I Miss My Kinder Self

Yes. I know I am kinder years ago as compared to now. It may be because of some frustrations I experienced as an adult that led me to being less kind. But I miss the kind me. I know it is still there, waiting to be unlocked again. The struggle is real though. But I still try by doing mostly these:

  1. Everyday, I remind myself to be kind. I remind myself that being kind to EVERYONE is better than being nasty.
  2. When I get frustrated, I excuse myself for a quick bio break. The walk to and from the restroom helps a bit in calming me down.
  3. When I know I would not be kind during a discussion or a meeting, especially the unscheduled ones, I request that we talk after 10 or 15 minutes. This gives me enough time to collect and remind myself to just keep calm.
  4. I ask God to intervene. Not ask actually. I plead Him to intervene.
  5. When my thoughts go towards the negative, I force myself to stop thinking negatively and again remind myself to be kind.
  6. I think of all my blessings and automatically, I feel grateful for everything, even the things that I know I don’t deserve but was still given to me.

It is hard to be kind. It is one of my daily battles. Or maybe it is actually easy. It is just hard to practice it all the time especially on unfavorable circumstances. But we must still always try to practice kindness.

Dear FutureMe

Have you heard or read about FutureMe.org or are you using it? I learned about it some years ago and have been using it at times. I would usually write a letter to myself to be sent to me months or even a year after.

So look what I received today! A letter I made last August 2014! Hehe.


And I’m happy to report that indeed I now have a new phone where I paid the required cash out in full. It took me almost 2 years to save up for it but it was not always the priority even then. Pag may sobra lang or kung kayang magdildil asin makapagtabi lang para dito hehe.

Back to 12 Hours

Balik to DST (or non DST, whichever is the right one) na naman pala ang US kaya back to 12 hours difference uli sa timezone. Good to know. No more mega late night meetings, at least for the recurring ones. One hour is a big difference talaga lalo na sa gabi hehe.

Speaking of timezones – struggle talaga sa akin ito lalo na if hindi EST. A friend even gave me a lengthy lecture about it pero until now, takbo pa rin ako kay Google if kailangan magconvert hehe. Huwell. Maybe I’ll still be able to learn it someday…or maybe not. 😂😂😂


If you want to do it, do it now.
Do not delay.
Do not prolong the agony.
Do not be afraid to step out into the unknown.

Go, search for what your heart truly desires.
Go, confront yourself with what happened almost a year ago if only to get you back on track.
Go, search for what will help heal you.
Go, do what you think will help you find your direction.

It’s your life, be your own CEO.
It’s your life, be your own CFO.
It’s your life, be your own COO.
It’s your life, be your own sailor.

Just go. Just do it. After all, it’s your life.

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