sa tamang oras? O hindi pa rin? Sige, pagutom pa more :p. Naliligo ka na ba everyday? Siguro naman, di na malamig tubig dyan. Kaya mo nang maligo everyday o sige na nga, kahit every other day. With matching palit ng damit ha. Malakas ka na ba uli? Kaya mo na kaya ako I-swing gamit ang mga paa mo (tuttungi)? Kaya mo ba akong buhatin sa ulo ko? Gaya lang nang dati nung bata pa ako. Kasi ang laki-laki ko na hehehe.

Seriously, I miss you, Daddy. Wish you are still here. But God has other plans. So in memory of you, I’d like to repost your letter to me more than 2 decades ago. I am forever grateful that you took your time in writing this letter even though what I just needed that time to as a requirement in school was a simple acknowledgement that you received my letter. It has been and will always be my guide. Thank you for this beautiful letter.

(This was my Dad’s letter in response to the letter I gave them. It’s one of our requirements in our English subject. I guess it has something to do with the different sentence constructions. The letter is dated November 15, 1992.)

My Dear Mylene,

A pleasant day to you too.

I am so grateful that you appreciate very much our way of disciplining all of you our dear children. It is because your mom and I would not want our children to be misled in life. Much more that you are still too young to understand the different factors affecting is in this world we live in. you see, there are two directions of our life as we grow. These are the negative and positive directions. Should you be thinking that you know better than what other people do, you are absolutely wrong. You might be following the negative direction of life.

On the other hand, if you would be thinking that you will be careful to follow the right path of life, you cannot be so sure about it. Why? Because you are young and as you grow older, you will be more exposed to society and encounter a lot of temptations that might lead you to the wrong direction. It is in this kind of life situation that we, as parents, come in to give you the proper guidance as much as we can, although there are instances that we do not give you the precise advice because of some problems that we also encounter. We hope that you will understand and forgive us too whenever we are in such kind of attitude. Anyway, our main intention is to help you develop yourselves to become a worthy member of a good society.

And now, asking the favor of our Almighty Lord, to grant us his blessings and that I may bestow also such blessings on all of you my dear, dear children.

With love from your dad,

Hay. Sniff sniff sniff.

Nagbabangayan pa rin ba kayo ni Mama? Eh yung “belebak-belebak-belebak” fart nya na ikinawala ng galit mo noon? Meron pa rin ba? Hahahaha!

O sya, kita-kits this weekend. Hi na lang kay Mama. I love you both forever. ❤❤❤

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